The best marketing tools to increase your sales are the same ones that make successful businesses successful. It is not who you know or what is the latest craze. It’s is old school fundamentals that works every time…Good Product & Service!!!!

Some of the best and most useful marketing tactics and tools for increasing your online sales.

Google Analytics

Search for any website tracking tool, and I’ll bet Google Analytics shows up – and rightly so.

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google, that helps marketers track and report on what’s happening on their website. You can keep a close eye on key metrics such as:

  • Pageviews
  • Unique visitors
  • Average time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Top referring channels
  • Conversion rate

You’re also able to create custom reports, and view detailed statistics about your audience – including where they’re being referred from, where they’re located, and what devices they’re using to access your website.

(There’s also paid version, named Google Analytics 360, where marketers can gain access to even more data. But if you’re a small to midsize business, the free version will suit you perfectly.)

Brennan Flentge, SEO Analyst at Investis Digital, is a huge Google Analytics fan. He says:

“Hands down, my favorite tool is Google Analytics. When properly set up, Google Analytics allows me to work in tandem with our other teams to make sure we are uniting performance marketing initiatives and amplifying meaningful communications with audiences across all digital channels.

We can track goal conversions, shopping behavior, Google Ads performance insights, and page performance, to name a few of the many use cases. Plus, the ability to create custom dashboards and reports means that our clients get crucial insights whenever they need them.

The bottom line: Without GA, I wouldn’t be able to create data-driven digital strategies and marketing recommendations that work harmoniously across all marketing channels.”

Free trial?: Yes

Pricing: Free.

Charlie App

Charlie is an attractive marketing tool that helps you create a positive impression when meeting people (especially for the first time).


A positive first impression is critical to winning over that customer, or closing a deal.

In a recent article on Harvard Business Review, by Dorie Clark…

“People may have built up a certain, inaccurate impression of you – you can’t expect to overturn that thinking with subtle gestures, you need a bolder strategy to force them to re-evaluate what they thought they knew about you.”

Truly, you need to work hard to overcome a bad first impression.


If you’re a social person or your job involves meeting with customers and clients, whether online or physically, Charlie App will help you establish a stronger relationship between with customers.

You should know that relationship with your customers is almost everything in business. It can make or mar your strategy.

Charlie scours through 100s of credible sources and automatically emails you a one‐pager on every potential customer/client you’re going to meet with, before you see them. Isn’t it powerful?

This marketing tool (let’s call it app) does this by capturing customer’s bio data, email address, phone numbers for follow up and getting them acquainted with your brand.

Charlie has gone far to introduce personalization in its marketing campaign. This is a campaign where attention are given to customers on-one-one instead of group.

It’s a simple but effective way to answer people’s questions and comments quickly. In fact, 53% of customers want response to their tweet within 1hr.


Don’t make your customers or social media fans perceive you as an unserious marketer, who doesn’t care about them. Use personalization to drive user engagement on social media and during meetups.


Looking for a digital marketing tool that gives you a better understanding of how people are engaging with your website? How about one that helps you identify ways to improve user experience (which is a huge ranking factor in search)?

Look no further than Hotjar – an analysis and feedback tool that visualizes user engagement with heatmaps, and records how real people are interacting with your site.

It also:

  • Displays conversion funnels, showing what routes people make to purchase
  • Analyzes the performance of your web forms
  • Surveys your audience for instant feedback you can use for web design improvements
Hotjar Demo Digital Marketing Tools

Free trial?: Yes

Plans and pricing: Varies between $29 – $989 per month depending on daily pageviews.


We’ve all been there – accidentally wishing to make more impact through social media. Yes, we know how powerful social media is, but it seems as though we’re lost.

If you can relate with this, you’re not alone. Oktopost is that social marketing tool you should give a shot.

Oktopost is great for B2B marketers. If you choose a social media tool that’s designed for B2C marketing, your results will be mediocre. Trust me, the plan, approach and features you need are different.

Lee Odden, founder of Top Rank Blog shows the distinction when he said that, “B2B marketers who are goals focused, strategic in planning and action are more effective.”

Oktopost is a B2B social media marketing tool designed to help you power your social campaigns and drive hungry buyers. It enables you to schedule your best posts to multiple social profiles, from a single dashboard.


Stay informed about social media, study the detailed reports on clicks, conversions, and other engagements for each of your posts.

You can also use Oktopost to determine quality contents to share with your audience – and keep them engaged all the time. As you already know, magical things happen when customers derive value for your content and get their questions answered.

An earlier case study by Gallup revealed to us that customer engagement boost sales and average revenue per user.


Truly, it’s difficult to manually determine which type of content your audience prefers you post on social media. But with Oktopost it’s simple. The tool finds relevant conversations and leads you into it naturally.


How much does your company spend on content marketing? Slash that time expense (and actually generate content that resonates with your audience) by using Buzzsumo for content research.

Buzzsumo helps you identify top-performing content in your industry based on social shares, and can be used to:

  • Identify influencers you’d like to collaborate with
  • Measure the success of your competitor’s content marketing strategy
  • Set alerts to keep up with content from your industry

Stacy Caprio, Founder of Growth Marketing, told me how she uses Buzzsumo in her agency:

“One of my favorite tools for SEO is the content marketing tool Buzzsumo. It allows me to quickly find the most shared and linked to articles in the niche I’m writing for so I know what type of articles and headlines already work. This gives me a head start when writing my own articles to get viral shares and links.”

Free trial?: Yes.

Plans and pricing: $99 – $299 per month to access all features.


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