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Best Nurture Campaigns

Companies want to nurture leads and make them sales ready. Lead nurturing is a process of converting prospects into sales ready leads by educating them about your company’s services, product or offering. Lead nurturing is highly effective in generating more sales for B2B companies, as it increases their lead generation and conversion rates. The examples mentioned below indicate the best lead nurturing techniques that companies can use in their nurture campaigns.

Run successful nurture campaigns with these best practice, real-world nurture campaign examples. Find inspiration from the top B2B telecoms, cloud computing, software, education and manufacturing companies. Learn how they tackled their lead management challenges with nurturing.

B2B Nurture Campaign Examples: 1-on-1 Company Tours

A 1-on-1 company tour is an easy way to show your prospect how much value you can offer them.

Here are some tips for structuring your 1-on-1 tour:

  • Make sure you include the right people in the meeting. If someone isn’t necessary for the discussion, then they shouldn’t be there.
  • Ensure that everyone’s needs are addressed at all times during the meeting. It’s important that each person has their questions answered and concerns addressed before moving on with their day so that everyone feels heard and valued by those who matter most (you)!
  • Don’t feel like you need to stick around after your meeting is over just because it might look weird otherwise; this guy probably could use some alone time anyway!

B2B Nurture Campaign Examples: Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing is a process that focuses on identifying and targeting key accounts for your company. It’s what happens when you take the best of inbound marketing and apply it to your existing sales pipeline.

ACB works by using behavioral data gleaned from your database to identify potential buyers for your products or services—the people who are most likely to buy from you once they’ve been exposed to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Your database will help you identify these individuals based on their past behavior and current situation, allowing you to target them with personalized messages based on what they need at that specific moment in time.

Because ACB targets particular accounts rather than individuals, it allows companies to build stronger relationships with customers who are already familiar with their brand through previous interactions (like emails or webinars). This helps businesses develop trust amongst clients even before making their first sale!

B2B Nurture Campaign Examples: Product Education & Expertise

A good product education and expertise nurture campaign will take the time to explain the product in detail. You want to tell your customers what it can do for them, how easy it is to use, and how it helps them get more value out of their business. In addition, you need to demonstrate that your product is better than the competition and aligns with your company’s mission.

The best example of this kind of nurture campaign is from HubSpot. They have several different emails that educate their users about their products, but one email in particular stood out: “What We Built for B2B Marketers: A Guide To Building Content Marketing Programs That Convert”. The goal of this email was not only to educate new leads on HubSpot’s core offerings (which are marketing automation tools), but also increase engagement by getting existing customers involved in conversations about using those products more effectively with each other – which ultimately builds trust among all parties involved!

B2B Nurture Campaign Examples: Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

There are two types of brand awareness:

  • Brand awareness is the recognition that a customer has of your product or service. For example, when you think about Nike, you automatically think of their iconic swoosh logo. This type of brand awareness can be achieved through television advertising, billboards, radio ads and other forms of traditional media.
  • Brand recognition is the ability for customers to recall your company name when asked about it. For example, if we asked you what your favorite car brand was and then asked you to explain why, chances are good that one (or both) of these brands will come up in your response: Ford and Chevy/GM/Chevrolet/GMC/Buick/Cadillac or BMW & Mercedes-Benz (or variations thereof).

B2B Nurture Campaign Examples: New Feature Announcements & Updates

When you’re introducing new features or updates to your product, nurture campaigns are a great way to get people excited about them. You can showcase the new features and how they make your product easier to use. You could also include a video or screenshots of the new features and explain how they work.

Finally, it’s also important that you provide case studies and testimonials from customers who have already taken advantage of these recent enhancements. This will help prospects see how other users have benefitted from the changes — which may encourage them to do the same!

The best nurture campaigns are highly personalized and based on your buyer’s journey.

The best nurture campaigns are highly personalized and based on your buyer’s journey.

Personalization is key, but you need to ensure that the content of your email is relevant. If someone has just signed up for your product or service, don’t send them an email about how to get started (unless they specifically ask for it). Instead, personalize it with information specific to them and their needs.

Another tip? Don’t send emails that are too long! Longer emails might be tempting because there’s more room for creativity, but readers will quickly become bored or annoyed if they have no context around what they’re reading. This can lead them to unsubscribe from future emails altogether—and if this happens too many times, you’ll lose valuable customers who may have been interested in buying from you down the road.

b2b nurture campaign examples

HubSpot Nurturing Campaigns

HubSpot’s marketing automation software helps you nurture, track and analyze leads with ease. You can use the software to run personalized email campaigns that generate more leads, get more customers, and increase revenue.

HubSpot’s marketing automation software helps you nurture, track and analyze leads with ease. You can use the software to run personalized email campaigns that generate more leads, get more customers, and increase revenue.

Marketo Nurturing Campaigns

  • Marketo is a marketing automation company.
  • Marketo has a platform for marketing automation, which helps you manage all of your campaigns and programs in one place.
  • Marketo’s nurture campaign is an effective way to engage prospects and leads, so that you can nurture them through the sales funnel into customers.
  • The example below shows how Marketo’s nurturing campaign works:

Oracle Eloqua’s B2B Marketing Automation

Oracle Eloqua offers the industry’s leading B2B marketing automation solution. You can use it to automate the process of marketing and sales, so you can focus on what’s important. Oracle Eloqua offers the most comprehensive B2B marketing automation solution available today, with a wide range of capabilities that include:

Automated lead nurturing – Send emails at the optimal time based on behavior and activity within your system.

Lead scoring – Score leads based on their demographic information and behavior in order to prioritize sales efforts for those who need them most urgently (or want them most).

Campaign management dashboards – Monitor campaign performance across email channels 24/7 in real time with metrics like open rates and click-through rates by segment or location-based geographic targeting options such as zip codes or cities/regions; also see which individual recipients have clicked links inside emails sent out through this channel.

Pardot Nurture Campaign|A way to connect with your clients

Pardot Nurture Campaign is a way to connect with your clients.

Tips for Creating an Effective B2B Nurture Campaign|What your clients really want

To create an effective B2B nurture campaign, it’s important to define the problem first. Do your clients know what they want? Do you know? It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options available in the digital world, so carve out some time for yourself and set some goals before you get started.

Remember that not every client will have the same goal or target audience. Yours might be an e-commerce website selling yoga gear online, while another company may be looking for information on how to improve their customer service program. That’s okay! The point is that when creating a digital marketing strategy for your own business (or helping someone else with theirs), focus on understanding who your customers are and what they need help with before worrying about anything else.

These are examples of b2b nurture campaigns.

Nurture campaigns are used to build relationships with potential customers. Nurture campaigns can be used at any stage of the marketing funnel, but they’re most effective when you’re trying to acquire new customers or convert non-buyers into buyers.

For example, if you’re running an email nurture campaign for new subscribers who haven’t purchased from your website yet:

  • You would send them introductory emails that lead them through a series of actions (e.g., sign up for a demo, fill out a contact form).
  • You would also send them emails asking them if they have any questions or concerns about your product/service; this gives you an opportunity to address their concerns and turn them into buyers by addressing those objections head on!


Lead nurturing can be a challenge for any organization, but it’s very important for lead conversions. Nurture campaigns are beneficial for both the prospective buyer and the brand. By creating specific nurture paths for different group of prospects or leads, the organization can achieve better conversion rates. It’s very crucial to understand buyer behavior in order to convert leads. Know more about nurture campaigns here.

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