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Best Image Tools Social Media

Best Image Tools social media was created for your business. Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Google+, stop wasting time and money mastering the tools that social media channel providers give you and track all of your results using our tracking algorithms. Best Image Tools Social Media is a suite of all in one products including a website with integrated lead capture tools, a suite of mini applications, custom YouTube channels for each client, custom Facebook apps and a login dashboard to view client information in real time.

Best Image Tools Social Media is a social media-driven software application that consists of a suite of tools designed to help users more effectively manage and grow their brands and businesses on the world’s most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.


What is it

BeFunky helps you… be funky. It’s a one-stop-shop for creating graphics, and collages.

Why use it

It’s easy. It does a whole lot. So you don’t have to (or are unable to do).

Need to add effects to your images (like make it cartoon-y)? Or assemble them into a funky, yet professional, collage? Fix images with issues like over-or-under-saturation?

BeFunky will help. Then, pick a layout for your social media needs. Like headers, blog resources, or a small business template.

All done online, without downloading a thing. Except for your finished and polished images.

Get 125 digital effects for free. Or, pay a monthly fee to get high-res and other cool image effects and templates.

Creative Market

What is it

A digital warehouse of ready-to-use design assets assembled from tens-of-thousands of independent creators.

Graphics, fonts, website themes, photos, mockups, and more—you can find it all in Creative Market.

Why use it

Because all the hard work is done for you. Everything is assembled to look and work well together.

Browse what they have, enjoy what you see, pick what works best for your social media images and posts.

There’s a lot to choose from. Don’t get overwhelmed. But if you do, start with their free stuff. They offer six free products every week, so you can build up your own collection.

Like this one (of typefaces, graphics, fonts, patterns, mockups and clipart).

Has your creative flow runneth dry? If so, inspire yourself with Made with Creative Market.

 Canva – A start-to-finish design program perfect for non-designers

Probably our most-used image tool at Buffer, Canva makes image creation super easy (especially for non-designers) with their premade templates, custom image sizes for every social media channel, drag-and-drop interface, cool fonts, and more. Most every original image you see shared from our social accounts was made in Canva.

Tip: If you know the exact dimensions of the image you want, create a custom size before clicking into any of the premade templates.

 Skitch – Screen capture and annotation

Our go-to screenshot tool, Skitch pops up with a quick keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+5 on Macs), then you can click and drag over the area you want to snip. We keep coming back to this tool because of the awesome and easy annotation features. You can circle things, point to things, blur things, and add text with just a couple quick clicks. A product of Evernote, Skitch lets you save and store all screengrabs into an Evernote folder of your choosing.

Tip: Use the blur feature anytime you’re sharing an image with your email address or personal details.

Adobe Spark (Web, iOS, Android)

Adobe is the biggest name in graphic design, so it’s no surprise they have an app designed for making social media and web graphics. Adobe Spark (or Adobe Spark Post on mobile for the tools you want) isn’t as well known as Photoshop or Illustrator, but it’s better for most people. And it’s free to get started. 

As I write this, Spark claims to have more than 34,000 templates for you to work from. A good chunk of them are Premium templates, only available to subscribers, but there are still thousands available for free. (To me, it looks like it’s a roughly 50/50 split between free and Premium). 

Search isn’t as good with Spark as it is with Canva. The simplest way to get started is to select the kind of post you want to make from the home screen, then use the Templates search in the left sidebar to find the one you want, rather than to just search everything from the home screen. You can also create your own design using the IconsDesign Assets, and Backgrounds tabs in the sidebar, and, of course, adding your own photos (or pulling them from Pixabay) and text with the appropriate tools. 

One great feature of Spark is how easy it is to resize and reformat your posts for different social media platforms. In the right sidebar, click Resize, and then select the different post style or design. Spark will then make a best guess at reformatting everything to fit. It normally does a pretty good job, and it should only take you a few seconds with the admittedly lovely-to-work-with editor to fix any quirks. 

Spark is an excellent standalone editor, but it’s hard to overlook its integration with the rest of Adobe’s Creative Suite. If you plan to scale your business to the point where you need to use (and pay for) Adobe’s more powerful tools, Spark is the way to go. You can create libraries (in the Libraries tab of the sidebar) that are available across all your Adobe apps, pull in photos from Lightroom, and use Adobe Stock images. 

Beyond the Post (graphic) design type, Spark also provides two other project types: Pages and Videos (available as separate apps on iOS). With Pages, you can build a simple, sleek web page that you can then share via a direct link. Videos is just what it sounds like: a basic video editing app that works as smoothly as Spark’s graphic design tool. You can even start with a template that will help guide you through ideal video structures for presentations, ads, and more.

The main downside of Spark’s free plan is that Adobe adds a logo to the bottom corner of your design. If you click on this logo, it will say Remove Once, but, after lots of testing, the logo appears to be removable in all designs—you’ll just have to deal with that upgrade pop-up each time.

Adobe Spark Price: Free for basic features; from $9.99/mo for premium features, such as logo upload and placement, branded templates and tools. (These premium features also come with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, starting with the $19.99/mo plan.)


Best Image Tools Social Media is an indispensable business app that allows you to plan, schedule and manage your social media content. For instance, using the ​Best Image tool, you can choose to get the most out of Facebook by scheduling up to 3 different posts in advance. You can also use the  Hashtags tool to list trending hashtags to get more exposure for your products/services

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