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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Parents

Social media can be a great way for your kids to stay in touch with their friends. Unfortunately, it also opens the door for them to be exposed to bullying, cyber-terrorists, and child predators. The following are some best social media monitoring tools for parents to keep an eye on what is happening online.

Are you a parent who needs help keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities? Make sure you are not missing out on their latest selfies, or worse, troubling messages to their friends. Following are some of the best social media monitoring tools for parents to make sure your children are staying safe while spending time online. is one of the most advanced, reliable, and trustworthy parental controls app out there. It is a tracking,  monitoring, and control program that helps you to create and manage a digitally safe learning environment for your children. Parents can remotely follow their children what they have been doing on social media.

It monitors all the activities happening on the devices in real-time. Parents can easily track all the Calls and SMS from the Children Device with Child Monitoring App’s ( free features. It records the time and duration of calls and SMS. It is the best choice for parents.


  • It helps to monitor your children’s devices.
  • It allows you to Keep track of social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook,    Viber, Skype, Tiktok, etc.
  • It can help to establish good cyber safety habits.
  • It helps block inappropriate content.
  • You can save them from online predators.
  • Records Keystrokes.
  • It is cheaper than other parental control apps.
  • It allows you to track contacts, device location, and SIM location.

Instructions On How To Use

  • Visit official website and click on a try for free on the homepage.
  • Sign-up using your credentials and log in.
  • Then on the top right, click on Download APK.
  • After that, follow the installation guide given on the website.
  • In the end, go to the dashboard and start monitoring.

Pros provides solutions for parents, schools, and businesses. The application offers all the essential features and has a clean User interface(UI). The software is effortless to use and has good customer support. It has more reliable and flexible pricing than most of its opponents. Overall it is one of the best controlling apps available on the market.


The free version of this control app only supports calls and SMS tracking. To use the latest features, you need to buy either the basic or the prime version. Further, some features may require root.


It is available in 3 versions, and its pricing is listed below:

  • Free Version: $0.00.
  • Basic Version: $9.99 for a 1-month license.
  • Prime Version: $19.99 for a 1-month license.


Qustodio can be a great selection if you are looking for a complete free parental control application. This application can help parents, schools, and businesses as well. Qustodio supports a broad range of OS such as  Android, iOS,  Kindle,  Chromebook, Windows, and Mac OS X. Because of its high compatibility; most users choose this monitoring app.


  • Can monitor and control web filtering and search activities.
  • You can set the time limit also.
  • It Keeps tracks of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • It tracks the location of your child.

Instructions On How To Use Qustodio

  • Visit the Qustodio official website and click on Get Started Free.
  • Next, Signup using your credentials and sign in.
  • Thenceforth, create your profile by adding your kids and their devices.
  • For a more detailed installation guide, visit the official website.
  • In the end, visit the dashboard and start monitoring.


The free version of Qustodio gives you various beneficial features that its opponents lack. The application has an easy-to-use and attention-grabbing User Interface. It is probably the best free app out of other control apps available online.


It does not provide a simple call and SMS tracking feature like its rival And by using a VPN extension, children/ users can effortlessly bypass web monitoring.


Qustodio free will not cost you a cent, whereas Its premium versions come in three separate variants. The cost of the three variants is listed below.

  • Small plan: $54.95/ year.
  • Medium plan: $96.95/ year.
  • Large plan: $137.95/year.


Info current as of 09/21/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

We love the fact that Bark monitors social media instead of simply blocking those apps. Your teen gets the chance to responsibly use social sites, but you’ll get an alert if concerning messages are sent or received. Pro HeadingProsPro BulletComputer monitoringPro BulletEmail monitoringPro BulletSocial media monitoringPro BulletText message monitoringPro BulletText and email alertsCon HeadingConsCon BulletNo location tracking or geofencingCon BulletExpensive choice for just one childCon BulletRelatively short trial periodCon BulletRemote time-out doesn’t turn off texts

Bark is one of the few parental control apps that monitors emails and PC-based online activity so there are fewer ways for kids to sneak around the app. 

We do think Bark has one minor flaw: “screen time management” is more like “internet management.” The remote time-out function only turns off the phone’s internet access. If your kid is a text-aholic, they might still be glued to their screen when they’re supposed to be taking a break.

Expensive but unique

At $99 per year, Bark is on the expensive side. There are more affordable options for managing screen time or blocking dangerous apps and websites, but Bark is the best way to go if you want social media and email monitoring or have lots of devices to monitor.“The Bark app and software oozes consideration for the user. The installation walkthrough was incredibly easy.” —Rebecca E., Bark tester

No GPS function

Bark doesn’t offer location tracking and/or geofencing capabilities. Instead, you must “request a check-in.” If your child agrees to share their location, you’ll get a precise coordinate on Google Maps. We’re sure that teenagers will appreciate this autonomy, but it may not offer the level of safety you’re looking for with younger kids.

You can use other parental control software in tandem with Bark for no-permission-needed location tracking. Or, consider purchasing a wearable GPS tracker or kids smartwatch.


Parents are continuously confronted with pitfalls that can harm their children. As they grow up, kids are exposed to both the online and real worlds. As they connect to more people, they can be influenced by both choices and opinions, which raises concerns for parents. Yet, they do not want to limit their child’s generation. A solution may be found with social media monitoring tools .

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