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Best Social Media Scraping Tools

Are you looking for the best social media scraping tool? Many of these tools are worthless, so do yourself a favor and avoid them. We have reviewed the top social media scraping tools, so you don’t have to.

In this post, I have compiled a list of some of the best social media scraping tools, which I have been using for over a year now. Social Media Scraping tools are a great way to build a huge database in a matter of minutes.


As one of the best free automatic web scraping tools in the market, Octoparse was developed for non-coders to accommodate complicated web scraping jobs.

The current Octoparse Version 8 has a brand new auto-detection algorithm that selects data for you automatically. It also provides an intuitive point-and-click interface and supports dealing with infinite scrolling, log-in authentication, text input (for scraping searching results), as well as clicking through drop-down menus. Scrapped data can be exported as Excel, JSON, HTML, or to databases. If you want to create a dynamic scraper to extract data from dynamic websites in real-time, Octoparse Cloud Extraction (paid plan) works well for getting dynamic data feeds as it supports the extraction schedule as frequently as every 1 min. 

For scraping social media data, Octoparse already published many elaborated tutorials, like scraping tweets from Twitter and extracting posts from Instagram.  In addition, Octoparse offers a data collection service that delivers the data right to your S3 bucket. If you are tight on time, it may be a good alternative to consider.

As a web-based app, is another intuitive extraction automation tool for commercial purposes with a starting price of $119/month. supports creating three kinds of robots: extractor, crawler, and Pipes. does require some programming skills to master, but you can integrate third-party services for captcha solving, cloud storage, text analysis (MonkeyLearn service integration), and even with AWS, Google Drive, Google Sheets…

Addon (paid plan) is also a revolutionary feature of and the number of add-ons is still growing. Through add-ons, you could unlock more features available in Extractor and Pipes.

Proxycrawl Scraper API

Proxycrawl’s scraper API is designed to extract structured data from specific websites. This tool makes scraping simple as you only need to use their APIs to collect data.

You can find a lot of scrapers on their site, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn.

Proxycrawl offers extended features. It also provides a proxy API that works well with its extraction API to collect structured data on social media sites that are not covered by their scraper API.

Proxycrawl also offers a proxy service for businesses, as the proxy service cannot be used for personal use.


Apify is an online platform that automates everything you do through a web browser. Although the term “all your actions” may seem exaggerated, it is clear that social media automation is one area that Apify covers extensively.

Several automation tools, known as actors, are available to aid in scraping social media platforms.

These tools include Facebook Page scraper and Instagram scraper as well as YouTube scraper and Twitter scraper.

Developers created Apify actors for developers. It works with NodeJS and requires the Apify client library/module n another to use it.

This paid tool provides shared proxy services, but you can also add your proxy to prevent blockages.


Jarvee is one of the top social media automation tools in the market, with support for most of the popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While many people are aware of Jarvee’s effectiveness in automating their actions to improve reach and rapid growth, not many people know that you can use it to scrape social media data such as posts, comments, and follower lists, among others.

This tool is quite effective as a scraping tool, and you can use it to scrape Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Jarvee is a Windows-based tool, and as such, if you are using any other Operating System (OS), you will need to run it on a Windows VPS or VM machine.


Parsehub is the tool for scraping any website of your choice without writing even a line of code – all you need to use is the point and click interface. One thing you will come to like about this tool is that it has been designed for the modern web, which makes it perfect for scraping social media pages that depend on JavaScript actions to render content.

The Parsehub tool is available as a cloud-based solution, but if you are on a low budget, you can use the free version, which is downloadable and installable. The tool comes with some advanced features, including support for proxies and IP rotation, scheduled collection of data, regular expression-based parsing, and API and web-hooks.


LinkedIn is one of the most used social media platforms for B2B marketing. If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, Dripify LinkedIn scraper is an automation tool that allows you to scrape leads, export data, and build completely automated LinkedIn sequences. 

You can use this tool to export your LinkedIn contacts to a CSV file, which includes tons of valuable information like name, company, position, email address, phone number, and website URL.

In addition, Dripify can be used to automate many other sales processes, such as creating personalized lead generation funnels, drip campaigns, and more. 

Prices start at $25 a month for a basic plan. For a pro plan, it costs $40 per month and for advanced it is $55 per month. There’s also a free trial available. 


Scrapingbee is a web scraping API that handles headless browsers and proxy management. It can execute Javascript on the pages and rotate proxies for each request so that you get the raw HTML page without getting blocked. They also have a dedicated API for Google search scraping


  • Supports JavaScript rendering
  • It provides automatic proxy rotation.
  • You can directly use this application on Google Sheet.
  • The application can be used with a chrome web browser.
  • Great for scraping Amazon
  • Support Google search scraping


The social media world is an increasingly changing game, with new platforms coming out all of the time. No matter what the platform, there is bound to be something someone wants to scrape. From people just looking for information about trending topics to entrepreneurs looking for information to market their businesses, you will need the best scraping tools available to scrape the data.

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