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Best Video Email Marketing

It’s a fact that humans are visual creatures. According to HubSpot, the average person will remember approximately 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. However, when you pair a visual element with text, people will remember 65% of the content three days later! With stats like that, it should be clear why video marketing is one of the best ways to engage your audience and get people excited about your brand. The good news is that you don’t have to make a huge investment in time or resources to create great videos. You can craft compelling videos right from your inbox using Soapbox—an easy-to-use tool for creating video emails that also integrates directly into Gmail and G Suite (no extra software needed). Video email marketing is the future. We live in a world where the attention span of consumers and people in general are getting shorter, but at the same time we are consuming more information than ever. What’s the most compelling part of an email? Is it the subject line? Is it the content or even sign-up form you included within the email – is that what gets your audience to click-through and convert?

Video email marketing helps take the “blah” out of email. Email is essential for all business but it can seem mundane and repetitive. Using video improves email ROI in several ways. It effectively attracts, informs, and retains your audience. It also provides a more engaging experience for your users. Video email marketing statistics indicate that video mail marketing produces 15% to 30% more clickthrough rates than plain-text email. Video has long been heralded as the best way to attract and convince customers. People are turning away from text and becoming more visually driven, which makes video essential for your online marketing strategy. But the challenge for marketers is how to make video work for them. Video email marketing solves this problem by allowing you to add video directly into your emails. Whenever a customer clicks on your email, they will be immediately immersed in a well-crafted video experience. It’s one of the most powerful ways you can use video marketing to drive sales, customer loyalty, and better results. Video email marketing can be one of your best bet for higher click-through rates and conversions, as well as bringing a more personalized customer experience. Knowing this should make video email marketing a no-brainer for most sales teams. But unfortunately, most teams aren’t using video email marketing — or they aren’t making the most of it.

The goal of video email marketing is to get your customers to consume your content and take action.

Video email marketing is a great way to get your content in front of your customers. It’s also a great way to build relationships with your customers and get them to take action.

The goal of video email marketing is to help your customers consume the content you provide, and encourage them to take action based on that content.

People watch videos because they’re entertaining and engaging.

Video marketing is a great way to get your business noticed and build a significant online presence. People watch videos because they’re entertaining and engaging. Videos are more engaging than text alone, which means that people are more likely to share them with their friends and followers. With video marketing, you can reach potential customers in the places where they spend their time—online!

You may be wondering how you can take advantage of this opportunity for your business or organization. Well, the good news is that it’s easier than ever before: You don’t need expensive equipment or editing software anymore; all you need is a smartphone or tablet device and an internet connection!

Video email marketing has grown in popularity because people are watching more videos than ever before.

Video email marketing is a great way to stand out in crowded inboxes, and people are watching more videos than ever before.

According to Hubspot’s research, by 2020 the average adult will watch over 1 hour of online video each day. That’s a lot of time spent watching videos! And even more importantly for you, people are also spending more time watching videos on their phones than ever before (42% compared to 37% in 2016). With so many people consuming content on mobile devices, it makes sense that they would want video emails too! Video allows you to communicate your message quickly and easily while engaging customers at a deeper level—making them feel like they’re part of something bigger than just an email blast.

Video email marketing platform Vidyard recently released Email Playback, a free tool that lets you embed videos into your emails.

Video is the best way to convey your brand’s message, but it can be tricky to get a viewer to watch your video when they’re busy reading an email.

A new tool from Vidyard called Email Playback helps you solve this problem by allowing you to embed videos directly into emails. The tool lets users view and interact with embedded videos without leaving their inboxes—and it’s free!

Why use video in your email? Videos are more engaging than text alone, which will make your messages stand out in busy inboxes.

Video is more engaging than text, images, audio and other forms of content.

It’s no wonder that video email marketing is on the rise. Video emails are 53% more likely to be opened than plain text emails, four times more likely to be read in full and they generate 87% higher click-through rates than standard HTML emails.

When you embed a video in an email, you can prompt the viewer to subscribe to your channel, or follow you on social media. This can help increase engagement with followers.

Video email marketing is a great way to engage with customers, build your email list and increase social media following. It can also help you increase website traffic.

Here’s how:

  • The first step is to embed the video in an email. This will prompt the viewer to subscribe to your channel or follow you on social media. These actions can help increase engagement with followers by giving them more opportunities to view more videos in future emails as well as increasing their own personal brand awareness through sharing on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.
  • Next, once you’ve embedded the video in an email, it’s time for some creative thinking! You need something compelling enough that people will want their friends and family members (the ones who aren’t already subscribed)

Video makes it easier for people to engage with your content, from their inboxes.

Video makes it easier for people to engage with your content, from their inboxes. It’s more engaging than text alone and is more likely to be shared. It’s also more likely to be watched to completion and remembered by viewers, which means they’re more likely to share the video on social media or ask a friend about it later. Video email marketing is a great way to share how-to videos, product demos, interviews and case studies that can help you stand out from the pack of other brands fighting for attention in our inboxes.


Video email marketing is the future. If you have not yet embraced this amazing modern technology then get on board right now. It is going to be your best sales tool for years to come. Video email marketing is an effective tool for any business looking to increase their reach and result in a greater customer base. These tips can help you create a video email marketing campaign that will attract even the most elusive customers to your product. In this day and age, your company image is vital. Customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, promotions and sales. When they open their inboxes, they expect to be bombarded by them too. If they want awesome deals and amazing products, they will check out your offer. If it doesn’t immediately catch their eye, they won’t even bother to look any further. Video Email Marketing can really help your business make money.

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