Best Social Media Tools for Lawyers

The best social media tools for lawyers are the ones that help them work smarter, not harder. While there are many great applications available, some are just too complicated for today’s lawyer to master. We scoured the web and compiled this list of top social media tools that any lawyer will find useful. I also provided a few tips on how to get the most out of each application.

Every month more than 5 million people use LinkedIn, more than 3 million use Twitter. Just like Facebook, these media are ideal places to network professionally and stay up-to-date on industry news. But what exactly are the best social media tools for lawyers? And how can they help you advance your career?


With Mention, you can monitor your firm’s brand mentions by using this tool as it focuses on real-time search. It has the capacity to tract millions of content sources in 42 languages all over the world. ‘Mention’ competitive analysis tool helps you to compare your brand with your two or more competitor law firms.

Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, news and blogs, the web.

Major Benefit: You can assemble your own custom report as per your law firms’ requirements and get automated delivery. 


With more than two billion active users around the world, Facebook is a “must” for any business. This is where you’ll find your largest audience and a lot of community chatter. Consumer-focused lawyers will benefit most from Facebook because it’s a great way to stay engaged and spot the issues that are highly-relevant in your area.

If you’re interested in gaining more followers (which could mean potential clients), Facebook ads are also easy to create and manage. While you do have to pay for these ads, you can choose virtually any amount to invest. Even $100 a month in targeted ads can make a substantial difference in driving traffic to your page.


Much like Facebook (because it’s owned by it), Instagram has a large audience that does trend younger. Depending on the type of law you practice, this could be helpful. For example, DUI or paternity cases typically involve a younger demographic. If this is your primary focus, Instagram may prove to be valuable.

You should be savvy with photography or graphic design since every Instagram post revolves around visuals, rather than simple status updates. Post statistics, quotes, and even snippets of legal advice on Instagram. Use hashtags (a mixture of local and industry-specific ones) to extend your reach. In the end, getting creative can really pay off on this platform.

Social Report — excellent social media reporting, publishing, and monitoring tools

Social Report is the best social media management app for lawyers

Yeah, we did it: we picked ourselves first.

But hear us out: we’ve reviewed all the other tools you’ll find on this list and we’re confident that Social Report has the best scheduling, reporting, and monitoring features for lawyers and law firms.

First, let’s start with publishing. Using Social Report, you can schedule statuses to all of the major social networks. For example, you can schedule new law insights to LinkedIn and respond to reviews on Google My Business. We even support direct publishing to Instagram!

Even cooler though, you can use our Content Syndication and Evergreen Content features to automate your social media posting. Want to bulk schedule your content instead? No problem—just make an Excel sheet of your updates and upload them to the dashboard.

Further, Social Report’s reporting tools also let you track various aspects of your social media growth across all of your social networks. Some of our comprehensive reports include:

  • Engagement distribution by type
  • Facebook ads performance
  • Content performance
  • And more!

And last but not least, our intuitive Smart Social Inbox feature keeps you up to date with messages and comments on all of your social accounts. Just click on a comment or message and you can quickly view the comment and reply to it without leaving the dashboard—just another way Social Report makes your life easier.

All in all: Social Report is truly a one-stop-shop for law firms on social media.


If you primarily get referrals through other attorneys, LinkedIn is a great place to make more meaningful and valuable connections.

It can be much quieter than other social media platforms, but LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with other firms and industry-adjacent professionals, like financial advisors or realtors. It also performs 277% better than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to actually generating leads. That means every visitor to your profile offers serious potential to new client opportunities.

If you have a bit more time, join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your area of practice and “listen” to what people are talking about in your industry. Take any opportunity to chime in and offer your expert opinion on issues in your area. You never know who may need to call on your services.

Sprout Social — good social inbox, corporate price

Sprout Social is expensive and out of reach for new law firms

Sprout Social is a corporate social media solution. The company has long-offered new and innovative features like an all-in-one social inbox and keyword monitoring. Additionally, it has an innovative RSS feed scheduler, so you can easily post content from your blog to social. 

But Sprout Social app isn’t perfect. It came out as the most expensive social media management tool in our price comparison article and lacks support for any smaller social networks. In fact, the app starts at $99 per user. This puts the tool out of reach for smaller law firms and businesses that want to publish to Google My Business.

Agorapulse — solid analytics and posting, but limited accounts


Agorapulse is a basic social media management app with solid posting, analytics, and collaboration tools. However, the app doesn’t support smaller social networks or review sites, and its base plan includes just three social accounts. Adding more accounts is pricey, so the app can get expensive as your firm’s social media presence expands.


The legal profession has always been cautious in the use of new technology, but has finally caught up with social media. Law firms are starting to realize that social media isn’t just fun and games, it’s an excellent marketing tool. Lawyers need to find the right tools for their practice or firm’s specific needs in order to make the most of social media marketing.

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