Researching the right area you want to live in can be time-consuming. The internet offers great resources and websites, but this isn’t always convenient when looking for a property. This is what one of the best property searches on iOS was designed for. You’re able to filter through houses on a map as well as visually display properties in bags and clusters (known as your “bag view”). Seeing properties around you allows you to instantly see if it’s the right area for you. “Apps” is the name typically given to programs on smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices. It’s usually shortened to “app”.  People use apps to do all sorts of different things, helping them do just about anything and everything they want to do. Sometimes people refer to an app as an “application” or a “program”. And sometimes people just call it an app. You will also see apps called “software” from time to time. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

I moved to London six months ago and one of the things that shocked me was the price of property. I had always heard that it was expensive, but until you live here it’s hard to imagine how expensive! So we decided to look at the best property search app in uk – we based our research on different things: cost, furniture, decoration, fitting and many other features.

Best Property Search App in Uk


Mhbo is the UK’s most comprehensive property search engine and it is the only place you need to go to find the perfect home.

You can use Mhbo to find a house, flat, apartment or land. If you know what area you want to live in and what price bracket your budget is, then Mhbo will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

It has over 1 million properties listed on its database and they are all updated daily by estate agents in your area. The search filters allow you to narrow down the results so that only properties within a certain distance from your home or work are displayed. You can also choose whether or not you would like to see homes with gardens attached or outdoor space for pets or children to play in without having access to public areas such as parks etcetera.
Mhbo is a free, easy-to-use app that helps you find the right property in your area. You can search by price and location, or just browse through listings to see what’s available. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something specific; if not, just check out all of the options on offer!

Once you’ve found a place that catches your eye, it’s just a matter of contacting the owner or agent and making an offer.


Nestoria is a property search app that makes it easy to find your ideal home, flat, or shared house in the UK. It’s a great way to find the right place without having to spend hours searching through countless ads and websites.

Nestoria lets you set up alerts so that you can be notified when something new comes on the market that matches your criteria. You can also set it up so that you only get notifications about properties in your local area. This makes it easier for you to focus on what’s important and save time on the things that don’t matter as much, like properties too far away from where you want to live. Nestoria is a very easy-to-use property search app that allows you to find homes in the UK. It has a great user interface and is easy to navigate. It also has a very simple layout, which makes it easy to use on any device.

One of the best features of this property search app is that it allows you to narrow down your search by location, price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and type of property (including detached houses, flats or apartments). You can also set alerts for when new properties are added to their database.

The Nestoria app also allows you to save houses in your favorites list so that you can easily access them later when you want to view more details about them or make an offer on them!

The app works for both renters and homeowners alike, so anyone looking for property in the UK should definitely give Nestoria a try! Nestoria is a beautiful property search app that makes it easy to find homes for sale in the UK. It’s super helpful, because it has a great interface and lets you sort by price, area, and even property type (like apartment or house).

You can also get a detailed view of each property—like pictures, crime statistics, and nearby amenities—and even see how much money you’ll be spending on utilities.

Nestoria also has a really cool feature where you can see how much rent you’d pay for each home. That way, if you’re looking at two similar houses but one costs more than the other, you know exactly how much extra cash you’ll be shelling out every month.

Best of all? Nestoria is free!


Movebubble is a property search app that allows you to find the right property for you, and also helps you keep track of all your properties. You can use Movebubble to find properties in your area, or around the world. The app uses your location data to show you homes for sale in the area around where you live. The app also uses your search history to show you homes that fit your preferences, so if you look at one home and don’t like it, the next time that type of home comes up in your search results, it will be less likely to show up. Movebubble is the best property search app in the UK. Movebubble provides a simple, intuitive way to find homes for sale and rent across the country, including in London and other cities. The app is free to download and use, and it’s easy to use on mobile or desktop!

Movebubble uses an algorithm that takes into account your preferences while also considering what kind of house you are looking for. It then sends you daily updates about new listings that match your search criteria. You can even set up notifications so you don’t miss anything important! It’s an easy way to stay on top of things at all times—and it’s totally free!

You can use Movebubble as an agent’s assistant—you can log into their account and see all of their listings and clients’ details. You can also use it as a buyer’s assistant—you can request access to view properties listed by agents who have granted permission for buyers’ assistants to do so.


Purplebricks is the best property search app in the UK.

It’s easy to use, and it has a lot of great features that make it stand out from the competition. Purplebricks is the most comprehensive property search app in the UK. With more than 650,000 properties listed and a team of experts who can help you find your dream home, they’re the best place to start your search.

Purplebricks’ platform is easy to use and can be used on any device—so whether you’re looking for a new apartment in London or a house in the countryside, you’ll get where you need to go without having to stress about getting lost along the way.

And if you’re worried about spending too much time searching for just the right place? No need! Purplebricks has a team of experts who can help guide you through each step of your search with advice and information on all things related to buying real estate in this country.

First of all, Purplebricks lets you save properties to your favorites list so that you can come back to them later and easily keep track of what you’ve seen. You can also create a shortlist of properties that you want to keep track of. This makes it easier for you to remember what you like about each house, so you don’t waste time going back and forth between different listings.

Another great feature is that Purplebricks lets you filter by price range, so if you’re looking for something specific—like an apartment in a specific neighborhood—you can narrow down your search even further than just searching by location alone. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to find a place that’s within budget but still has everything else on your wish list (like maybe even a pool!).

And finally, Purplebricks has lots of helpful resources on its site: You can read reviews from other users who have rented through this service before so that they can tell whether or not they had good experiences with renting through Purplebricks themselves (or they could

Real estate is an exciting and lucrative field, but it can also be daunting and overwhelming. There are many different types of properties to choose from, and each one has its own set of pros and cons.

If you’re a first-time buyer or just looking to upgrade your current home, it’s important to know what you need in order to make the right decision. That’s where [app name] comes in! We’ve created this app to help guide you through the process of finding the perfect property for your needs.

Our app isn’t just for those who are looking for their first home—it’s also great if you’re looking to upgrade or downsize your current home. You can use our app to find homes that match your criteria and location. If a certain type of property isn’t available near where you live now, but there is a similar one available somewhere else within driving distance (e.g., an apartment instead of a house), then we’ll show that too!

Our search engine allows users to filter searches by price range, number of bedrooms/bathrooms needed, size (square footage), property type (e.g., condo vs single-family home), view type (e.g., urban), amenities (e.g., pool

Takeaway: These are the best property search apps currently available on Uk.


It may be difficult to decide which property search app is the best for you. We researched online to find the most popular property apps and then reviewed them. Our ratings were based on ease of use, number of searches, latest trends in app design and feedback from users. We hope this guide will help you make an informed decisions about what property app you need.

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