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Best Video Editing Software for Advertising

Ads are literally the oxygen for any business and video ads are making an impact on people. Video ads can bring in a sharp increase in awareness and customers for your brand. With the increase of social media users, especially Instagram and Facebook, video ads have become a necessity for businesses to boost their sales. But not just any video will do. You need to add your own flair to make it more appealing and captivating for the audience so that they don’t scroll past it and miss it completely. For this you need some good video editing software that will help you give shape to your thoughts quickly without losing quality or taking too much time or effort. Additionally, these apps also allow you to add filters, music clips, intro/outros and more features that can be used by brands to create amazing videos using their own creativity while also saving effort and money in getting them done by professional editors every now and then. Then the chosen application should be tried at least once by those who want to improve their skills in advertising video editing. There are plenty of effective and simple Video Editing Software for Advertising with low-budget, and there are several professional Video Editing Software for Advertising which require a higher investment. Some professionals even provide their customers with special conditions, so if you are not planning to earn money on editing, feel free to find the best option in terms of price. The primary role of a video editor for advertising is to edit existing footage and snippets into a cohesive package for the advertisers. Depending on what the clients wants, ad agencies usually require video editors to manipulate sound, add voiceovers and effects to draw more attention from the target audience. With online video becoming more popular, there is a growing demand for ad agencies to hire professionals who can handle business development challenges and produce award-winning videos.

There are lots of video editing software in the world, but it can be hard to decide which one to pick. If you’re starting a business with video and you need some help for your publishing, our team went through all the videos available and picked the best ones. We analyzed their different features, pros & cons and many more. Our goal is helping new businesses choose which is the best video editing software without loosing time in searching the perfect editior for their needs. So if you are going to start a business with video or you just want to publish home videos and make your own ads this is a good place to begin. Premiere pro cc is a professional video editing software which has very good features packed in that make it worth the money. Its interface is user friendly and easy to understand. It allows us to create any kind of video we want with different templates, transitions and effects. You can reduce or increase your work time by using this video editing software as you can easily achieve what you want with the tools provided. If you’re starting out in video editing, then this software is for you as it gives many options for newbies. Premiere pro cc is recommended for people who are looking for a professional grade video editing software where they can do anything from scratch without any hassle even if they’re experts in the field.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editor for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It has an intuitive interface that’s perfect for beginners, but it can also handle advanced projects like slow motion effects and multi-track audio. You can use Filmora to import your media from your computer or mobile device, trim clips down to size, add transitions and filters, create titles and credits (which you can animate), insert text on screen with customizable fonts and colors; combine multiple clips into one video; add music from your library or use the built-in soundtracks provided by Filmora; export videos in several formats including 1080p HD at 60fps resolution with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio support; add watermarks so no one else steals your work; share directly to social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube (or save as GIFs); save projects as final files so you don’t have to recreate them later on if needed!


KineMaster is a great video editing app for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. It’s really easy to use and has plenty of helpful features that make it easy for you to make awesome videos. If you’re looking for a good video editing software to start out with, KineMaster is the best way to go.


VivaVideo is a free video editor for Windows with a simple interface and allows for basic editing. It’s great for editing your videos to share on social media, but it has limitations when it comes to adding music or creating custom intros/outros and animations.

VivaVideo is easy enough for anyone to use as you only need a few clicks to get started making your own custom video using its built-in templates or adding text and effects directly into the clip. This software also allows you to add filters and transitions between clips by dragging them into the timeline and gives you some audio options as well like changing sound volume levels and removing background noise from your video files before importing them into this program (though this process isn’t always 100% accurate).


ActionDirector is a video editing software that is used to create a video from a series of photos and videos. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to create a video from their photos and videos.

The software provides you with many features, including:

  • Photo Album Maker – This feature allows you to take your pictures and turn them into an album. You can add music, text, titles and effects to each photo.
  • Video Camera – This feature allows users to record their own videos using the camera on their computer or any other device connected via USB cable or SD card slot on it..


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Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editing software that allows you to cut, trim and combine your clips. It also comes with features such as advanced color correction, speed control and audio metering.

While it can’t compete with the full version of Adobe Premiere Pro which sells for $19.99 per month or $49.99 per year, it’s still a great tool for beginners who want to learn about video editing.

Quik Video Editor by GoPro

Quik Video Editor by GoPro is a video editing software that is designed to help you create, edit and share videos quickly and easily. It has a simple and intuitive interface that is designed to help you create great videos quickly and easily.

The app makes it easy for anyone to create videos with filters, music, text overlays and more. You can even export your finished product directly to YouTube or Facebook from within the app!

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Wondershare Filmora: Wondershare Filmora is the best video editing software for beginner and professionals. It is the most used video editing software in the world and it has over 35 million users all over the world. It offers some amazing features like photo and music library, creating videos from photos, cutting videos, adding effects & filters to your photos/videos. You can download it free of cost from here:

KineMaster: Kinemaster is another best video editing software for beginners as well as professionals which offers you a lot of customization options for your videos along with amazing filters & effects that you can use to make them look better than before with its simple drag & drop interface making this application very easy to use even if you’re not familiar with such programs. Kinemaster allows you to add text or watermarks on your video which will help you advertise yourself or company by using its share feature which allows uploading directly onto social media websites like Facebook, YouTube etc., You can get this application freely from here: VivaVideo is another good option when looking into free video editing software options since it’s been downloaded by over 50 million people worldwide so far making it one of the most popular choices among others out there right now thanks largely due to its ability (or lack thereof)


The editing software is not as important as the ability to use it. We suggest you try all of them and choose the one that suits you best. Feel free to share with us your views on this topic!

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