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Best Marketing Campaign Management Tools

Marketing Campaign Management Tools helps you manage your marketing campaigns, from creating them to presenting them all the way to measuring their effectiveness. With a variety of tools designed to make this process easy and seamless, it’s simple to stay organized and see your marketing fall into place.

Marketing campaign management software for small businesses to manage campaign performance reports and analyze marketing programs.


Hubspot’s interface.

Hubspot is a at the top of our campaign management tools list because it is used by thousands of companies. Their offerings are broad, but we really love Hubspot for their straightforward email marketing capabilities. With Hubspot’s email feature, you’re able to design custom emails with a drag-and-drop feature (which you can also get help on from a company like Mail Bakery) and send to a designated list of contacts.

With Hubspot’s email marketing, you can A/B test, include personalization in your emails, see how much revenue from your business is directly attributed to each specific email, and monitor tons of other analytics.

Cost: Hubspot has a set of free marketing tools for small teams, and prices start at $800 for larger teams who need a premium version of the software, which includes SEO and blog creation tools.


Similar to Hubspot, MailChimp is a drag-and-drop email editor that has email personalization, A/B testing, and device optimization. MailChimp also has a wide variety of templates you can use to build and design the email of your dreams. The pricing of MailChimp is what really differentiates it from HubSpot — the tool starts at $30 per month for 2,500 contacts, and scales up from there.

Cost: Free plan available for sends to under 2,000 contacts. Paid starts at $30 per user per month, no set-up fee.


Zoho’s omnichannel support is a major selling point. 

Price: $12-45 per user/month.


  • Well-thought-out mobile integrations.
  • Good analytics. 
  • PC Mag’s top pick for CRM platforms.


  • You have to pay a premium to access workflows. 


Salesforce is the expensive, tons-of-features option which may be a bit much for those who are just getting started. That said, when a cloud-based CRM has its name on a skyscraper, you can’t exactly leave them off the list. 

Price: Plans start at $25/mo with most popular being $75/mo  and more premium being $300/mo-$1500/mo. Best to ask a sales rep.


  • Salesforce built a name for itself with outstanding workflows and best-in-class integrations.


  • Expensive
  • More features than the average small business would ever need.


ZenDesk Sell 

A CRM in the ZenDesk family of products with an emphasis on the sales funnel. 

Price: Free trial. $19-199 per seat/month


  • Plenty of integrations. 
  • A good choice for ZenDesk users. 
  • The mobile app gets good reviews. 


  • Feature-heavy for most SME users. 

Agile CRM

A cloud-based CRM platform that competes on value and offers discounts to users coming over from the competition. 

Price: $14.99 – 79.99 per user/ Month 


  • Affordable compared to leading competitors.
  • A good fit for very small businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs. 


  • Lacks some of the customer support and tutorial features other CRMs have. 

Less Annoying CRM 

A clear winner in the naming department, this CRM was built in response to some of the hype surrounding its competitors. A good option for small businesses looking for a few key features without a lot of fuss.

Price: Starts at $10 per user/ month


  • Affordable.
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Reporting features are nothing special.


Ziflow is a piece of online proofing software that’s aimed at both agencies and brands. This tool aims at harmonizing the review and approval of content, in order to help these stakeholders deliver their marketing projects faster.

What It Does

  • Offers functionality to improve collaboration and speed up approval.
  • Keeps all content review activities in one place.
  • Takes care of manual tasks for review and approval.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great campaign management tool to use if you’re new to sending emails. The drag and drop features are insanely easy to use, which is why this is on our list for best campaign management tools. With Constant Contact, you can segment emails, utilize powerful list building tools, set up welcome emails, and send triggered email series. You can also use this tool to schedule social media posts.

Cost: Constant Contact starts at $20 per month.

 Snovio is an all-in-one cold outreach automation platform that lets you take full control over your lead generation and sales organization processes, helping you to contact prospect you are interested in with a highly personalized message at a right time A wide choice of its tools and features, from email finding and verification to building complex email sequences, will enable you to streamline your outreach efforts and scale your business.

With you can easily:

  1. Find single and bulk email addresses
  2. Check email lists for validity
  3. Send highly personalized triggered email messages
  4. Automate follow-ups
  5. Track engagement
  6. Research competitors, and many more.

Use this marketing and sales automation tool to fill the sales funnel way faster and reduce the campaign’s cost-per-lead.

Cost: Forever free plan. Paid plans start at $33/month.


Hive is an online project management hub that’s well organized so you can be too.

Price: Free trial. Starts at $12 per user/month. 


  • Offers an array of organizational tools, including Gantt charts and Kanban boards.
  • Plenty of integrations.
  • Gets generally good reviews.


  • Some users report issues with reporting features and complain about a lack of customization. 


A simple, purpose-built project management app built by a fully remote company.

Image: Basecamp

Price: $99/Month


  • One price for teams big and small (this could be a con if you have just a couple of users).
  • Focuses on features you actually need. Helps you digitally declutter.


  • Lacks tracking features and integration with tracking software. Basecamp refuses to help companies spy on their employees (which could be a pro if you feel the same way).


An easy-to-use project management hub with features that allow you to set deadlines and sales targets. 

Price: Free – $24.99 per user/month.


  • The Free version is excellent.


  • Has a lot of features you probably don’t need and is lacking a big one: you can’t assign a task to more than one person. 


Trello uses Kanban boards as the basis for a straightforward platform with a user experience that’s hard to beat. 

Price: Free for small teams. $9.99 per user/month for businesses. 


  • Easy to use and to learn. 
  • Well designed.


  • Too basic for some users.
  • No billing integrations


We provide you the inside look inside your business and your competitors with our comprehensive industry-leading tools that help you win the market by providing you with crucial information. From strategic planning to conversion tracking we’ll help you manage everything related to your marketing campaigns.

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