Best Social Media Curation Tools

When it comes to finding the best social media curation tools, finding options that are ideal for your needs can be difficult. There are thousands of different tools out there, with hundreds more appearing daily. From scheduling content to sharing, let us help you find the best tools available.

There are quite a few social media curation tools out there. We took a look at several of them and have identified the top three that we believe offer the best value for small businesses.


Flipboard is a mobile and desktop app that allows you to create mini-magazines with links to your favorite news stories, blog posts, and websites.Content curation tool Flipboard

After creating these magazines, you can open them up to the public so consumers can follow your content and share them on social media networks.

You can also include your own blog posts and links in your magazine, making it an opportunity for readers to learn more about your business.

To start using Flipboard, all you need to do is download the app and create an account. You can also look through the magazines of other users and share their stories in your own mini “publication with a quick tap.

 Anders Pink


Anders Pink curates content for you and your team by crawling millions of websites across the web and then creates daily briefings. You can refine these briefings based on specific keywords. These briefings are updated throughout the day with new content.

Anders Pink helps you gain insights from the crowd so users can vote on articles they like and get notified when a team members flags or comments on articles. With this tool, you can review articles by on most recently published or most shared on the web.

You get helpful analytics because you can see how many articles each team member opens and views in the daily briefings and how much they contribute by voting, flagging and commenting on articles. With Anders Pink, you can create private teams and set up team briefings.


headslinger is a free content curation tool

Headslinger is another free content curation tool. With this app, you read and discover news by adding content sources, like news sites and blogs, to folders. As you do, Headslinger suggests related publications for you to follow.

Then all you do is click on a folder when you’re in the app to see the latest updates on that topic. You can also favorite content and add it to a “slinglist” for so you can share it on social media from within the Headslinger site.


Pocket is a great place to get into the habit of accruing content to save and read later.

Content curation tool Pocket

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Instead of a laundry list of bookmarks or countless emails you’ve sent to yourself with links, it stores all your chosen images, articles, and videos in one place for reference.

You can group articles with tags, and the site’s built-in search functionality makes finding those articles easy. Plus, it integrates with over 500 other apps, like Evernote, easy easy synching.

And as a bonus, Pocket tweets out their @PocketHits for the most-saved articles on their platform – a must-follow if you’re active on Twitter.



Buzzsumo helps you curate content and identifying influencers who have shared a specific piece of content.

You can search for the most shared content using keywords, find out the most shared content from a specific domain and filter down to specific types of content such as infographics, videos, etc. You can also search by what news is trending in the past 24 hours and what content has been the most shared.

This content curation tool helps you analyze what content is performing best for any topic or for any competitor. You can find key influencers to help you promote your content.


instapaper is free content curation software

Instapaper has been a major player among content curation tools for around 10 years. With this app, you can create an ad-free Instapaper website with content curated from the web and from some of the other curation apps on our list, like Flipboard.

You can read your Instapaper online or on any of the mobile apps, which also allow you to read offline. You can also highlight and comment on content, adding your opinion to make curated content even more useful for your audience.

Collecting content from various websites and sharing them in a way that is presentable and context is key to successful content curation. takes the pain out of content curation and allows anyone to save links on the go and turn them into beautiful, shareable content.

Content curation tool eLink

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You can convert your links into a web page and embed them on a website or send them as a newsletter. They have a whopping 30+ responsive templates that you can customize to your liking. With over 80,000 users worldwide, elink is one of the best tools when it comes to fast and beautiful content curation.



Feedly is a way to organize, read, and share content from your favorite websites, podcasts, keyword alerts, and YouTube channels. You can access all of them in one place.

It is a useful tool since it has strong integration features with social media channels so you can easily share articles. You can also schedule posts with HootSuite and Buffer.

You can also add articles to a read later section so you can access them when you need. And you can discover fresh content on niche or broad topics. It is always in sync so you can access it on a mobile device or via your desktop computer.

Feedly also has good collaboration features. For example, one of those features is their “shared boards” section so you can work with your team to curate, comment, and prioritize the best articles about specific topics.


There are dozens of social media curation tools on the market. While most of them do provide some value, most of them will cost you a lot of money and simply capture the same content that any other tool will. Even worse, they’ll do it with inferior code, designs, and programming.

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