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Best Woocommerce Email Marketing Plugin

Why do you need an email marketing plugin? Because email marketing is a proven technique for increasing e-commerce sales. Online shoppers are very responsive to the right kind of email, especially when it targets concerns about their products or inspires them to purchase more in the future. This makes sense intuitively; would you rather send multiple emails and make one sale, or send one email and make no sales? I’m guessing that like most people, you’d prefer option A! Of course, this strategy only works if your emails are actually being read. Which brings us to our next topic: what makes a good Woocommerce email plugin? When you are considering email marketing software for your Woocommerce site, there are certain features that mailchimp provides that make it easy to send beautiful emails to your audience. Mailchimp has integrations with so many other applications that you can integrate with it. Moreover, its simple drag and drop editor will help any store owner get started quickly. This is why we have made a list of best woocommerce email marketing plugin to help you select the one that is best for you. At the end of last year, Woocommerce ended its relationship with MailChimp and moved to integrated marketing platform Shopify. MailChimp’s response was to create a free plugin allowing you to use their service to send email campaigns from Woocommerce.

Using the best email marketing software for your eCommerce store is a great idea, but having found the best plugin can turn into a time consuming challenge. You will find yourself reading dozens of reviews of different products and figuring out the features that you need. We have created this detailed comparison of two leading email marketing plugins, MailChimp and MailPoet, to help you out. You already know that keeping your customers in the know is important to building a sales relationship with them. But where do you get the email marketing tips, tactics, and resources you need to keep your site visitors engaged? First, you could brainstorm your plan from scratch. But why waste time when there are plenty of great email marketing strategies available in one place as resources? A great way to build an email marketing strategy for customer engagement on your WooCommerce site is with a good plugin. The best way to get your brand in front of leads and make sure they won’t forget you, is email marketing. You can’t be everywhere at once and you should want to focus on improving your business, not marketing it. And just think what would happen if someone had already looked after your emails while you were doing your best to get even more customers.

The Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugins

  • MailChimp:

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing services for eCommerce websites as it offers an easy to use interface with plenty of options for tracking and split testing. It also has an attractive pricing plan which starts at $10 per month for up to 2,000 subscribers.

  • MailPoet:

MailPoet is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you create beautiful newsletters from your existing WooCommerce orders, customers or products in just minutes! The plugin features 12 different templates along with advanced segmentation options, a drag & drop builder tool and much more. You can get started by installing this free plugin today!

  • AutomateWoo:

AutomateWoo lets you send newsletters based on customer actions in WooCommerce such as purchases made or abandoned shopping carts left behind without purchasing anything at all! This powerful tool can help boost sales conversions while increasing engagement rates across multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger (with Zapier), SMS messages sent directly through SMS Web Server or even via Telegram chats using Twilio Channels which allows users on mobile devices like iPhones/iPads etc., so if someone signs up then they’ll automatically receive confirmation messages via text message within seconds rather than waiting hours/days before receiving confirmation emails back home.”

MailChimp for WooCommerce

MailChimp for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to easily integrate MailChimp with your WooCommerce store. It’s one of the best email marketing plugins available on WordPress, and it lets you use all of the features that come with MailChimp while also making sure they work seamlessly with your store.

MailChimp for WooCommerce lets you send newsletters and marketing emails to your customers right from within their account pages on the site. You can target specific groups based on their interests or purchase history, so that only relevant communications get sent out.


MailPoet is a wordpress plugin that is widely used by many small businesses.

In order to use it, you need to first sign up for an account with MailPoet. This will give you access to their dashboard where you can start creating emails, building templates and managing your subscribers.

MailPoet allows you to customize your emails using HTML codes. You can also create newsletters using their drag-and-drop editor or directly online in the “build new template” section of their website.

Woocommerce Marketing Automation Plugin

Here are the best email marketing plugins for Woocommerce.

  • [Woocommerce Marketing Automation Plugin](
  • [MailPoet WooCommerce Mailing List Integration]( (paid)
  • [AutomateWoo]( (paid)
  • [MailChimp for WooCommerce]( (free version available)

There are a lot of email marketing plugins to choose from these days.

There are a lot of email marketing plugins to choose from these days. If you’re looking for the right one, there are a ton of things that you need to consider:

  • Different features: Do they offer all the email list management tools that you need? Are they compatible with your existing services, like MailChimp or ConvertKit? Do they have easy integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify? Does their pricing model fit into your budget?
  • Support options: Will their customer service help get you up and running quickly, or will it take weeks just to get someone on the phone. Do they provide customer support via live chat as well as email so you can talk through problems quickly instead of waiting for an answer by email only.


In this article, we have talked about 7 best email marketing plugins that are available to you as a Woocommerce store owner. As you can see, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses and one may not be the perfect fit for your store. So before purchasing any of these tools, make sure to do thorough research on what each of them offers. If you need help with setting up an automated sales funnel or email marketing campaign then feel free to contact us at WPCopilot. We will be more than happy to assist you in creating a strategy for your business that will drive traffic and increase conversions for years to come! There are so many options when it comes to Woocommerce email marketing, so we wanted to do some of the research for you. We hope this post has given you a little more information on what’s taking place in the Woocommerce email marketing plugin world. Please feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll respond as soon as possible! If you are running a small store and need to send out catalogs and campaign, then MailPoet is the perfect plugin for you. You will be able to send out newsletters, images and other things that can help you with your campaign. This plugin is really simple to use but it has a lot of features that you may need for your store. It really makes it easier to manage all the newsletters, catalogs and campaigns that you want for your shop in an easy way.

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