If you are wondering what are the best marketing tools for merchants, you’ve come to the right place. We have your top digital marketing tools 2020 list. And guess what, it doesn’t stop at marketing tools for merchants. There are some marketing tools that can work pretty well for freelancers too if you know how to use them the right way. We’ll tell you all about it down below.

These Marketing Tools for merchants will help them to create a brand for business and promote it. Online marketing has become essential for small and large businesses to maintain their long-term success and growth. This post shares the best digital marketing tools for 2021

Google Analytics

Best Marketing Tools For Merchants

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is completely free software that provides valuable insights into who is visiting your website and how they engage with it.

It’s best paired with Google Search Console – another free digital marketing tool that helps you to identify any problems on your site and optimize it for traffic.

Some of the data points that Google Analytics makes available to you include:

  • The number of visitors to your site by day, week, month, or any time period you choose
  • Where these visitors are coming from – referrals from other website, organic search, ads, social, or direct
  • The keywords people are using in Google to find your site
  • The demographics and interests of your users
  • How long each user spends on your site and which pages they visit

All this information is interesting, but it’s also vital knowledge that can help you to optimize your website and marketing campaigns (while keeping your SEO efforts low cost).

For example, you might notice through Search Console or Analytics that you’re getting a lot of traffic from a keyword that you lack content covering. Write a blog post optimized for that keyword and watch your traffic and engagement levels rocket.

Getting loads of visitors from Facebook but none from Twitter? Maybe this is a sign you should concentrate your marketing efforts on your main channel.

It’s all about the insights – not just the analytics.


Trello is a digital marketing tool that helps you to manage projects and stay on the same page as your team–a sound digital marketing practice if you want to save time and frustration.

For example, you can share blog posts on Trello before you publish them. This gives others on your team the opportunity to review the post, weigh in with their thoughts and make changes that could strengthen the piece before it goes live.

In the past, before the days of Trello and similar programs, email was the best way to collaborate with your team. While this is still helpful, to a certain degree, it can lead to confusion, missed messages, and frustration.

trello digital marketing tools

With Trello, everything related to your online marketing strategy can be shared in the same place. It only takes a few minutes to set up aboard. Even better, you can quickly invite your entire staff, all of whom can jump in on the action without delay.

Trello isn’t the only digital marketing tool of its kind, but it’s, by far, one of the best. When it comes to collaborating with others regarding marketing tasks, this tool is hard to beat.



SendPulse is constantly evolving, improving the functionality of existing marketing channels and adding new ways to keep in touch with your customers.

At present, with SendPulse users can automate sending marketing emails, SMS, and web push notifications as well as create chatbots for popular messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

In addition to that, SendPulse also offers an email verifier, a landing page builder, and a free CRM for marketing and sales.

Almost any service within SendPulse’s functionality can be used for free with certain limitations.

The popularity of the platform can be explained by the combination of an intuitive user dashboard that doesn’t require any technical skills, a variety of channels to reach customers, and a smart pricing policy where users can opt for solutions to match their budget and business size.

It’s also worth noting that the service is available in six languages which certainly adds a touch of diversity and sets the platform apart from its competitors.


A great platform for getting started with email marketing, whether you need a simple digital marketing tool or advanced solution.

Price: Pricing plans vary. You have the choice of monthly billing or credits, depending on your use. A limited free plan is available if you have under 2,000 subscribers. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Great email templates
  • The Freemium version is excellent. 


  • Limited marketing automation features.

 Charlie App

Charlie is an attractive marketing tool that helps you create a positive impression when meeting people (especially for the first time).


A positive first impression is critical to winning over that customer, or closing a deal.

In a recent article on Harvard Business Review, by Dorie Clark…

“People may have built up a certain, inaccurate impression of you – you can’t expect to overturn that thinking with subtle gestures, you need a bolder strategy to force them to re-evaluate what they thought they knew about you.”

Truly, you need to work hard to overcome a bad first impression.


If you’re a social person or your job involves meeting with customers and clients, whether online or physically, Charlie App will help you establish a stronger relationship between with customers.

You should know that relationship with your customers is almost everything in business. It can make or mar your strategy.

Charlie scours through 100s of credible sources and automatically emails you a one‐pager on every potential customer/client you’re going to meet with, before you see them. Isn’t it powerful?

This marketing tool (let’s call it app) does this by capturing customer’s bio data, email address, phone numbers for follow up and getting them acquainted with your brand.

Charlie has gone far to introduce personalization in its marketing campaign. This is a campaign where attention are given to customers on-one-one instead of group.

It’s a simple but effective way to answer people’s questions and comments quickly. In fact, 53% of customers want response to their tweet within 1hr.


Don’t make your customers or social media fans perceive you as an unserious marketer, who doesn’t care about them. Use personalization to drive user engagement on social media and during meetups.


Best Marketing Tools For Merchants


No matter how large or small your business is, email marketing should definitely be a part of your overall strategy.

When a customer signs up to your mailing list, they’re inviting you straight into their inbox. That’s why email marketing on average offers a higher ROI than any other marketing activity.

To get started with email marketing, you need a service that will enable you to capture emails, manage your lists, send out emails automatically or on a schedule, and analyze engagement.

Mailchimp is an ideal choice if you’re just starting out or if you are running a small business. Mailchimp’s basic service is free until your list hits 2,000 subscribers. It offers the main functionality you need without making managing your email marketing too complex.

Plus, Mailchimp now offers a slew of features and digital marketing tools (some underpaid plans):

  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Landing page builders
  • Form builders
  • Audience insights
  • CRM tools
  • Predictive insights


The tagline of this digital marketing tool says it all:

Accelerate growth by seeing what’s happening on your website and apps.

It’s good that you want to spend so much time on digital marketing in the early days of your business. But, do you really want to make decisions that aren’t having an impact?

You need to track and analyze every move that you make, as this is the only way to focus on the tactics that are providing the best return on investment (ROI).

With KISSmetrics, you can easily see what’s working and what’s not, across all of your campaigns.

Take, for example, its Analytics products. With a funnel report, you can see if there are any “leaks” in your business. Here’s a screenshot of what to expect:

kissmetrics digital marketing tool

Starting at $120/month, KISSmetrics isn’t the cheapest digital marketing tool on this list. Even so, it’s one that you’ll want to think about, as your business gets up and running.

With a variety of products at your fingertips, the insights you receive will be invaluable to your company’s growth.


Best Marketing Tools For Merchants
Image Source: Outfunnel

Outfunnel offers two-way sales and marketing integrations to keep your data in sync. You can pick and choose your favorite tools and easily set up deep data connections between them with Outfunnel.

So why use Outfunnel? Do small businesses really need another marketing automation tool?

The answer is no – what businesses need is a tool that helps unite the efforts of sales and marketing, so they can drive revenue together.

So Outfunnel stepped in to fill the gap, and created one platform that would deeply connect all your sales and marketing software.

It currently works with Pipedrive, Copper and HubSpot CRM.You can use it to set up seamless integrations such as Mailchimp and HubSpotCopper and ActiveCampaign and more.

These integrations allow you to easily target your CRM contacts with marketing campaigns, and record engagement data from these tools (such as clicks, opens, etc) in the CRM.

Additionally, you can use Outfunnel’s Web tracking and Lead scoring functionalities to surface hot, sales-ready leads.

It also provides a simple email tool that automates campaigns and follow-ups.

You can use Outfunnel’s own simple email campaigns tool to send out email sequences based on data changes in the CRM.

Essentially, Outfunnel is the golden thread that unifies all your CRM and marketing tools, forms deep connections, and maximizes the usefulness of data from all of them.

It’s also got a clean interface that’s ultra user-friendly, so it really wins on the user experience front, too!


If WordPress sounds strange to you, then you’re probably new to blogging, digital marketing, or you’ve been hiding under the Old Harry Rocks in England.

WordPress is a simple and powerful content management system (CMS).

It’s actually a publishing software used mostly by bloggers, authors, digital companies, and content marketers to create and publish content, and build robust website.


These days, starting a business is damn simple. Because you don’t need to have programming skills or hire a professional programmer to build a website for you.

With this free and helpful WordPress software, you can design a website within 20 minutes. There are tens of thousands of free themes and plugins to make your website as professional and dynamic as you want.

The beauty of WordPress is that most authority news channels lives on it. For example, Mashable, CNN, Techcrunch, and more than 60 million other sites started out on WordPress – and I don’t see them switching to Joomla or Typepad anytime soon.

WordPress themes are popular too. Infact, 51% of marketers are now using WordPress themes to power their blogs.


No matter what you’re looking for in a website, I can assure you that WordPress is powerful enough to support it.

Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar business, you can always build a website and use it to attract motivated customers on the web.


Yo, everyone! Today we have the best marketing tools for merchants. This list has been tested and proven to have a high conversion rate so I’m pleased to share it with you. Working as a merchant myself I know how hard it can be to find a good marketing tool that fits my own needs.

Have you ever wondered “what are the best marketing tools to grow my business?”. And better yet do you even know if your current tools are worth their weight in gold?

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