You’re probably here because you’re looking for the best marketing automation tool for your startup. Right now, there are two major players in this space: Hubspot and Marketo .

When trying to start a business, time is critical.  Marketing automation is one of the most productive tools in the startup world. Join us to learn about marketing automation tools for startups, and discover apps that help you optimize your online presence.

HubSpot — Best Overall Marketing Automation Software


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HubSpot is one of the most well-known names in the marketing world. This inbound marketing software has everything you need to automate dozens of tasks at scale.

It allows you to customize sophisticated and highly targeted workflows using a visual editor. You can use this tool for simple follow-up messages or even complex campaigns with multiple touch-points throughout the customer journey.

HubSpot also gives you pre-set triggers, conditions, and customer actions. This makes it easy to automate your emails with drip campaigns.

Best Marketing Automation Tool for a Startup

The HubSpot Marketing Hub starts at $50 per month. However, that package doesn’t give you the full automation benefits.

Pricing for marketing automation features from HubSpot starts at $800 per month, billed annually.

It’s a bit pricey, especially for smaller businesses with lower budgets. But when you buy a product from HubSpot, you’re getting more than just software. You’ll also benefit from HubSpot’s exceptional customer support team.

If you’re a startup, you might be eligible for up to 90% off through the HubSpot for Startups Program. Contact the HubSpot sales team to request a free demo.


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The first one on the list is SalesHandy, as the name suggests this tool comes in handy when you need to improve your email marketing campaign, online data analysis, and sales communications.

It’s suitable for small and mid-size businesses, however, large companies can find a few useful features as well.

With SalesHandy, you can track the activities of your email recipients in regards to the message. This will help you see when they’ve opened your emails, and clicked links, if any.

The program helps you create centralized email templates, making it easy for the team to speed up the emailing process.

You can take advantage of a free version or get a more complex set of tools for an extra cost.

 Constant Contact — Best for Warming Up Leads

Constant Contact

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If you’ve spent any time in sales, you know that few leads are raring to go from the moment they’re acquired. It takes time and nurturing to get a lead warmed up for a sales interaction. Constant Contact’s email automation capabilities go a long way to helping you do just that.

It’s a persistent question—once you have some good leads, what’s the best way to push them further along their sales journey? The stumbling block, for a long time, has been that not all leads respond the same way to the same messaging.

Thus, personalization is paramount. Constant Contact’s drip campaigns give you surgical control over the emails that leads get and when they get them.

Best Marketing Automation Tool for a Startup

It starts with setting up automated welcome sequences. Not only can you preschedule a set of emails for when someone joins your list, you can tailor these automated sequences based on demographics or custom attributes that you set.

That means you can have individual welcome sequences for totally cold leads, local leads met in the field, senior VPs and C-suite leads… any way you want to slice it.

From there, your drip campaigns allow you to keep segmenting audiences and tweaking the messages and timing. Constant Contact allows you to juggle as many campaigns as you need to get your targeting pitch perfect. Plus, you can even use dynamic content in your emails so that aspects are personalized to the recipient, based on qualities you set.

In tandem with the platform’s behavioral triggers, you can create an elaborate web of automated sequences that are timed perfectly whenever leads show any interest towards a purchase. Everything can be set up ahead of time, for nearly any situation—so, you can create campaigns that are so well-segmented that all of your leads get warmed up equally well.

These features are all in Constant Contact’s Email Plus plan. Pricing for that scales based on your number of contacts:

  • Up to 500 contacts: $45/month
  • 501 – 2,500 contacts: $70/month
  • 2,501 – 5,000 contacts: $95/month
  • 5,001 – 10,000 contacts: $125/month
  • 10,001 – 15,000 contacts: $195/month

Pricing continues upward to 50,000 contacts for $335/month, plus Constant Contact can set up a custom plan for anything over 50,000.

Boost your ability to warm leads for your sales team. Get with Constant Contact to build impressive, personalized, automated campaigns and so much more.

User : Marketing Automation Tool

This is a full-stack marketing automation software for turning your visitors into happy customers.

It allows you to gather information about your prospects, communicate with them via live chat, chatbots, gather contact information by using popups, send automated emails, SMS, and much more.

The tool makes it easy to create automated paths where you can pinpoint the moments your leads receive messages. It will save you time and make sure your communication is consistent. 

Right now, is available in Freemium Starter Pack – 100% free, includes modules like “Chat, CRM, Knowledge Base, and Calendar.”

 Moosend — Best For AI-Powered Sales Campaigns

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Moosend is an excellent—though understated—email marketing solution. They provide your business with all you need to set up automated email campaigns with ease.

They have a great segmentation tool that helps you target your customers with the right products and campaigns. Their drag-and-drop email builder is also a standout feature since it’s great for beginners or those of you who don’t know how to code but want to make a beautiful email.

Where they really shine is their ecommerce AI. It analyzes your customers using machine learning to target them with products and services they might like. The AI draws on your customers previous shopping habits as well as the shopping habits of similar customers to do this.

Best Marketing Automation Tool for a Startup

They’re the only email automation service that I’ve seen do this. It’s an incredibly useful tool especially if you’re just starting out and want to learn how to segment and target better.

They also have a pretty intuitive interface that shows you how to do the basics of email automation well.

Best Marketing Automation Tool for a Startup

Pricing starts free with their basic plans. That comes with unlimited emails, sign up forms, and limited reporting. I highly recommend going for their Pro plan at $8/month. With that you’ll be able to set up landing pages and transaction emails. Well worth it in my opinion. Try Moosend for free today.


Our software allows you to build designs, see them instantly in your browser, and take action without code. You can use drag & drop features to build powerful workflows, use our automation builder to create complex automations without writing a line of code, access thousands of app integrations (sales, email marketing etc.), send unlimited emails, track sales and leads, and much more.

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