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Best Social Media Tools 2022

This report describes the most effective, efficient, and well rated social media tools for organizations in 2022. The last 2 editions of the Best Social Media Tools reports were widely read by top management in large corporations. We interviewed top executives from diverse industries to identify the most popular tools that enable an organization to leverage social media to achieve a competitive advantage.

The Best Social Media Tools list covers the best software and tools for each job. Each review is comprehensively researched and includes a feature matrix that shows how the tool compared to the competition. We list the best tools for 14 areas: Blogging, Analytics, Scheduling, Visualization, Writing, Marketing Automation, Customer Service, Sales Automation, CRM Integration, Email Marketing/Campaigns, Social Media Management and Workflow and CRM Integration and Lead Generation.

Buffer (Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Buffer is one of the longest-running social media tools aimed primarily at scheduling posts, although it’s gone through multiple updates, shifts, and iterations. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Free users can connect up to three social accounts, including Facebook Pages and groups.

When you first connect a social account, Buffer will create a schedule for you. By default, Buffer creates four slots per day: in the morning, around noon, late-afternoon, and later in the evening for the time zone you’ve selected. Head to Settings > Posting Schedule to tweak this at any time, delete or add time slots, or disable an entire day. The more slots you have, the more updates you’ll need to schedule, but scheduling updates is easy with Buffer’s intuitive dashboard, mobile apps, and browser extensions.

For scheduling content from the web, Buffer offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Click the Buffer icon in your toolbar (or use a keyboard shortcut), compose your update, and click Add to Queue to schedule. There are also mobile apps available for both iOS and Android, so you can schedule on the go.

While Buffer’s free plan is good enough to get started, if you want a more complete social media management solution or to control more than three social media accounts at once, you’ll need to pay $6/month per social channel for the Essentials plan. This gives you access to detailed analytics and engagement features, which let you interact with your audience directly from Buffer. (Also, if you want to bring team members on board, Buffer goes up to $12/month per social channel.)

With Zapier, it’s easy to link any other service you use to Buffer. For example, you can automatically add new blog posts to your schedule, either directly from WordPress or through an RSS feed.

Buffer Price: Free plan includes one user, three accounts, and 10 queued posts per profile; from $6/month per social channel for the Essentials plan that offers unlimited queued posts per profile; from $12/month per social channel for the Team plan that offers unlimited users.


Agorapulse focuses on organization and team collaboration. Their unique social media inbox feature is known for helping to eliminate chaos. Providing top-notch customer service with friendly support is their mantra. Agorapulse offers a free trial, and no credit card is needed. Pricing starts at $99 per feature per month, and there’s also a free version. 


It is one of the best social media marketing tools, that was invented in 2008 and is probably the oldest one. It contains all the essential features and applications that a marketer and businesses always need to grow up. It can easily manage bulk scheduling by allowing you to upload the number of posts at a time.

When you are handling the number of accounts, it makes your task easy. It can perform content curation, organization of events, scheduling posts, and RSS integration. It contains a Robust straining platform that informs not only about the tools but how to manage social media as a whole. You have to engage with the customers by logging into each social media account as it doesn’t social media inbox to engage with them collectively.

It has custom branded URLs and basic team features so a user can go through it quickly. It supports almost all social networks like Twitter, linked in, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, etc.

Price Plan:

  • $45  per month for a single user, with ten social profiles and  unlimited posting
  • $189   per month for three users, with 20 social profiles and unlimited posting
  • $599 for five users yearly with 35 social profiles and unlimited posting


It has a various distinguishing feature that makes it unique from others as it allows automated posting with the smart queue, RSS integration, social inbox, influence discovery, custom analytic reports, Canva integration, a free image library, URL shortens and much more. It also has a robust system for the publishing of different content so that you can quickly post the number of materials for the next several months with just a few clicks.

It can recycle the content by publishing it once and then eliminating it from the queue. It facilitates your search by using keywords for searching the content and sharing with friends and family. If you own a big company thus have a lot of customers to manage so in that case, you have the best option in the form of eClincher to manage all the accounts at once.

It supports almost all social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Google my business, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked In, etc.

Price Plan:

  • $59 per month for one user, with ten social profiles and unlimited posting as well as for analytic reports
  • $119 per month for three users, with  20 social profiles and unlimited posting as well as for analytic reports
  • $219 per month for six users, with 40 social profiles and unlimited posting as well as for analytic reports.

Social Status

This SMM tool helps automate social media reporting by carrying out a detailed analysis of your profiles. Social Status provides four levels of analytics; profile, ads, competitor, and influencer, and generates customized reports for all four levels. The tool supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.PricingStarting from $29 per month for 10 social media profiles.


In our estimation, the best social media software will have certain characteristics in common What we characterize as best software will have a reputation for being stable and easy to use. We don’t want a buggy piece of software or one that crashes constantly. Best social media software will be scalable so that you can grow with the program.

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