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Best Social Media Analytics Tool

There are a lot of tools out there which allows you to measure the performance of your social media efforts, but most of them are either too complicated and hard to use or limited. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: Buffer. This article will share information about the best social media analytics tool for bloggers and why you should use it.

An overview of the best social media analytics tool that is free to use. It’s called Buzzsumo and it lets you search for any topic or keyword on any social network, and gives you data on how many times that keyword has been shared and has what type of reach. You can export this data with a click of a button and plug it into whichever spreadsheet program you use like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet. I go into some depth about how to use this awesome tool for all your book marketing needs.

Why is social media analytics important?

To put it simply, social media analytics help gather, analyze, and interpret data from social networks. Understanding the performance of one’s social channels is key for development and choosing the right direction for social media marketing.

But let’s have a closer look why social media analytics is important.

Understanding your audience

Social media is one of the best places you can observe your target audience.

This is where they speak their mind, react in real-time, and freely express their emotions about something – a product, brand, or service.

Social media are a gold mine of audience insights. By tracking social media metrics and analyzing social platforms, you can get to know your audience, for example:

  • Who they are?
  • What their needs are?
  • What they think about your business?
  • What types of content resonates with them?
  • What time do they hang out on social networks?

And much more!

“Brand awareness”

Social media analytics helps track various rates connected to the exposure of the brand in social media. These parameters illustrate some sort of awareness, at least online. On this basis, you can track how the online exposure of your branded content changes.

Some of the brand metrics in social media analytics include:

  • Social media reach – shows how many social media profiles come across branded content
  • Influence score of social media profiles – shows influential profiles that talk about business
  • Sentiment analysis – shows happy and unhappy customers and media talking about your business and products
  • Volume of mentions – shows how the number of online mentions of branded content changes
  • Engagement – shows engagement of branded content changes

Some tools, for example, Brand24, have their own brand metrics.

Some of them are the Presence Score and Reputation score. They help to measure the online popularity of branded content.

Use Brand24 to increase your brand awareness!Try free!

Competitor analysis

Social media analytics allows not only understanding the social media performance of your channels but also your competitors’.

This way you can track their activities, marketing campaigns, what their customers think about them, and much more. It’s a great source of business intelligence.


The boom of influencer marketing has created a need for social media tools specifically tailored for influencer campaigns.

Enter TapInfluence, an analytics platform which removes many of the “what-ifs” related to influencer marketing. This includes metrics such as reach, engagement rate and the potential price tag behind any given influencer.

In short, TapInfluence highlights relevant influencer metrics in black and white so brands can better understand whether or not a potential relationship makes sense prior to outreach.

TapInfluence provides eye-opening insights regarding an influencer's reach and engagement rate

Influencer campaigns shouldn’t be a black hole of ROI. In addition to individual influencer metrics, the platform also measures the performance of overall campaigns against industry benchmarks.

TapInfluence's reporting compares your brand's influencer campaigns to industry benchmarks


Although not strictly a social tool, BuzzSumo is an awesome resource for analyzing the social engagement of any given piece of content.

If you want to see how many shares your latest blog post received on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, BuzzSumo can provide you with that data. You can also monitor the performance of content competing for relevant industry keywords, allowing you to see how your content marketing campaigns are stacking up against the competition.

BuzzSumo's analytics examine top-performing content for specific keywords

Social media remains one of the top distribution channels for content. By analyzing social shares, you can see which types of posts receive the most engagement and use that data to inform your own content strategy. BuzzSumo can also help you understand variables in top-performing content such as length, publish date and headline type.


Key benefits: Track and analyze data from more than 95 million sources, including blogs, forums, and review sites, as well as social networks

Free or paid: Paid tool

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Best for: PR and communications teams, social media marketers who focus on engagement and brand monitoring

Brandwatch is a powerful tool with five easy-to-use social media analytics report templates:

  • Summary: A high-level view of social conversations about your brand, competitors, or keywords.
  • Trends: A report on the conversations and accounts influencing a specific topic or hashtag, including mentions per hour or minute.
  • Reputation: A checkup on sentiment trends you might need to monitor or address.
  • Influencers: A report to help you identify influencer marketing opportunities relevant to your brand and analyze their activity.
  • Competitor comparison: Benchmarking social media data for conversation volume, sentiment, and share of voice.


Screenshot from Quintly, one of the best social media analytics tools

Quintly can help you with social media analytics including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs. There’s plenty of features for each platform but the most important features include:

  • Competitive benchmarking: Find benchmarks for your social media channels and discover what content works best for you
  • Centralized analytics: Discover over 250 social media metrics and track your performance
  • Smart reporting: Get reports based on your custom dashboards and pick any parameters you want
  • Custom dashboards: Create custom dashboards including metrics of your choice
  • Overall metrics: Track specific KPI’s and measure social media performance across all major networks
  • Key influencers: Get data about the most influential social media profiles
  • Data exporting: Export your data to CSV or Excel and download any metric as JPG, PNG, PDF, PPTX
  • Customer care: Monitor Facebook and Twitter to track customer queries
  • + more!


  • You can track your social media efforts with automated reports and customized dashboards.
  • Easy to track social analytics.


  • Too expensive for smaller brands, custom plans start from $300 a month.
  • The gathered data is too general, nod good for in-depth social analytics.

Google Analytics


Social media analytics tool - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track social media campaigns and even helps you measure social ROI. Google Analytics is one of the most valuable social media reporting tools for analyzing the trend of social media traffic.

You can also find out the most effective network that’s yielding you the best results for your campaigns. There are also several custom filter options for diversified reporting.


  1. It’s completely free.
  2. It’s compatible with multiple digital environments like websites, mobile applications, etc., including Google Ads accounts.
  3. It collects data from multiple sources, creates goals, and tracks them thoroughly.
  4. It gives you customized reports for better decision-making capabilities.

Esra K.

Google Analytics provides us meaningful insights about our website to improve it accordingly, attract new visitors and increase our potential customers.


  1. There’s a lot of learning involved to understand the tool.
  2. It has multiple dashboards, which can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you are doing.
  3. If you want to upgrade your free plan, it will cost you a whopping $150K a year.


The popularity of ephemeral content on social media speaks for itself.

Snaplytics focuses solely on analytics for Snapchat and Instagram Stories. The platform looks at metrics such as open and completion rate, allowing brands to see where story engagement peaks and likewise at what point viewers drop off.

Snapalytics focuses its social media analysis on Instagram and Snapchat Stories

The need to optimize story-based content is something that modern brands should overlook at their own peril.

Although Snapchat might have fallen out of favor for some brands, bear in mind that the network still boasts hundreds of million active users among millennials and Gen Z.

Meanwhile, Stories represent one of the most-engaged methods of Instagram promotion. Going beyond native analytics is a smart move for brands who want to craft more compelling Stories or eventually run story-based ads.


More and more brands are trying their hands at direct social selling.

Platforms such as Curalate serve as a hybrid storefront and analytics tool for companies looking to maximize their sales from Instagram

Chances are you’ve seen a branded or unbranded “Like2Buy” link in the wild. Major brands like Bose take advantage of Curalate for social sales – take a peek at their Instagram bio.

Bose uses Curalate's Like2Buy link to drive Instagram sales

Upon clicking through, we’re led to a social storefront where users can shop directly.

Curalate makes it easier for users to buy directly from Instagram

Curalate’s platform empowers businesses to understand which products score the most clicks and sales. This can directly inform your future campaigns and product strategy as you learn which sort of posts click with customers.

Additionally, Curalate tracks product tags and mentions, making it a cinch to spot and analyze the performance of user-generated content campaigns.


A screenshot from Hey Orga, a social media analytics tool

HeyOrca is a social media planner designed for quick and easy collaboration with clients. It offers not only publishing, management, collaboration, but also analytics of social media content across various platforms.

It’s a great choice for agencies that cooperate a lot with customers and present them with social media content for approval.

Some of the features HeyOrca offers include:

  • Accounts Organization
  • Social Media Planning
  • Internal Collaboration
  • Client Approvals
  • Direct Publishing
  • Performance Analytics


  • Important social media analytics tool that allows advanced collaborations for agencies.
  • Tracking social media campaigns made easy.


  • Doesn’t provide in-depth media analytics.
  • Limited capabilities in terms of integration.
  • Doesn’t provide in-depth media analytics.
  • Limited capabilities in terms of integration.
Curalate tracks the performance of products sold from social media


Social media analytics are critically important to the success of your social media marketing. We’ll walk through a few free options and explore one paid tool that can help you save time and make more informed decisions.

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