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Best Marketing Tools For Instagram

Instagram Marketing Tools for Beginners You’ve probably heard a lot about Instagram marketing -and you’re right, it is a powerful marketing platform.  I’ll show you how to utilize several great marketing tools to drive sales and traffic from this social media site.

Are you new to Instagram marketing? Well, you made the right decision by choosing to invest your marketing time on this social network. It’s not only the fastest growing social media platform but also one of the most powerful platforms for boosting brand awareness and sales.




SocialPilot is the first Instagram marketing tool on our list due to its robust feature set, stellar customer support, and affordable pricing. Connect multiple social media profiles, including Instagram and manage it all in one place. That’s why SocialPilot has become a favourite among business owners with growing teams.

Take your Instagram strategy to the next level by directly scheduling your posts in advance to save your team hundreds of hours. SocialPilot is also integrated with Canva, so you create beautiful Instagram posts right from the SocialPilot dashboard.

Combine all of these features with the ability to research trending topics and posts, and it’s easy to see why SocialPilot is at the top of our list of Instagram marketing tools.

Pros of SocialPilot

  1. Brainstorm new blog post ideas with the content curation feature.
  2. Schedule up to 500 posts in bulk all at once.
  3. Direct Instagram publishing to your business accounts.
  4. It comes with a URL link shortener — perfect for creating highly shareable content.
  5. Built with a full suite of in-depth social media analytics and reports.
  6. Share your content on all social media platforms, not just Instagram.
  7. Keep all of your social media chat conversations organized in one place with the help of a social inbox.

What do people say about SocialPilot?

Hannia F.

What I like about SocialPilot is that it facilitates the scheduling of posts in bulk, and it does not seem automated at all. Its customization and UI are what I love most about this program since it’s very flexible and allows the creation of hundreds of posts without any issues.

Lee C.

“I love its ease of use and that you can schedule up to 30 posts which is way more than other platforms. I love the Chrome Extension which allows you to schedule on the go. The interface is beyond easy to use. It automatically shortens your links. You can reshare posts you’ve previously posted. SocialPilot is one of the best tools to use to schedule all social media – from Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram, even LinkedIn and Tumblr.”


Awario is a social media monitoring tool that finds mentions of your brand (or any other keyword) across the web, news/blogs, and social media platforms, including Instagram. By analyzing mentions of your brand on the platform, it tells you who your brand advocates and who the industry influencers are, what the sentiment behind your brand (positive, negative, or neutral) is, as well as the languages and locations of your audience. It also analyzes the growth and reach of your mentions, and tells you how you compare to your competitors.


Market Research Data-Driven Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Analytics Semrush Keyword Difficulty

Analytics Searchmetrics Core Web Vitals Study

Analytics The Ultimate Guide to Forum Link Building in 2020

Price: Starts at $29/month. Offers a free trial for 14 days.


Price: Free

Helpful for:

Analyzing top & relevant hashtags by generating hundreds of relevant hashtags, that you can simply copy-paste into your Instagram posts.

Use Case:

LeeTags is an Instagram hashtag generator that offers relevant, related and popular hashtags for your posts.

LeeTags, an Instagram Marketing Tool

You can craft a perfect set of hashtags from various categories such as ‘Most Popular’, ‘Photography/Art’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Fitness’, etc.

These categories of hashtag collections also contain subcategories that can be used for micro-marketing. For instance, within ‘Fashion’ you can access granular hashtags like ‘Outfit of the day, ‘Girls fashion’, ‘Men’s fashion’, etc.

LeeTag also allows you to save search results, hashtag categories and create a list of favorite hashtags to save your time!


Iconosquare is another excellent tool that provides you with in-depth analytics insights into your Instagram performance. While it does come with a publishing feature as well, the monitoring and analytics features are the highlights of this tool. In addition to tracking engagement data, you can even discover important audience insights. 

You’ll be able to find out where your followers are located, how old they are, what language they speak, and more. These insights are crucial to optimise your targeting efforts and create content that appeals to your audience. It also lets you monitor what people are saying about your brand so you can understand how people feel and provide timely responses even when you’re not tagged in the post.

1. Inflact

If you are looking for an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool kit, Inflact is a great option. You can use this tool to boost your follower count, engage with your audience, and curate engaging content for your feed.


  • Schedule posts
  • Store all audience data in the Direct Module
  • Competitor analysis
  • Send auto direct messages
  • Download content for offline viewing
  • AI-based hashtag generator


2-Week Subscription Period: $37 to $82 (per account)

1-Month Subscription Period: $57 to $128 (per account)

3-Month Subscription Period: $144 to $307 (per account)


Image via Inflact

Pro Tip: Use the code “SHANEBARKER” for an additional 10% discount on Inflict.



This crazy-cool app lets you “unleash your creativity” and edit your photos to look other-worldly (if that’s what you’re aiming for). Personally, if I were cool enough, I would use this all the time—it’s perfect for a small business that doesn’t have the best photography skills and needs some special help before posting. 

how to get more likes on instagram ads

Cost: $3.99


Think of this tool as the equivalent of Twitter’s “retweet” button but on Instagram. This tool makes it almost as easy to publish another user’s content on your own account (with credit, of course). You can save photos and videos to repost later, search for content, and repost with just one click. It even automatically quotes the original author.


A buffer is a tool that lets you plan and schedule content for your Instagram account. It’s especially useful for eCommerce accounts because it allows you to connect your ‘link in bio’ to numerous URLs that can take people to shopping pages. Additionally, Buffer lets you try different variations of posts, republish your most popular content and has a hashtag Manager that will help you get more views for your posts.


These days, Instagram has become a vital tool for businesses big and small. Not only is it a way to create an online presence for your company, but it’s also a place where you can interact with current customers and potential buyers. Here are some of the best marketing tools to use if you want to grow your Instagram accounts.

Instagram, although an immensely popular social media platform, isn’t something most people would associate with marketing. But given the massive number of daily users it has, you have to rethink about the most effective Instagram marketing strategies for growth.

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