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Best Social Media Scheduling Tools Free

Welcome to the Best Social Media Scheduling Tools Free article. If you are interested in learning more about social media scheduling tools, you will really enjoy the information we have compiled for you here.

Here I have decided to write about some of the best social media scheduling tools that are free. These are all tools that I either use or have used, meaning they are tried and tested! These tools are perfect if you are looking to make your life a bit easier on the various important social media channels you manage.


PromoRepublic also doesn’t include a free plan, but it does offer you a free 14-day trial. It’s cheapest plan is also a minimal $9 per month. 

The critical point of difference for PromoRepublic is its design focus. Indeed it feels like a merger of Canva with a social media management app. You can design and schedule beautiful posts without leaving the app.

You can use it to schedule and share posts with all the major social networks, including Instagram and Pinterest. PromoRepublic suggests a suitable posting schedule for each of your social networks, but you can easily modify this. You organize your posting schedules across a centralized calendar.

It comes with 100,000 post ideas, and these cover a wide range of topics. Most come pre-designed, with eye-catching graphics. You can easily modify and customize their post ideas to suit your business with PromoRepublic’s full graphics editor.

PromoRepublic is currently trialing brand reputation management. You can request beta access so that you can get live updates about your brand from the web and social media.


Social media is increasingly becoming more and more visual. Canva is an excellent tool for anyone managing social media accounts to use. You can create designer-level marketing assets using any of the thousands of ready-made designs they have available to you. Now, you can even connect your social channels and publish or schedule directly from Canva. They have a free version available, which gives you decent access to great pre-made templates. The pro plan gives you access to all of the templates for only $12.95/month.

A screenshot of the canva dashboard


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with over 1 billion users active on the platform each month. Later started as an app dedicated to Instagram as a scheduling tool, but since its inception, they’ve added support for other social networks and are continuously adding new features. The app has a strong focus on visual content. Whether you want to schedule in-feed image or video posts, stories, or carousel posts — Later supports all of these options. Later has a free plan available that you can use forever, but you get features such as analytics, saved captions, scheduled stories, and more for paid plans. Their paid plans start at $9/month.

A screenshot of the later dashboard


Hootsuite has a special place in my heart, likely because it’s the first social media management platform that I used at my very first job as a Marketing Assistant. At the time, I was managing the company’s social strategy before social advertising had really taken off. I can still remember the hours upon hours I would spend putting together a posting content calendar and setting reminders for myself to tweet at certain times. This was until I discovered Hootsuite and my life as a frantic Twitter bird instantly changed.

hootsuite free social media tools

So what does the Hootsuite free plan include? This option is decently robust with the ability to:

  • Manage 3 social profiles in one place
  • Schedule 30 posts in advance
  • Generate leads with social contests

The free plan also includes basic analytics for tracking followers and various growth and content statistics and two RSS feed integrations. Not too shabby!


Next up is Buffer. Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer has been in the social media management space for quite some time, and they are a respectable platform that allows you to manage multiple social profiles with ease.

With many overlapping features to Hootsuite, some of my favorite Buffer features include the ability to easily schedule content while browsing the web with their Chrome extensions. Buffer also suggests the perfect moments to post based on follower activity – pretty neat!

buffer social media free plan

While there are a variety of options for larger organizations and agencies, the free plan just may suit your social media management needs. Buffer’s free plan includes the ability to manage three social profiles, schedule up to ten posts, utilize their browser extensions and mobile apps (iOS and android) feature, create and schedule content using their image creator and GIF/video uploader, and shorten and track links.


Those who rely on Twitter to get their message across will find much to like about TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a free application that enables you to manage multiple (unlimited) Twitter accounts from a unified interface. You can create your own customizable social media dashboard that allows you to send and receive tweets and manage and monitor your Twitter profiles. You can use TweetDeck as a web app, Chrome app, or desktop app. TweetDeck can be set to post scheduled tweets, build Tweet lists, and more. And the extra special part is that it’s always free.

A screenshot of the TweetDeck dashboard


Here is a list of top free social media scheduling tools. Even as a social media enthusiast, I couldn’t imagine having to schedule all of the content on my company’s social media accounts by myself! I love gadgets and there are many tools out there on the market that will make your life easier and make scheduling on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter easier and more efficient. These are some of the best social media scheduling tools available to businesses. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all will allow you to plan and publish social media updates at regular intervals.

Gone are the days of scheduling your social media posts via spreadsheets or third-party scheduling tools. There’s even a better solution: using your favorite social media channel and website to schedule all of your content and engagement! There is a great variety of tools you can use to do just that. Hopefully this article on the best free social media scheduling tools will make your job a lot easier!

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