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Best Social Media Management Tools for Linkedin

“What are the best social media management tools for Linkedin?” That is the question with an infinite number of possible answers. And obviously this answer varies based on what you are looking to do with social media. But here I will share with you some of the best tools for managing your Linkedin account, as well as several tips for having more success on Linkedin with your social media presence.

Here, we have a a list of best social media management tools for Linkedin. These tools will help you overcome the following challenges:


Hootsuite is another one of the best social media management tools for business. Though digital marketers often overlook this tool due to the low-quality user interface, it can be a great option for those looking for a free or low-cost social media marketing tool to manage their own social media or social media for just a handful of clients.

At Mod Girl Marketing, we use Hootsuite for more time-sensitive posts, while sharing evergreen posts via MeetEdgar. And we’re in good company; Hootsuite has over 15 million users in 175 countries.

Hootsuite supports social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Google+, and was one of the first social media scheduling tools to support Instagram scheduling. Additional integrations are also available on the Hootsuite app store, for platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, Marketo, and Mailchimp.

One great feature of Hootsuite is their dashboard, which allows you to quickly see all of the activity happening on all of your social media accounts in one place. You can view comments on your Instagram posts, reply to DMs to your Twitter account, and see posts people tagged you in on Facebook.


Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer is considered one of the best social media management tools, allowing you to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. Simply add a post to your queue for Buffer to send it out during the next available time slot for the designated social media platform, ensuring you have a steady stream of content every day.

Its basic offering comes with free access to Pablo, a graphic design tool for creating simple images with text overlays. Since images are important to getting your posts noticed on social media, this additional feature can be a major plus.

Some popular Buffer features include:

  • Link shortening
  • Analytics to measure post performance
  • Posting at pre-set times throughout the day, which you can set based on your analytics
  • Ability to manage posts from Buffer’s mobile app

Buffer has three tiers of plans: the free plan (for 3 social accounts and 10 scheduled posts at a time), the Awesome plan (for 10 social accounts and 100 scheduled posts at a time), and the Small Business plan (for 25 social accounts, 5 team members, and 1000 scheduled posts at a time).


Canva is the go-to online graphic design app for millions of Linkedin users. It’s easy to see why.

Canva offers simple LinkedIn post graphics that you can customize to increase engagement on your next LinkedIn post. You can use Canva for free to edit these LinkedIn post graphics as well as additional templates that can be modified for use on LinkedIn.


Image Source: Canva

Canva offers premium features and paid images, but there are enough free design elements to keep your social media content fresh.

To ensure you have the most unique images in your industry, replace the stock images supplied by Canva with another stock image source. HubSpot recommends these 20 free sites to start with, which will keep your costs down.


Snappa markets itself as “everything you can ask for from a graphic design tool”. It offers a drag-and-drop graphic design editor similar to Canva’s, and includes some cool effect filters too.

Snappa also offers a massive library of royalty-free visual assets (3m+ photos, 100k+ graphics, 200+ fonts) and thousands of ready-to-go templates to make the design process for your Linkedin graphics quick and painless.

The re-size functionality is especially convenient when you want to take an image you created for Pinterest or Instagram and resize it for Linkedin. The software takes care of rearranging the image elements to make the result look good with any image dimensions.

snappa-top-25-social-media-tools-for linkedin-marketing

Image Source: Snappa

Snappa also lets you upload and store your own visual assets and organize your favorite templates into folders. If you have a team, you can add your them to collaborate on image creation. 

There’s a free plan with a significant feature set. But if you want to add social sharing, font uploads or team collaboration, you’ll need to pay $10 or $20 per month (billed annually).


Stencil prides itself on its ease of use and speediness. Non-designers will have no problem creating beautiful images for Linkedin posts in minutes. This is because the platform is “designed for speed”.

The free version is a bit limiting as you can only create 10 images per month, and the available photos/icons are also limited. But at the paid levels ($9 and $12 per month), you get unlimited access to 2m+ photos and 1m icons, all royalty free.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 15.54.41


oktopost linkedin tool

UPDATE – LinkedIn does not allow 3rd party tools to post to groups any more. The following is no longer true and include only for archive purposes.

If you prefer using just one tool for all your Linkedin activities, instead of switching between two, Oktopost is the perfect solution for you. It has a great user interface and you will be able to easily schedule updates with it and interact with updates from others. They also simplify the process of posting to groups.

Oktopost also has some advanced Linkedin management features that other social media management tools don’t.

One of these is group search which lets you search and find relevant groups. You can also post to these groups using multiple profiles (profiles of your employees in the company for example).

They even have a tag feature that lets you tag groups. Therefore when posting an update you just have to mention a tag and your update will be shared in all the groups tagged with that keyword. No need to type in relevant groups each and every time.

Their social inbox makes it easy to respond to comments. Oktopost provides detailed analytics on your updates so that you can determine which updates and groups are bringing you the best results.

Pricing for Oktopost is only available by contacting them. You need to set up a demo and tell them all your requirements. They will then recommend a package for you.

Pricing plans

  • Starting price per user: $200/month when pricing was displayed publicly. Contact them to learn current pricing options.
  • Top plan: Available on contact
  • Free Trial Available: No


Using a popular tool that helps thousands of businesses connect with Linkedin leads daily, we’ll tell you about the pros and cons of some our favorite social media management tools for Linkedin. These will help you discover how to get more followers on Linkedin by finding the ones that will make your job easier and more effective.

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