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Best Subject Line For Advertising Email

These days, email open rates are low and getting lower. That’s because people are inundated with emails—and not just from companies advertising their products. There are also social media notifications, Google alerts, and listicles to read about the 100 Most Important Things You Need To Know Before You Die. With all that competition for your readers’ attention, how do you make sure your company can stand out? The answer is short and simple: craft a great subject line that doesn’t sound like an advertisement.

The subject line has a great impact on the perceived value of the email. If a subject line is well-crafted, that email is more likely to be opened. The importance of subject line in email cannot be underestimated. Properly used, the subject line can give you a 10% to 30% boost in open rates. Most importantly, it has direct effect on lead generation and conversion rate. So how do you create the best subject line for advertising email?

Want 25% Discount?

The subject line is a critical element of your email marketing campaign. The right subject line can increase your open rate and increase your sales, but the wrong one could cause you to lose customers and sales.

To create a compelling subject line, follow these five tips:

  • Make the offer visible. A good subject line should be clear about what the reader will get in exchange for opening the email. If it isn’t obvious, they may not open it at all! For example: “10% off” or “25% off.”
  • Use numbers where possible. Research shows that people respond more strongly to numbers than to words alone, so try using them when possible in your subject lines! For example: “5 Days Left!” or “Save $5.”
  • Set some urgency around whatever you’re selling (if applicable). If there’s an expiration date on something like an offer or sale price drop-off date then make sure it’s included somewhere in the subject line so people don’t miss out on their opportunity! For example: “20% Off Now!” or “15% Off Ends Soon”

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  • Keep it short and sweet. Long subject lines don’t get opened, so keep your wording brief and simple.
  • Don’t use vague or non-specific language. Avoid buzzwords like “help,” “catch up,” or “chat.” These words can mean different things to different people, so be specific in what you’re asking of your audience:
  • Use the active voice instead of the passive voice when possible. You’ll want to avoid using phrases like “your account will be cancelled tomorrow,” because you’re not actually doing anything—you’re just letting something happen. Instead, try using “I will cancel your account tomorrow” or even just writing out who is going to do what: “You’re account will be canceled tomorrow by me.”
  • It’s better for everyone if emails are kept short enough for readers to read without scrolling back up again!

We Are Helping You to get the Job!

You don’t want to go overboard with the subject line, but you also want it to be memorable and relevant. A great way to accomplish this is by keeping your message short and sweet.

A good rule of thumb is that when writing the subject line, ask yourself if it conveys exactly what you’re trying to say in one or two words. If yes, then you’re on track!

With that said, here are some things you should avoid:

  • Don’t use all caps in your subject line—it makes it difficult for readers’ eyes to focus on where they’re supposed to be going next
  • Don’t include long-winded words like “Subject Line.” Instead, try something shorter like “Get a Job With Us!”

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  • Use your social network! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or another site with which you’re connected, people will be able to tell you about great places they know of that may not be advertised online.

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3 ways to improve your email open rates

  • Follow the 5-Second Rule: The majority of emails are opened within five seconds of being seen. This means that if you can grab the attention of your reader within those first few moments, they’re more likely to read what you have to say.
  • Personalize Your Subject Line: Personalized subject lines are 21% more likely to be opened than non-personalized ones, according to HubSpot research. It’s a simple way to help your message stand out in an inbox full of generic subject lines like “Promote”, “Send More Time” and even just the word “Email”. The easiest way for marketers (and designers) is creating something unique based on their target audience’s personal information — their interests or previous purchases — but there are other creative ways around this too! For example, one client who sells dog food wanted us all crunching on carrots instead because dogs love carrots so why not harness that power by making sure all our emails started with something like “We found out why dogs love carrots…”?

Your personal account manager

Your Personal Account Manager

A subject line like this is good for a few reasons. First, it’s personal. It shows that the recipient has an account manager who is looking out for them, and will make sure that they are getting all of the information that they need from you. Second, it is clear and concise. There’s no click-bait here; this subject line tells readers exactly what they’ll get if they open your email: an update on their account with some additional information on products or services they’ve purchased in the past. And lastly—it’s short! This means that even though there might be many other emails competing with yours in their inboxes today, yours will be easy to spot because it doesn’t have any unnecessary words or phrases attached to its opening line!

[Company] is Hiring!

  • Make sure the person reading your email knows exactly what job is available.
  • Give a brief description of what the company does and why it’s a good fit for potential employees.
  • Include the name of the company in both your subject line and body text, so readers know right away which company you’re referring to.
  • Set a deadline for applications, if applicable—you don’t want people submitting their resumes after they’ve been hired by another company!

Finally, mention why this position would be interesting or challenging for that person: If they’re looking to expand their skillset with an entry-level marketing role, emphasize how much room there is for growth within this particular position at [Company].

Someone from [company] wants to talk to you!

  • This is a great way to get your emails opened and read.
  • It makes people think “someone from [company] wants to talk to me,” which will make them more likely to open it, because they want to hear what the person has to say and respond accordingly.
  • It creates excitement about what’s going on at your company or organization, so that people are curious about opening the email in order to find out what happened and how it affects them or their business/organization

Order your pizza in 2 clicks!

  • Use actionable words.
  • Include personalization wherever possible.
  • Keep it simple, and avoid spam words like “free” and “click here to…”.

It is an important part of an email that determine the success rate of email marketing campaign.

email subject line is an important part of an email that determine the success rate of email marketing campaign. It should be catchy, attractive and relevant to the contents of the email or product you are promoting. It can increase your open rate and help you to stand out from other emails in a mailbox.

You can use different techniques to write a subject line such as using numbers or question mark in the beginning, using emojis or emoji phrases, using exclamation marks at end of sentence etc. To get maximum response from reader it’s necessary that you select correct topic for your content and make sure that readers understand what they will get after reading your content. In addition, if possible try using two words instead three words if there are too many characters then it might cause spam filtering issue so keep this thing in mind while writing subject lines for email marketing campaigns


So, what’s the best subject line for your advertising email? Well, it depends on what your objective is. If you’re trying to sell a product or service that is truly unique in the market and that has value in itself, then using a direct approach will likely be most effective. On the other hand, if you need to build up some trust with your audience first before they buy anything from you (like many new businesses do), then using an indirect approach might work better since they’ll get used to receiving emails like these and won’t feel pressured into making any purchases yet.

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