Social media has quickly become one of the most important tools you have for marketing and selling your business. But, as with any tool, there are a few things to keep in mind when using social media. First, make sure your account is secure and that you’re not using it for illegal activities. Second, be aware of the privacy settings for each social media account and how to configure them so that your information is protected. Finally, be mindful of what posts and notifications you send to your followers—and make sure they don’t contain sensitive information.

We’ve gathered together a list of the Best Free Social Monitoring Tools, free social media monitoring tools 2022 and best social media monitoring tools.

How to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools.

A social media monitoring tool is a software application that helps you keep an eye on your social media accounts. This includes things like checking for new posts, monitoring activity on your account, and detecting any suspicious behavior.

How do Social Media Monitoring Tools help you keep an eye on your social media accounts

Some of the main ways that social media monitoring tools help you are to check for new posts, monitor activity on your account, and detect any suspicious behavior. Posts can be checked for whether they are from a verified source or not, and whether they match the content of other social media accounts you’re subscribed to. Additionally, some tools allow you to track how many followers or likes a post has received, as well as the time it has been live.

How do Social Media Monitoring Tools help you track your social media activity

Some of the benefits of using social media monitoring tools include being able to stay up-to-date with what’s happening on your account, detecting any suspicious behaviors (like posting without permission), and helping you save time in your day-to-day life by keeping track of all of your social media contacts.

Best Free Social Monitoring Tools

  1. TweetDeck

You can use TweetDeck to make a more unique Twitter interface to track various users, hashtags, search terms, and lists. You can view the Twitter content from any group, including clients, rival businesses, and staff members, from a single panel.

Use TweetDeck to keep track of live conversations during events or live tweetstorms while also keeping an eye on your or your brand’s notifications and mentions.

  1. Social Mention

The content from various search engines and social networks that is related to the search term you enter is collected by Social Mention from blogs, microblogs, images, and videos. This makes it simpler to understand and view all of the information being said about your brand in one place.

  1. TweetReach

You can get a free “snapshot” report from TweetReach on the possible audience of any tweet that uses a specific hashtag, keyword, or username. You can sign up for the tool, which uses analytics from Union Metrics, for free and use it to see who is talking about what topics, how many impressions a post about that topic would receive, and other information. For the first 100 tweets, TweetReach’s snapshot reports are free; thereafter, the company offers paid plans beginning at $49/month.

  1. Followerwonk

You can quickly and easily search through user Twitter bios and profiles using Followerwonk to find mentions of you or your business. Use your Twitter login information to access it, or sign up for the paid versions to receive even more social insights.

  1. SumAll

To give you information about your followers, interactions, and engagements, SumAll connects to a number of different social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Content recommendations and automated post scheduling are features of the paid version.

  1. Mentionmapp

Mentionmapp connects to your Twitter API to monitor activity on your network of Twitter users. You can see who retweets and mentions you the most frequently (using Retweetmapp). It is also interactive. If you want to keep track of the effect or reach a positive (or negative) tweet about your brand can have, you can click through and see how your interactions are connected.

  1. Lithium (formerly Klout)

You can manage, comprehend, and react to the direct outreach you receive from other users on social media with the help of Lithium’s “social response” tool, which it recently acquired when it bought the social media monitoring tool Klout. To help you see where people are talking to (and about) you the most, the tool integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. This allows you to concentrate your customer engagement efforts in the most effective locations.

  1. Hootsuite

Like TweetDeck, Hootsuite manages all of your social networks. You can manage social media analytics, campaigns, scheduling, and monitoring all from your dashboard. While Hootsuite is free for personal accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+, businesses and enterprises must purchase paid versions.

  1. Boardreader

Boardreader does exactly what its name implies: it trawls discussion boards and message boards to see what people are saying about you and your brand in the dreaded comments sections, which are otherwise difficult to understand. Make sure you have a thick skin before entering the discussion because commenters frequently use stronger language than social media posters.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo compiles information on the quantity of backlinks and social media shares your website and individual content pieces receive. You can use these insights to learn which content formats work best on each network and get ideas for new web pages and content to create. You can use it for free up to a certain number of links before having to pay for the Pro version.

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools 2022

  1. BrandMentions

A dedicated platform called Brand Mentions is used for reputation management, social media and web listening, and brand monitoring.

Three online tools are available for use for free on this social media monitoring platform.

  • The Social Media Tracker enables you to discover who is discussing your company or rivals in the media and on social media. The tracker gives information about blogs, videos, and microblogs where your brand’s name is mentioned in addition to social media posts.
  • The social media tracker can be used as a tool for monitoring social media as well. It provides data on social media metrics, sources, mention context, language and country insights, media wall, and even sentiment analysis.
  1. Answer the Public

Using the free social listening tool Answer the Public is a fantastic alternative to examining the queries and issues that potential clients or customers may have.

Instead of assuming what the audience might be interested in, Answer the Public helps brands build a powerful social media presence by providing helpful, social media-optimized content.

The user’s journey on this platform begins by entering a keyword related to the company’s line of business, builds suspense by revealing all the pertinent questions that the general public searches for online (how, where, what, when), and concludes with the close-act of a CSV report download.

  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the most user-friendly monitoring tools available. It recognizes when the user’s search term has changed and notifies them (s).

Google Alerts can be used by users to find new content, market trends, brand conversations, and competitor information. When a result corresponds to the keyword you searched for, the platform automatically sends you an email.

  1. Mention

The listening function on various websites is covered by Mention’s free version. This tool can assist in locating undiscovered brand-related conversations on two significant social media platforms. The user receives 1 alert and 1000 mentions across 3 social accounts in the free version.

Depending on the size and needs of the business, Mention offers 4 different types of paid plans for organizations with a larger social media monitoring budget.

  1. Hootsuite

Users of Hootsuite’s free plan can add up to three social media profiles.

Although the platform has many features, you can use Hootsuite to search for particular keywords or hashtags and do so to make your own customized stream.

As a result, the stream gathers all references to the particular keyword for later use.

Hootsuite Insights, a section of Hootsuite, is only accessible with a paid subscription if you want the full social mention experience.

  1. Twilert

This tool is perfect for your small business if Twitter is the best social media platform for reaching your target audience and your budget is tight.

This Twitter monitoring tool offers 3 paid plans in addition to a straightforward free offer with the words Free-Forever Daily Alert.

In order to help you grow your business, Twilert offers “one free daily alert that tracks any topic, any term, any hashtag, or any account.”

Twilert can be a cheap and easy way for brands that conduct the majority of their social media activity on Twitter to monitor specific keywords that are mentioned there.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. Hootsuite

What is it looking at? every significant social media platform

Free tool with paid options, or paid?

Hootsuite’s customizable search streams will monitor any social platform you choose so that you can see what’s happening at a glance. It is debatably the simplest social monitoring tool to use on this list. Focus on important subjects, trends, and social media mentions using specific keywords, hashtags, locations, and users.

Hootsuite’s free plan includes streams, but if you want access to in-depth custom analytics, try the professional plan for free for 30 days.

  1. Nexalogy

What is it looking at? most popular platforms plus a larger web

Paid or unpaid? free tool

Top-notch data visualizations, such as interactive timelines, heat maps based on location, and lexical cluster maps that display topical patterns, set Nexalogy apart. Additionally, there is the “basic” information that would take a person weeks to understand, such as the most popular keywords and active accounts.

  1. Mentionlytics

What is it looking at? Every social platform plus the larger web

Paid or unpaid? free tool

An advanced social media monitoring tool called Mentionlytics keeps track of mentions, keywords, and sentiment in numerous languages.

  1. Reputology

What is it looking at? Reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other review websites

Paid or unpaid?

free tool

If a negative review isn’t handled properly and promptly, it can be a real blow to customer-facing companies. With Reputology, you can keep an eye on popular review websites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook from a single dashboard.

Quick links let you respond to activity across various storefronts and locations.

  1. Tweepsmap

What is it looking at? Twitter

Paid or unpaid? free tool

This analytics/social monitoring tool’s goal is to help Twitter power users understand how hashtags and topics spread so that you can hear what your audience is saying.


Social Media Monitoring Tools can be a great way to keep an eye on your social media accounts and track your latest activity. By using them to track your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, you can see what’s going on in real-time and adjust your business strategy accordingly. Additionally, by using these tools to track your Instagram and Twitteraccounts, you can get a better idea of what people are talking about in those platforms. Overall, using Social Media Monitoring Tools is a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in your industry and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

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