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Best Marketing Email Newsletters

The best marketing email newsletters are as good as gold. But it’s hard to find them. With nearly 4,300 marketing newsletter on Magpie alone. Which ones should you follow? I’m here to help. On this list of The Best Marketing Newsletters on the Internet, you’ll find everything from sent marketing emails newsletters like Sumo, to industry-specific campaign management services like MyEmma. The best marketing emails can be found all in one place – no more searching for hours to find what you need.

I’ve collected all the latest marketing email newsletters into a convenient list. This list includes the best marketing newsletter resources and a helpful percentage of how useful each resource is, allowing you to quickly pick out which ones provide the best value. My top picks include things like:


Shopify is an ecommerce platform that makes it easy to set up and manage a digital storefront. Its success lies in large part with its strategic email marketing strategy, which has helped it to become one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms.

In order to keep customers engaged, Shopify sends emails that are targeted, personal and relevant. The company sends emails on a regular schedule (every Tuesday), with the same template every time so customers know exactly what to expect when they see that familiar subject line. The email itself is interactive and engaging: there are links within it that take you directly back into your store where you can make purchases or find more information about products featured in the newsletter itself.

Lawsuit Information Institute

The Lawsuit Information Institute (LII), a legal database provider, has been placing a newsletter in its users’ inboxes for nearly 30 years. The newsletter provides updates on the latest lawsuits and case law.

This is an example of their newsletter:

> A man from New York who wasn’t wearing his seatbelt during a car crash recently won $5 million in damages after he sued for “pain and suffering.”

You can learn from their success by:

  • Making sure your readers have something to look forward to in your newsletters.

Virgin America

The Virgin America email newsletter is a great example of an engaging newsletter that’s well-written, personalized, and interactive.

The theme of this newsletter is to get you to travel more. The subject line reads: “6 Easy Steps That’ll Make You Travel More This Year.” It then goes on to explain what those steps are: 1) Book ahead 2) Explore new places 3) Take the plunge 4) Live in the moment 5) Go solo 6) Plan ahead for future trips.

This format is simple and easy-to-read so subscribers will want to keep reading it until they reach the end of the list. And since each step has its own section with bolded text so you can easily spot it, there’s no question about what each step means or how many steps there are overall.

Although your reader might not see all six steps at first glance (and may need some time), this structure helps guide their thinking toward where they should go next once they’ve reached your email inbox!

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Founded in 2000, the Foundation for Sustainable Development offers volunteer opportunities to individuals who want to help people in developing countries. The organization has sent more than 1,000 volunteers per year since it began and operates programs throughout Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Kenya and Nepal. Other locations include Nicaragua and Peru.

In addition to offering travel opportunities for those who are interested in volunteering abroad but don’t have any experience with international work or study abroad programs yet (or just don’t know where they want to go), the Foundation also hosts local events such as lectures about sustainability topics like climate change and global food security that are open to anyone who wants more information about what they can do locally too!

The Ringer

The Ringer is an online sports and pop culture publication owned by Bill Simmons, who is also the founder of Grantland. He launched The Ringer in 2016 with a focus on long-form journalism and podcasts as well as original video content.

The site’s email newsletter is a great example of personalized content that makes subscribers feel valued (unlike some other publishers). The email newsletter delivers a mixture of curated links and articles from elsewhere on the web alongside original content from the site—and it works! The Ringer has garnered over 50k subscribers to their newsletters with less than 2 months after launch. has a newsletter with the subject line, “We want to help you pack.” This is a great example of how to use personalized email campaigns to engage customers and drive conversions.

It’s also relevant because it can be customized for different products or locations based on the customer’s search history and preferences; for example, if someone has been searching for New York City hotels recently, this personalized email will contain recommendations for NYC hotels that fit their needs.

The emails themselves are engaging by offering readers better prices than they could find on other websites (which may not be as relevant) and including social share buttons so that readers can share the exclusive offers with others.

And finally, they have clear calls-to-action at the bottom of each page so readers know exactly what they’re supposed to do next: buy now!

Blue Bottle Coffee

In terms of design, Blue Bottle Coffee’s emails do not have a lot going on, but they are very effective in their simplicity. The email usually includes a single image, a logo and one call to action.

With an email list that is over 100k subscribers large, these emails are sent out frequently and can be customized for different segments of their audience based on location or purchase history. They also occasionally send out special offers or discounts via email to their subscribers (with quite good results).

Email marketing is not dead—in fact it is still one of the most effective ways for brands to reach customers and get them engaged with your brand. This is especially true if you have a strong brand that resonates with people and has products/services they want to buy from you!


If you’re looking for an email marketing example, look no further than FiveThirtyEight. Their editorial team sends emails on a weekly basis that contain links to your favorite articles from the week before. This is a great example of personalized content. It’s easy to see how many companies are moving towards this style of marketing by creating content that their subscribers can relate to and enjoy their experience with the brand even more.

FiveThirtyEight also has another section called ‘Best Articles Of The Week’ which features some of their best work over the past 7 days.


If you’re looking for a tool that will help you with Facebook ads, AdEspresso is great. It’s designed for beginners and experts alike, making it a great choice if you’re just starting out with your Facebook advertising campaigns and want to learn more about what works best in terms of driving conversions. AdEspresso also has a nice pricing structure so that there are no hidden costs or monthly fees involved once you get started with their tools.

The company also has an excellent newsletter where they share tips and tricks on how to improve your results from Facebook ads as well as other aspects of digital marketing such as SEO and content marketing.


NatureBox is a healthy snack box company that sends out a weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains interesting content, such as recipes and articles, but also promotions for their products. These promotions are personalized to each customer based on their past purchases. For example, if I order the butter-flavored popcorn one week and then chocolate-covered pretzels the next week, those items will appear in my next newsletter as promoted products.

The best part about this newsletter? It’s easy to read! There are lots of graphics and other visual elements that make it easy to skim through quickly without getting lost in too many words; plus there’s always something new happening every time you open up your inbox (like free shipping!).

The best email marketing campaigns are personal, relevant, and engaging.

The best email marketing campaigns are personal, relevant, and engaging. Personalize your emails by using the recipients’ names, their interests and preferences (if you know them), and even a link to their website or social media profile. Make sure your emails are relevant to that particular person—don’t send someone an email about running shoes if they’re looking for a job in IT! Use enticing subject lines and copy so people will want to open your emails at all—and then make sure your content is engaging so they actually read what you send them.


As you can see, marketing newsletter is a great tool that can be used by any business. It is not just for marketing and communication purpose; it also helps in maintaining good relationship with the customer. An effective marketing email newsletter is important to succeed companies. Saying that email marketing has hit its peak would be premature, but it would be fair to say that email is no longer the Wild West of digital marketing — it’s now a firmly established part of a successful digital marketing strategy. So if you’re looking for better content and increased engagement, there’s never been a better time to start an email marketing campaign. Thus said we hope these tips will help you in this latest online venture.

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