Easy and effective marketing automation is now easy for Magento merchants. Increase your website visitors, email subscribers, repeat customers and average cart value with close to zero work. Get the results you want by sending automated emails based on user activity, sending emails at specific times or integrating with your accounting software so you know your ROI.

Welcome to the world of automated marketing. The best marketing automation tool helps you grow your online business without any manual input from you. Experience smart automation, marketplace app integration and many more.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software or technologies for marketing departments or organizations to more effectively manage campaigns on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation encompasses marketing campaigns across all channels, from direct email and phone calls to online, social, and mobile initiatives.

Pardot points out that “by leveraging marketing automation, your sales and marketing teams can work as one to reach one goal: sales generation.”

Common features and functions of marketing automation:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Prediction and scoring
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Lead management
  • CRM integration
  • Social marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Website visitor tracking


If you are struggling with the tracking and analysis of your store’s performance, Metrilo is the perfect tool to get the insights. Metrilo is an ecommerce Analytics, CRM and Email platform that helps Magento stores in leveraging the data and boosting sales. It has three interrelated components: Analytics, CRM, and Email.

The Analytics part monitors major performance metrics such as acquisition channel, campaign effectiveness, conversions, revenue, retention, product performance, and correlations.

The CRM builds complete customer profiles including order history, product interactions, contact details, session recordings, CLV, etc.

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The Email feature of Metrilo allows you to connect with all or specific customer segments directly from the platform. You can include CTAs, coupons, featured products and other promotional material in your emails. The component also features automated messaging based on specific customer action triggers such as cart abandonment, reengagement, transactional emails, upsells.


Springbot makes the process of automating, analyzing and personalizing Ecommerce marketing more efficient. Springbot empowers retailers with its all-in-one platform, data-driven marketing recommendations, and core useful features.

Springbot integrates with Magento to deliver the power of Big Data along with marketing automation and analytics to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), helping store owners increase conversions and ROI.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers a proven all-in-one solution for building your customer base, increasing sales, and taking your online business to the next level.

Agile CRM is a cloud-based Magento SaaS that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use. With these tools, you can make the most of Agile’s modern features and integrations, easy implementation, and great support at an affordable price.

It gets you actionable insights on everything. From buying patterns to cohort analysis and understanding customer actions. With Agile CRM you can ultimately increase retention and engagement on your Magento store.


MailChimp is a robust marketing automation tool that makes sure your emails and newsletters get to the right people at the right time. It targets customers based on behavior, preferences and previous sales. MailChimp integrates with Magento stores seamlessly. So, if you are a Magento 1 or a Magento 2 store owner, you can now use your customer data to personalize your marketing campaigns, sell more stuff, grow your business and increase your ROI with MailChimp simultaneously.

MailChimp triggers a series of emails with a single API request. You can use their built-in segmentation feature to build custom rules, delight your audience with a customized templates and once done, get in-depth reporting insights to make every automated series you send better than the previous one.


Mautic is a cloud-based marketing automation tool for Content Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, etc. It is an open source tool that is 100% customizable for your particular needs and situations. You can use it according to the way your business runs instead of changing your business to fit a piece of tool. As an open source solution, Mautic has capabilities to integrate with other open source technologies, such as Magento.

Mautic saves you from sending manual emails and offers plenty of other features. You can use it for the integration of social networks, campaign management, forms, questionnaires, reports, etc. to increase your sales. And of course, all of these features can be easily integrated with your Magento store.


Here’s a good extension for those who are still starting out with their eCommerce business. Get your email marketing software and the use of email servers for free using MageMonkey, the official Magento extension integrated with MailChimp and Mandrill, MailChimp’s SMTP service. The best part is that it comes for free (you can send up to 12000 emails monthly if you have less than 2000 subscribers) or you can pay for a minimal price once your subscribers increase in number. MageMonkey was developed by Ebizmarts.

The integration with Mandrill will allow you to use their email servers and will give you the capability to send auto-responders, reminder emails for abandoned carts, and email greetings for special occasions.

Here’s a sample of how MageMonkey Abandoned Cart emails be configured:


Extension Details:


Magento Email Marketing: SendinBlue
Image source: https://www.sendinblue.com/features/email-marketing/

Don’t forget about making the most of your transactional emails. SendinBlue takes care of those operational, transactional, engagement emails, and SMSes all in one place.

You can easily sync your customer data from Magento to your SendinBlue email marketing account, design your automation workflows, design your emails and send them off without needing any coding experience.

SendinBlue is a certified Magento email marketing technology partner for added peace of mind.

Best for: e-commerce businesses who need both a powerful transactional and email re-engagement solution.


  • You can get started with a free account.
  • Manage transactional emails and engagement emails for a more personalised customer experience.
  • Optimise deliverability of transactional emails (to avoid the spam folder).
  • Cart abandonment triggers.
  • Real-time analytics and heat map.
  • SMS integration.


  • Not the best when it comes to customer support.
  • Steep learning curve when it comes to automation builders.
  • Some reviewers noted that the template selection is quite limited.

Price: Free option for up to 300 emails a day, Lite: $25 p/month, Essential $39 p/month, Premium: $66 p/month.


Marketing automation is a personal approach to lead generation. It has the ability to build customer loyalty and increase your store’s revenue by using email automation with transactional emails, segmentation, and triggering email sequences that convert shoppers into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

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