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Best Marketing Tools For Insurance Agents

It is important to have the best tools in the insurance industry to get the job done. I have been involved in the insurance agency business since 1999. As a veteran agent, You need the right tools to take your business to the next level. I’ve been involved with consumer marketing tools since 1999 when I started testing online advertising methods.

If you’re an insurance agent who wants to improve your business, you can do so with the right marketing tools. There are many different methods that you can use in order to increase business and attract clients. These methods vary in cost and efficiency. Some methods work better than others; however, there is no “best” method when it comes to generating business. It is up to each individual insurance agent to decide what works best for them and their company.

A CRM Tool

A CRM tool

Customer relations is the lifeline of the insurance industry. Having a good CRM tool like would be a blessing for insurance agents.

CRMs offers a complete 360˚ view of the customer, buying behaviour, preferences and sales data.

The CRM tool acts as a Customer Profiler giving you details of past interactions that help you recollect and refer to previous communications with the client.

In insurance, information is king. An agent might have to follow up on an old client for renewing an existing policy or create new leads.

At this juncture, a CRM tool like Teleduce comes in handy as it details the long-term goals and expectations, dependencies, and existing conditions of the client.

This will help the agent to instantly look at the client’s records and follow up on them.

WordPress Website

If you build it, they won’t come necessarily, but today a website is a basic necessity for any business (especially an insurance agency) that wants to be found online. Just having a website does not guarantee success or even being found online but you’ve got to give them something to look for and ultimately find.

Why is a website important? Because out of the next 100 people you come into contact with, statistically speaking the very best you can expect is 3 people who might be ready to do business with you or purchase what your offering. Converting 3% of 100 people does not lend itself to business success let alone financial security. What we see however, is that your wealth isn’t found in the 3% but in the untapped conversion potential of the remaining 97%.

To be clear, we know and understand that it is highly unlikely that you will fully convert the remaining 97%, but with the right presentation and focus you should be able to convert something more than just 3%! Consider that people search for insurance information, products and agents everyday. It’s up to you to be found and give them what they are looking for SO THAT the next logical step is them contacting you.

While your website isn’t the only way to be found, it can be a great way to make a first impression and let people check you out and hopefully conclude that you are the solution they are looking for. When it comes to websites, your options are almost limitless and can be overwhelming. These are just a couple of reasons why we promote, believe in and have standardized on WordPress as your content management system website. WordPress powers a full 33% of websites worldwide! A beneficial byproduct of WordPress’ popularity is the abundance and availability of myriad levels of support from designers, developers, integrators and troubleshooters at economical prices, compared to any custom built site we know of and even some of the template sites on the market today. Unlike most (if not all) template sites, if you can dream it, it can be built with WordPress. 

A foundational component to you and your agency’s success in any financial services business is being found online by the right people and showing up such that they immediately find what they were searching for and gain the confidence that you are the solution they are looking for.

Whether you have a website or not right now, here’s a few questions to consider:  

  1. How old is your website?
  2. Is your website up to date technically and graphically (images)?
  3. How much traffic is your website getting? is a great idea for those who want total control over the creation of their insurance website.  With a free version, these powerful platforms are trusted by big names such as Rolling Stone, Mercedes-Benz, and countless others.  It would be worth upgrading to one of the paid plans if you’re hoping to take advantage of the multitude of plugins for WordPress, but the free plan does still grant you a lot of flexibility.  Our company website is run through this platform, and some staff has found success through personal websites they created as well.  You don’t have to be a coding genius or a computer whiz to get started, and support is available around the clock to help you go deeper if you desire to. 

At Musselwhite Marketing we’ve standardized on what we feel is a rock-solid theme called Astra.  When it comes to plugins, one of our favorites happens to be the best page builder available on the market, Elementor.  These are just a few of the wonderful tools that we’ve brought to bear on projects for our grateful clients.  Check out our portfolio here.  


Evernote is a cloud-based tool that helps Insurance Agents to take notes and store them in any format like .pdf, .doc, etc.

It helps agents to collaborate on projects in real-time using these documents.

It helps to collate handwritten notes with collected web articles and images.

Since Evernote is universally accessible, the Insurance agent can walk worry-free about his data


Featured in such reputable publications as Rough Notes, Insurance Journal, Insurance Advocate, and Insurance Business America, EZLynx offers solutions for the modern insurance agent.  As owners of one of the fastest-growing management systems, and the most popular comparative rater according to a recent study by Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agency Universe, their company goal is to “make modern agencies more successful” and “help solve agent’s day-to-day issues.”  Increase productivity and cut costs by having everything you need on ONE PLATFORM

Their software was created exclusively for the insurance industry and allows your agency’s workflow to operate smoothly.  Your unique needs may only require investing in an individual product, or perhaps you want the complete package to skyrocket your business into the stratosphere.  EZLynx makes it easy for you to address one or all of your pain points. It can be frustrating trying to accurately manage customers through their full life cycle when you can’t view everything on one platform.  With this software, you have access to their comparative rateragency management system, client servicing, accounting, eSignature, text messaging, and more all in one place.  Problem solved! Whether it’s email marketing or getting real-time auto and home quotes via your agency website, this is a great solution to help you fulfill those needs. 

Benefits of the Management System:

  • Retain existing data
  • Customer service improvement
  • Business growth
  • Profit tracking
  • Automate your agency
  • Protect client data from exposure

View more details here.

An efficient website is only important if you want to run your agency more efficiently (hint: IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT!).  Local optimization, local reach, social reach, integration, development and hosting, custom content, editing, website analysis, and mobile-friendliness are all offered through their team that has helped over 1,000 website customers.  

Benefits Of Agency Websites:

  • Retain leads
  • Increase your reach
  • Make a great first impression
  • Inbound marketing promotion
  • Access to digital strategy experts
  • Guidance from professionals

View more details here and here as well.

Receive a monthly snapshot of your agency’s overall “health” via their email Agency Pulse.  These reports have been used by decision-makers to directly impact their bottom line.  The previous success they’ve found is available to you as well, all you have to do is jump on board!


This tool is particularly useful for Insurance Agents with clients at a remote location.

It is mainly used for getting client signatures at even remote locations. It stores and transmits signed documents securely. Now the Insurance Agent need not worry about lost documents.

What we have seen above is a comprehensive set of tools every Insurance Agent must ideally possess. But what if one single tool does most of these functions?

That wonder is Teleduce from CoreFactors. It doubles up as a CRM and Multi-channel Marketing tool that helps Insurance Agents to effectively handle their clients.

A single platform with versatile usage, Teleduce is definitely a unique tool that integrates various marketing channels and tracks them as well.

Opt for Teleduce from CoreFactors to maximize the conversion of your Insurance leads!

LinkedIn Ads   

One of our personal favorites for driving B2B business has to be the wonderful professional networking tool that is LinkedIn.  Would you like to become a thought leader in the insurance industry or connect with that business professional from your recent conference?  How about backing up your stellar customer reviews on Google with a visually pleasing display of your experience? The beautiful thing about this platform is that for a few minutes a day you can grow your personal/corporate brand.  Scheduling posts ahead of time through social media tools like Hootsuite can further free you up to focus more on the interactions with your leads via direct messaging.  

Benefits of advertising on LinkedIn include:     

  • Target unique audience
    • With a potential pool of over 630 million active business professionals on LinkedIn, targeting by industry, job function, or title opens up paths for specific audiences to receive your ads. 
  • Create easy and effective ads
    • Is your goal event signups, brand awareness, or leads?  Whichever direction you want to go, LinkedIn Ads will help you get there more effectively. 
  • Control budget and costs
    • Flexibility when it comes to pricing gives you control over ad spend.  The size of your budget doesn’t matter, and if you’re receiving low engagement there’s an ability to stop an ad at any time.  
    • You can choose between CPC and CPM pricing, or take advantage of sponsored InMail and only pay when the message is delivered to their inbox. 
  • Boost content across devices
    • One reason to advertise on LinkedIn is that it’s the most viewed professional news feed in the world.  Leads can be drawn to your company promotions via custom targeted audiences on tablet, mobile, or desktop. 
  • Deliver personalized ads to the LinkedIn inbox
    • Proven to drive more conversions than email and reach your specific audience, ads on this platform offer more value and “warm up” your cold prospects. 
  • Start generating leads in minutes
    • Setup is easy, and the interface helps you add images, text, and a headline that will pique their curiosity. 

View more information about benefits.

To get an idea of what should be included in your insurance agency’s LinkedIn page, check out our profile here.  Keeping up with your clients and leads on social media can take an inordinate amount of time.  This is where our team of social media experts can step in with our done-for-you LinkedIn gen service.  Whether it’s tracking and reporting on analytics, removing disruptive SPAM, or engaging directly with your customers to address their concerns, we want to deliver that much-needed peace of mind you’re always seeking in your business.  Want to learn more, click here.


For all insurance agents out there, you know the importance of marketing your business. You also know how difficult it can be to market to so many different people. This is because people are different. Your marketing should reflect that. Different demographics prefer different content. That means you need to ensure that your business marketing strategy reflects this. At the end of the day, marketing is all about giving people what they want. So how do you achieve that goal? The answer is easy; get the right tools!

Getting the best insurance leads for your business is a smart choice. Let’s face it, you’re not going to find a reliable company that will boat 50 or more leads a day for you to sift through. So what do you do? Make it yourself.

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