Best Instagram Video Editing Apps

Selecting the Best Instagram Video Editing apps for your phones is no longer an easy task. That is because so many video editing apps are flooding to app stores these days. We have selected some of the best Video Editing apps to help you edit videos easily with outstanding features.

We’re listing the best Instagram video editing apps of 2016! This list is updated every year with the best apps. All of these apps let you edit your videos right inside your Instagram Profile, making it easier than ever to share long-form video on Facebook, Twitter, and more!



Quik is a video editing app created by GoPro. If you have a GoPro, you should be familiar with Quik as it’s the app where you go to see your GoPro images and videos. But to make a video on Quik, you can also import footage from anywhere, including your camera roll.

You can decide to custom make videos, or let the app make videos for you by gathering moments and putting them together. It looks professional, there’s music, and the cuts and transitions are smooth.

Key Features:

  • Imports up to 500 items at a time
  • Imports the most common formats such as MOV, MP4, and H264
  • Lets you add text and music
  • Plays footage in fast or slow-motion
  • Allows you to add text overlays, emojis, and title slides
  • Chooses video duration based on which social media platform you’re posting it to
  • Lets you choose from (almost) endless filters
  • Includes size formatting for Instagram

The features offered by Quik are impressive, and there isn’t much you can’t do to create your dream video. It’s nice that you have the option to edit yourself or let the app do it for you.

Quik costs $4.99/month, but you’re invited to a 30-day free trial to try it out first. You also won’t have any ads or brand logos shown on your videos.

Who Is Quik Best Suited for?

Quick can import up to 500 videos at once. If you’re trying to make an IGTV or Instagram video with multiple scenes, this Instagram video editing tool is for you. You don’t need any video editing experience as Quik is easy to piece a bunch of clips together.


Image via Google Play Store

Foodie is an Instagram video editing app that especially caters to food videos. It can help your videos come alive and make your food look tantalising too. While it’s a photo-centric app, you can shoot videos of up to 1-minute using it. 


Anchor - Podcast and Video Creator App

iOS and Android

Anchor is the best app to make videos for Instagram from podcast audio clips. If podcasts are part of your ecommerce strategy, you can use it to record the audio, trim clips you want to share on Instagram, and turn them into videos you can share (up to two minutes long). It’ll automatically transcribe and automate your videos. 

What people love about it

  • Many call it the easiest way to create video clips from podcast audio
  • Great customer support
  • Creates permalinks for clips

Where it can improve

  • The audio quality isn’t the best, so if podcasting is a major part of your strategy, you may need to upgrade your recording setup
  • Can be buggy


magisto instagram editing tool

Magisto is an Instagram video editing tool that is powered by artificial intelligence. Magisto’s AI will create your videos based on sound and facial recognition, landscapes, and action sequences. Their goal is to create a sequence that will trigger emotional responses from viewers.

Unlike the tools mentioned above, Magisto has the capability of providing you with more customization, almost automatically through AI.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to access your media library so you can upload from your videos
  • Gives you the option to include animation
  • Lets you edit easily with a drag and drop builder
  • Adjusts speed for slow and fast-motion
  • Lets you use custom branding
  • Supports HD resolution with ease
  • Gives you the choice of a large variety of filters
  • Gives you access to analytics and privacy options

Magisto is one of the most feature-rich tools available for Instagram video creators. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to upload items in bulk.

In terms of pricing, Magisto has 3 separate plans, all with different features included. The plan you choose will depend on your business needs and how serious you are with video marketing. Here are the plans:

  • Premium: $4.99/month
  • Professional: $9.99/month
  • Business: $34.99/month

Who Is Magisto Best Suited for?

Magisto is for people who want to produce more than just a basic video. It’s best suited for small to medium businesses looking for the most features and customization options to turn their videos into scroll stoppers.


Image via Google Play Store

BeeCut is the perfect Instagram video editing app through which beginners can get a cut above the rest. However, it may not be a great option for advanced users as its features are designed keeping beginners in mind. 

You can add filters to your videos, cut them, rotate them, or even create slideshows from images. It’s possible to create videos of up to 1080p using this app.

AnimotoAnimoto - Instagram Video Editing App

iOS and Android

Animoto is all about the slideshow. If you’ have several photos and/or videos you want to put together for an Instagram video, this is the way to go. Choose from more than 100 slideshow styles, upload your shots or clips, add music from the song library, throw on some text, and then post it to your feed. Videos up to ten minutes are free, so you won’t need to upgrade to the paid version if you’re just looking to post to your Instagram feed. Keep this in mind if you’re using Instagram Stories or IGTV, though. 

What people love about it

  • Easy to use and share to Instagram
  • The free version has access to all features — it just limits you to ten-minute videos
  • Lots of character space for captions
  • Great customer support

Where it can improve

  • The Animoto logo shows up at the end of your video (but if you time it right, you can make it end after the one-minute mark so it cuts off in Instagram)
  • Make it less buggy



Most Instagram users record their videos in portrait mode since it’s best-suited for Instagram, and you’re able to fill the entire screen of a user’s phone. However, almost every other platform supports videos shot in horizontal. If you want your Instagram videos to match your YouTube or Twitter videos, Horizon will avoid shooting in portrait mode no matter how you hold the camera.

You can tilt the camera up, down, back and forth, and the captured video will always be in horizontal. This helps tremendously in ensuring your horizontal videos look clean and professional.

Key Features:

  • Lets you use a horizontal viewfinder
  • Adds feeling to your creations with real-time filters
  • Gives you options to upload items or record footage directly on the app
  • Shoots in slow or fast-motion
  • Shoots in 2k resolution
  • Gives you an in-app tutorial on how to capture and edit your first videos

Horizon offers a free version for Android users. However, the features are limited, and you can only record video clips up to 15 seconds. They also have a watermark in the bottom corner, and each video ends with a Horizon brand advertisement. Having said that, investing $1 to unlock all features and have no advertisements might be worth it.

iOS users still don’t have access to a free version and will pay a one-time payment of $1.99. When you pay for the iOS version, you’ll unlock all features right away.

Who Is Horizon Best Suited for?

Horizon will best benefit Instagram users who prefer a horizontal view on their videos.


Instagram video editing apps are programs that allow users to edit their videos before sharing them through the Instagram app. The two most popular types of video editing apps for Instagram are photo-to-video (or video-to-photo, meaning you convert photos into videos), and video effects editing.

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