This is the Best Tools for Marketing Agencies, so you know it will have everything your agency needs. It comes with a Full Color Illustration on the outside flap and includes the most essential items for starting out your career. This toolkit is one of our most popular for its great price and all the useful tools that every agency needs!

The Best Tools for Marketing Agencies is a comprehensive resource for marketing agencies looking to sharpen their digital marketing skillsets, improve their ROI, and ensure the success of every campaign. Inside, you’ll find valuable advice on tools to boost your Google AdWords budget, drive more sales with content marketing, strengthen your lead generation program, boost conversions, and more.


Digital marketing agency tool for team managementFive hundred dollars says you already know Slack. But its competitor Asana also gets a lot of accolades. Many people actually prefer Asana to Slack when it comes to team, task, and project management, and so being able to work in both might help you attract or keep a valued client.

Asana even has some agency collaboration templates that might help get you up to speed. Alternatively, if you’ve already tried both Asana and Slack and found them lacking, check out FunctionFox, which has rave reviews from agency pros in Capterra’s ranking for ad agency software.


So you want to manage a blog, a social media calendar, reshare posts and stay on top of your editorial calendar. For 50 clients. Oh, and you’d like it to work seamlessly in WordPress? No problem. All you need is CoSchedule.

CoSchedule will let you develop unique, branded editorial calendars for all your clients. It will also make collaboration, planning, and content approvals, and production a snap to manage. The company offers a 14-day trial, so there’s no harm in trying it.

Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite and Facebook worked together on Hootsuite Ads to create an automated Facebook ad generator. Use this tool to automatically identify their best posts and then find the best places to advertise them so you can get more from their promoted Facebook posts. Since Facebook is still pretty much the biggest game in town, you’re almost certainly on it with your clients, and this tool will help you ensure you’re making the most of that presence.


Kissmetrics analytics tools are among the best out there, and will help you optimize your website and get more conversions. Use Kissmetrics to fine-tune your sales funnel, track visitors to your site at each point in their conversion journey, and generate reports on each aspect of the conversion process.


Although many people think SEMrush is just about SEO, it’s also awesome (and our pick) for pay-per-click insights. Use the tool’s intelligence suite to generate analytics reports that show you everything from keyword difficulty, competitor strategies, and domain strengths, so you get the most out of your ads.


Customer relationship management is crucial to running a successful agency. As your agency grows, you’ll need a robust system that will help you to manage data relating to previous, existing and potential clients.

As an agency, you should be looking to implement a CRM system that offers the following features:

  • Ability to easily store and maintain accurate client information
  • Ability to track and manage client communication
  • Tracking billing information, managing invoicing and billing contacts
  • The ability for people across the agency to view up to date client information and information related to client specific projects

At Hallam, we have utilised a project management tool called Podio to build a customised CRM & Project Management workspace that our entire company can access. This space allows us to manage client data, contacts at each organisation we have on record, track client projects, billable and non-billable hours, request resources from multiple areas of the business and create mailing lists from the data we have on record to hook up with Mailchimp.

agency management software crm podio

As a digital agency, you need to keep a close eye on how you and your team spend, bill, and manage time. Podio allows you to build custom apps to track this data and associate it to other apps via the use of relationship fields and automated workflows. For example, all of our client projects link up with apps such as billable hours, non-billable hours and financial forecasts. This ensures we have everything related to each project accessible in a single place:

agency management software podio

Like a lot of agencies, we started with an Excel spreadsheet to track hours, which can obviously be quite time-consuming (and often painful) to maintain accurate data, especially as we have grown. For anyone still using this approach I would strongly encourage you to test out customisable tools such as Podio which will enable you to mould a system to the needs of your business.


Every agency needs to manage client projects, and there are a number of simple project management tools that can significantly increase your employees’ ability to get work done quickly.

basecamp agency project management tool

Basecamp is an excellent project management tool that makes cross-functional collaboration really easy both internally and with clients. Basecamp revolves around a few simple functions:

  • To-do lists – These should be time bound and allocated to members of each Basecamp project. Basecamp also allows users to attach files to to-do items and send lists to clients for updates and approval
  • File sharing – Having all files related to a project referenced in a project workspace is hugely useful and avoids having to dig around in file storage platforms to find what you’re looking for. Basecamp allows users to link to files and documents on Google Drive.
  • Chatting (campfire) – This option should be used for informal chats around client projects.
  • Message board – Updates on projects can be posted here instead of being sent via email, keeping an audit trail within the project workspace instead of information being lost within emails.
  • Scheduling – Basecamp has a calendar function which syncs up with most major third-party calendars such as Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar. To-do’s with dates are automatically added to schedules, meaning they can appear in your calendar of choice if synced.
  • Automatic check-in requests – Automatic check-ins allow you to set milestones for each client project and ping reminders to everyone involved at key milestones.

Using Basecamp gives you full transparency, working away from email and in clearly visible workspaces which clients can be added to. That being said, there can be a clear separation between “agency side” and “client side” in Basecamp which enables seamless but safe communication that’s visible to agency managers.

One of the huge benefits of Basecamp is that it’s vastly simpler than most other project management systems. We trialled using Podio for clients by creating individual client workspaces and almost all clients found it hard to understand, including those that are tech savvy. Basecamp essentially means that clients just have to respond to an email for everyone to get visibility over the discussion.

In my experience, it’s an excellent tool for collaborating with clients, getting sign-off on various tasks and tracking client communication. You can even hook Basecamp up with CRM systems (such as Podio) via Zapier, enabling agencies to maintain a single customer view.


The Complete Marketing Toolbox for Agencies is a collection of tools to help marketing agencies close more business, market more effectively, and provide better service to their clients.

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