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Best Mailing List Providers

There are many places you can find the best mailing list providers. However, making an informed decision can be difficult when there are so many options to choose from. That’s why we have taken a look at all these companies and narrowed our list down to just three. We have also reviewed them all to ensure that they’re the best out there.

Are you in the market for one of the best overall mailing list providers around? If so, this post will introduce you to a handful of reputable and trustworthy services that have been featured on Forbes, Inc. and Huffington Post.

Why should you use B2B email lists?

There are different reasons to use B2B email lists, depending on your use case:


B2B sales teams waste a ton of time trawling through the web to find prospect email addresses which are often inaccurate and out of date. Email lists, on the other hand, can provide sales reps with timely, verified B2B data that they can use to support their cold emailing efforts. 


B2B email lists help small B2B marketing teams build their contact database and get campaigns up and running. Meanwhile, they help established teams get campaigns running faster, while increasing their reach when promoting digital and physical events; a goal for every data driven marketing function.

Where can you buy a B2B email list?

There are a number of B2B email list providers to choose from in the market. But while many promise to save sales reps time and improve efficiency, some include bad data that hampers prospecting. And, ultimately, the less accurate your email list is, the less time-effective your cold outreach will be.  

Here are some key criteria you should be aware of before assessing your options: 

  • Cost
  • Additional features
  • Data quality
  • Compliance measures
  • Sales triggers and company data
  • Useability
  1. Aweber

Aweber is my Number 1 choice among the reputable email list providers.

Technical help:

Available 7 days a week but not 24 hours a day.


May 2021

Aweber integrated with Canva. This allows you to make designs right inside your Aweber account. 

Also, not previously reported upon the original publication of this post, Aweber allows you to send a sequence of emails and promote to your audience. 

December 2020

Aweber recently released statistics for your notification. In addition, Aweber now offers holiday templates. These are timely considering the holidays are upon us.

April 2020

Aweber expanded its landing page builder functionality and incorporated a “Meet the Team” Hub. 

The Meet the Team Hub allows you to connect several email accounts belonging to team members to a single Aweber account.

Aweber now has technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In a recent development, Aweber now integrates with Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify.

Also, Aweber has an informative blog. You consistently receive helpful articles. For example, today, I received a post on how to be more effective at ecommerce.

Update: Aweber continues to provide help with marketing. For instance, recently, Aweber taught list members how to get more people to your event. 

Is content offering monetization tips allowed?



After the first 30-day free trial, the cost is $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.


Vishwajeet Kumar recommends Aweber. “Today most of the email marketing programs don’t allow the money-making and affiliate niches. For me, you can go with GetResponse or Aweber.” Since I’m in the money-making niche, this was important to me.

Reginald Chan can validate my experience. If you want to include affiliate links in your newsletters, MailChimp is not for you. MailChimp frowns on that practice.

Friendliness of customer support:

Anthony from Aweber customer support was knowledgeable and extremely generous with his time when I was new and needed assistance. In addition, Aweber sends you tips on how to improve your emails.

When I initially had questions about this new email service, the Aweber customer support team members went out of their way to ensure I was happy. In fact, they designed a custom template according to my specifications for me for free.

Additional information:

Aweber offers email service in 13 languages. If you have readers in other countries, you’ll be able to communicate with them in their home language.

In addition, Aweber sends you a multitude of resources to help you. For example, their Launch Pad feature asks your experience level before showing you their resources.

When you sign up with Aweber, you are offered video tutorials, PDFs, case studies, and webinars that can help you.

Using the Aweber email list provider saves me a great amount of time. I no longer have to send out emails! Aweber pulls from my RSS feed and does it for me at the time I scheduled whenever I publish a new post.

That may have been available with other email list providers, but if it was, I wasn’t aware of this feature.

In addition, the company asks its users what features they want to see so they can provide them. In fact, Aweber recently gave the confirmation emails that your new subscribers see a sleek makeover.

Once, someone found themselves on my list and couldn’t remember why they were there. They unsubscribed but they were threatening me with punitive actions. I didn’t know why they were on my list either. At Aweber, there is a spot where I can add why the person is on my list. For example, if they ask me to sign them up in exchange for a spot on my Link Exchange, I can note it.

For these reasons, Aweber is my Number 1 choice for email marketing solutions. After trying three of these email marketing solutions and researching 9, I can confidently recommend Aweber as the best of these email providers included in this review.


Technical help:

Excellent. Technical help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

Is content offering monetization tips allowed?



SendPulse is free to use if your subscriber list is under 2,500.


Pospi recommends SendPulse:

“I successfully signed up for the service. Sincerely, I’m loving it already…

I already exported my subscribers from MailChimp. It was easy and I already created my first campaign. Thanks for bringing SendPulse to our knowledge. I love it.”

Friendliness of customer support:

Friendly, generous with their time. SendPulse emails you tips on how to improve your emails.

Note: I left since they frowned on content offering monetization tips. I would recommend the site for bloggers that don’t have this concern. SendPulse brags that it increases open rates. It’s true! You get a second chance to reach subscribers who didn’t open your email the first time. Send Pulse uses AI and AI always increases ROI.


Technical help:

Help is available 7 days a week.

Is content offering monetization tips allowed?


Pricing: GetResponse is free for the first month. Therefore, there is no risk for the first 30 days. Afterward, plans start at just $15.00.


Vishwajeet Kumar also recommends GetResponse.

Friendliness of customer support:

Unknown. I never used the service.

 Constant Contact

Technical help:

Live phone and chat support are offered 5 days a week, not 24/7.

Is content offering monetization tips allowed?



Constant Contact offers an “Email Plus Plan,” which includes surveys, registration forms, coupons, and more. Email Plus starts at $45 per month for up to 500 contacts and scales to $115/month for up to 10,000 contacts.


Passive Income Tree calls Constant Contact “the best overall email marketing software.”

WPBeginner recommends Constant Contact as your #1 choice for 2018.

Friendliness of customer support:

When I spoke with them and asked questions while trying to pick an email service, they were friendly.


Technical help:

Only for paid plans.

Is content offering monetization tips allowed?



Free if you have under 2,000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails per month. Pricing plans begin at $20.00 per month.


I was happy with the service for 3 years. Blogger Reginald Chan recommends MailChimp for its affordability.

Friendliness of customer support:

They were rude when they showed me the door. I was a loyal user for three years and they didn’t even tell me which terms of use I violated. I read the terms of use and figured it out myself.

Note: I left since they found my tips about blog monetization violated their terms of use. However, while I was there, I was not able to put people’s names in the email greeting. If it was possible, I didn’t know about it. One subscriber received a Hi Name greeting. Other vendors allow this without (much) technical knowledge needed.

Update October 2020

email list providers

When you sign up for Mailchimp, you receive tips in your inbox. 

Note: This review of email list providers shared that I left MailChimp. Apparently, I am still on the mailing list since I still receive tips in my email inbox. 

My opt-in forms are evidently still in existence too. I still get sign ups to my MailChimp list when I then transfer to my Aweber email list.

January 2021 Update: MailChimp has transparency. They just released an end-of-the-year report.


Running a blog or business can be challenging. However, with the right software and tools, you’ll find running a blog easier than ever before. Many blogging platforms offer mailing list to their users in order to help them grow their mailing lists and increase their lead generation.

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