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Best Free Tools for Instagram Marketing

These are some of the Best Free Tools for Instagram Marketing.  You can use these tools to Increase followings, Create gallery post, How to Make stickers, Boost posts, Image Downloader and lot more.”

This is the best free tools for Instagram marketing. It includes 7 tools that can help you gain more likes on Instagram. By using these tools, you will be able to take your business or brand to much higher level. The cost of each tool is very reasonable and affordable.


What it does: Awario is a social media monitoring tool – it locates mentions of any given keyword (or keywords) across all the major social media platforms, including Instagram.

To find mentions of your brand or product in Instagram specifically, you need to set up an alert and untick all other social media platforms and the Web.

You’ll then see mentions with and without the #hashtag, and you can reply to any mention without leaving the dashboard. You can also connect multiple Instagram accounts and reply using any of those without having to login and logout at any point.

Awario also helps you determine which mentions you should pay attention to by sorting mentions based on the mentioning accounts’ number of followers. This is not always the key metric for all brands, but it does serve as a helpful prompt for particularly high profile responses.

Awario can also show you a list of brand-relevant Instagram influencers (people that have mentioned your product a lot and have a large number of followers), while there’s also capacity to produce reports on mentions’ analytics from the dashboard.

Available options: Awario offers a free trial for two weeks. The Starter plan, tailored for small companies, costs $19/mo (10 alerts, unlimited users).


What it does: Buffer is a scheduling app – it lets you schedule posts to be published to all the major social networks from your dashboard, though it does work a little differently for Instagram.

For most platforms, it’s essentially a ‘set and forget’ process – you choose a time you want a post to be published, and to which network, and Buffer will take care of the rest. Instagram, however, doesn’t allow third-party tools to post direct to the app, so after you’ve scheduled your post in Buffer, the Buffer app will send you a reminder about when to post on Instagram, based on your chosen date and time. The app will then redirects you into your Instagram account, where you can review your scheduled post, apply filters, and post it. Its helpful in ensuring you post at more relevant times and in managing your content strategy across various platforms from one place.

Available options: Buffer is a freemium app – you can connect one Instagram account for free. Awesome Plan, that starts with $10/month lets you add more than one account

Simply Measured

What it does: Simply Measured is a social analytics tool. Their Instagram Account Report provides clear stats and insights on the number of your posts, the breakdown of post types (e.g. video and photo), total engagement, engagement per post, the number of likes per photo, and how your overall performance is trending. It’ll also help identify keyword mentions in the comments, filters that are performing best, locations of your top-performing posts, and the best days and times to engage with your audience.

The tool basically gives you a comprehensive overview of how effective your Instagram efforts are, what you have to change, and what exactly worked and should be repeated in future.

Available options: Simply Measured offers a free Instagram report for users with up to 25,000 followers.


Are you trying to grow your followers on Instagram? If so, this free tool for Instagram has everything you need. You can use its desktop version or the app for iOS or Android.

With Crowdfire, you can easily manage your followers and who you follow with the these options.

  • Automatically unfollow users who don’t follow you. 
  • Copy followers from a different account. 
  • See a list of your “fans” (users who you don’t follow but they follow you).
  • View new followers and people who unfollowed you.

 10Web Social Photo Feed

This tool is a WordPress plugin that lets you connect your Instagram feed to your website. It is very user friendly and doesn’t take long to set up. Once you configure everything just the way you want it, you’ll be able to display content from Instagram exactly how and where you want on your site, blog, etc.


Think of this tool as the equivalent of Twitter’s “retweet” button but on Instagram. This tools makes it almost as easy to publish another user’s content on your own account (with credit, of course). You can save photos and videos to repost later, search for content, and repost with just one click. It even automatically quotes the original author.


Monitoring brand mentions is crucial for any brand, big or small. It enables you to engage with customers, manage your reputation, identify influencers who use your products/services, and so on.

The problem is when people mention a brand on Instagram, they won’t necessarily tag them. Most of the mentions will go untagged — and unnoticed by brands. However, a monitoring tool can discover these untagged mentions and make it easy to engage with them.

Awario finds all mentions of your brand and analyzes them. It also provides you with a broad range of analytics on your brand:

  • How many times it was mentioned.
  • How many people saw your brand name (reach).
  • The language of the mentions.
  • Key topics within your mentions.
  • The most influential accounts which mentioned your brand.

Additionally, your brand name is not the only word you can monitor. Awario monitors any keyword or keyword combination you can possibly think of. Some keywords that could be useful to track on Instagram are:

  • Your competitors’ brand names
  • Influencers’ names
  • Hashtags and keywords relevant to your industry

Pricing: Awario offers a free trial for two weeks. The Starter plan, tailored for small companies, costs $29/mo (3 alerts, 30,000 mentions per month).


Want to grow your Instagram account? Check out these free tools that will help you get more followers, likes, and comments.  

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