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Best Social Media Dashboards

This article discusses some of the best social media dashboards available and includes a compare and contrast section for each. I’ve broken it down into free versions, paid versions, and joint paid & free versions.

For more than 10 years, thousands of businesses have chosen us and our dashboards to keep track of social media. We’ve made sure that you can easily use all the same features in our new best-selling product. It’s all there, with a powerful responsive design to make sure that it keeps working on tablets and phones as well.

What is a Social Media Dashboard

While a dashboard is normally thought of as a control center to measure and monitor your most important social media marketing KPIs, most social media dashboards actually include social media management features to provide you a truly one-stop solution for your social media strategies.

I have done my best to place each social media dashboard into one of several categories that separate them. Some dashboards have more features or network integrations than others, so pick what you need. For instance, if you are already happy with your social media management tool, perhaps you only need to invest in a social media dashboard that has a strong social media analytics feature.

Keep reading to discover what social media tools are waiting for you!

Enterprise Social Media Dashboards

An enterprise-grade social media dashboard is typically designed with the large business or MNC in mind. They come with support for several different social media accounts across multiple brands or divisions within a company. For example, a lot of fashion and consumer goods companies have multiple lines with different brand names. As a result, enterprise dashboards often have more features than smaller brands need or want. With that said, they do make the life of a large-company marketer easier.

This social media dashboard is designed to be an all-in-one solution. They have a built-in content creation tool that lets you make truly great visual content. Then, you can post the content on multiple platforms at the right time. However, Falcon goes further still: they feature social listening functionality, tools to manage your brand community and customer service, and even track results. Their site lists some really large companies as clients.


Price: Included in Professional version ($800/mo) or Enterprise version ($3,200/mo)

Why it’s great: All-in-one social media software

With HubSpot’s social media management tool, you get an all-inclusive package. Connect up to 300 accounts and schedule up to 10,000 posts a month. Plus, for super in-depth planners, you can schedule posts up to 3 years in advance.

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 6.13.30 PM

HubSpot’s social media management features include monitoring mentions and engagement, and provides full analytic reports. You’re able to schedule posts all in one place without leaving the system.


Price: $9, $19, $29, $49 per month, and enterprise pricing

Why it’s great: Instagram scheduling

While you can connect Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles, Later is best for Instagram scheduling. This is because of its image-based content calendar scheduling, so you can see a bird’s eye view of your brand in a monthly, visual format.

later scheduling example

Image Source

Later is also an Instagram partner, which means it integrates with Instagram’s API. This partnership means your account information will stay completely safe, which is important for Instagram Business accounts that have Shopping set up.


Price: $29 up to $299 per month

Why it’s great: Agency-based management

Are you a social media or marketing agency? Sendible may be the answer to unkempt management: it’s a tool fit for an agency with clients. It helps you streamline how you manage brands and offers a couple unique features that help you succeed.

sendible report example

Image Source

Sendible has a royalty-free image search tool and a Canva integration. Sendible also has social listening tools, a Reports function, scheduling, and post previews. To put it simply: this is a full dashboard and suite of tools to put your client accounts all in one place.


Agorapulse is number one on the list because it comfortably hits all the benefits of a social media dashboard that I just mentioned – Productivity, Tracking, Scheduling, Analytics, and Collaboration – compared to the other tools below which tend to lack in one or two areas. Agorapulse is also the dashboard tool of choice for

The key differentiator of Agorapulse is their social inbox. It enables you to engage across all of your social profiles from one place so you never miss a message or customer service request that could be easily lost among a disparate set of social media inboxes.

The Agorapulse one-click reporting is also some of the most powerful social analytics software on the market. It goes beyond likes and followers to give you actionable insights about your audience so that you can make educated decisions for engagement.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the real kicker with Agorapulse is that it’s more affordable than other popular dashboards Hootsuite and Sprout Social:

Social media dashboard pricing


Price: $9.99 up to $799.99 per month, or enterprise pricing

Why it’s great: Pinterest and Instagram management

Tailwind is a very unique program, providing services for two apps normally not paired with each other: Pinterest and Instagram. It makes sense, however, considering both apps focus on visual multimedia. Offering a full media dashboard with scheduling, social listening, and analytics tools, Tailwind also has a few interesting program-specific services.

tailwind report example

Image Source

First, it gives suggestions about how to improve Instagram and Pinterest performance. It also comes with a way to promote Pinterest content and manage Instagram user-generated content. If your brand is heavily focused on visuals, Tailwind may be right for you.



Hootsuite has all the basics and more. This includes a complete content creation functionality, social listening/community management, customer service, and analytics. Beyond these basics, Hootsuite has excellent collaboration functionalities and integrations with your other applications. This way, you can save time and minimize repetitive tasks. Don’t need all that? There’s a limited-use version for free.



If you want a social media platform that does just about everything, check this one out. They have all the basics, such as post-composition, scheduling, customer service, and analytics. However, Socialbakers goes farther than some of their competitors. For one thing, they have some AI-based tools that help you understand your audience and develop a strategy. For another, they have influencer marketing functionalities built right in. So, if your brand depends heavily on influencers, this one may be for you.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a social media dashboard with some serious features. Think collab tools, post creation, listening, analytics, and more. In addition, the dashboard covers all of the major networks, except for TikTok. Finally, if you’re an eCommerce brand or have a heavy local-level presence then this dashboard has special integrations just for you.

Price: $99 up to $249 per user per month

Why it’s great: Team-based management

Sprout Social is a dashboard platform that’s focused entirely on social media teams. What you get for your money is a full suite of tools, including options that allow you to create and schedule posts, social listening tools, and most of all: analytic data.

sprout social report example

Image Source

The analytic tools are the shining star of Sprout Social. Expansive, in-depth reporting is available. If that’s a focus for your brand, consider Sprout. They make the reports so professional and easy to read, there’s no editing required.


Price: $49/month

Why it’s great: 100% automated scheduling

MeetEdgar is an app with a different approach to social media management, is. All users do is upload categorically-based content into their account and create time slots for when they want their account to post said content.

meetedgar category example

Image Source

Then, according to the time slots and categories, the app will schedule and upload content. If you want your Twitter account to post a meme at 11 AM on a Thursday, MeetEdgar would search through the “Meme” category of content you’ve already uploaded, schedule, and post it.

Managers might like this option, if they don’t have enough time to constantly schedule and upload content. They can plug in their entire content calendar at the start of the month and remove the heavy lifting for the next few weeks.

Post-enhancing dashboards such as these three can take care of your social strategy without losing any of quality.


Price: Free
Why it’s great: Twitter dash management

TweetDeck is amazing if you’re tired of flipping back and forth through the different tabs on Twitter. It’s a free extension of twitter (no download required) that automatically gives you your account’s Home, Notifications, Trending, and Messages in a dashboard view.

tweetdeck dsahboard example

Image Source

This app is especially handy for posting quickly. You can engage with your Twitter in-app, and it feels like a much faster method of running your account than the in-browser functionality . Plus, TweetDeck automatically updates with any new notifications.



Other than basic content creation, posting, and analytics, MavSocial has a few other attractions. First, it offers content curation tools. For an SMB tool, this is somewhat unusual. And as I’ve said before, content curation is a great way to demonstrate that you are up to date with recent trends. Second, they have a digital assets management feature, which helps protect your brand online. Third, MavSocial works with TikTok and WeChat.

Napoleon Cat


This app has the essentials and is easy to use. Most notable, though, is its emphasis on social media-based customer service. All your social media response activity loads into a unified inbox. Then, you can take appropriate action directly from that inbox. In addition, they have a mobile app. This app lets you do the customer service parts of social media management from your phone, in any location. If you’re an SMB owner, this is a valuable feature. This social media dashboard is suitable for teams, too.


Hootsuite is proud to be an all-in-one social media dashboard. Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used dashboard and management system for serious social media businesses. Thousands of companies and agencies use Hootsuite to engage with customers in real-time, monitor performance, and grow their business.

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