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Best Youtube Content Ideas for Beginners

Are you a beginner at Youtube and looking for some great video ideas? If so, you’re at the right place. In this article, you will find some video content ideas that would be beneficial for your Youtube Videos blog. YouTube has many potential videos that don’t require professional equipment. The main criteria are to be unique and funny.

1. Introduce yourself

You don’t need to plan a grand video. You can simply sit in front of the camera and talk to your audience like you would do in person and introduce yourself, just like Jack Edwards did in this video. If you are making a video about your business or company, you can talk about your company goals and vision. Here’s an example where Brian Halligan, co-founder, and CEO of Hubspot talks about why they started Hubspot in the first place and what they’re trying to solve.

2. Introduce a series

If you plan to work on a series of videos, your first video can introduce the series and what your audience can expect out of it. Check out Nyma Tang’s first video on her series #thedarkestshade where she reviews the darkest foundation shades by top makeup brands.

3. Share your journey

Your journey to success is unique to you and can make for a great piece of content. Talking to your audience about the battles you overcame to be where you are will allow them to draw inspiration from your life. Here’s a video by Innana Sarkis about her journey that’ll inspire you to create your own.

4. A day in the life

Film yourself going about your daily routine in a video to let your audience get a peek into your life. Here’s a day-in-the-life video by Silicon Valley Girl for you to check out.

5. Vlog

Imagine everything you wanted to put in a blog but instead, you shoot it on video. You can do a daily vlog like Gary Vaynerchuk or vlog once a week by compiling your week’s highlights. If you’re a business, check out how Helcim, a payment processing company vlogs on YouTube.

6. Do a video challenge

Start with something that is already trending on Youtube – like the eat it or wear it or the chubby bunny challenge. These Youtube video challenges are fun to do and can end up becoming hilarious first videos. They can also get you your first set of eyeballs since people will be looking for videos around the challenge.

7. Give a room, house, or workspace tour

Let your audience peek into your life by giving them a workspace or room tour, just like Cristina Villegas did for her first YouTube video.

8. Review your favourite products

Your first YouTube video could simply be you sharing and reviewing your favorite or go-to products with your audience. Watch Kris & Jiji’s first video where they talk about their all-time favorite beauty products.

If you want to create a beautiful review video but don’t know where to start, check out this template from InVideo. Simply add your text and footage to the template and your review will be ready in no time.

9. Deconstruct your outfit of the day or share outfit ideas

If you’re hoping to create fashion and lifestyle videos on your channel, you could make a video on outfit ideas or deconstruct your look of the day. Check out Fanie Nguroh’s first YouTube video on outfit ideas.

10. Share ideas

If you have ideas that make your life simpler and better, it is time to share them with an audience, as this video by Tina Yong on her  5 ideas to look better on Zoom calls

11. What’s on your phone

If you’re fond of apps and technology, do a video where you show your audience what is on your phone. You can deep dive into the apps you use, what settings you have chosen, and how you get work done on them. Here’s an example.

12. Channel trailer

Make a channel trailer to show your audience what they can expect from your videos and how often you would be posting. Watch this amazing channel trailer by Sean Tucker.

You can make a great channel trailer using stunning templates on InVideo and simply tweaking them to match your style and taste.

13. Transformation video

Your transformation story can be inspirational for so many. Share a video about your transformation or even your progress towards a goal, like this video by Dellen Garcia.

14. Talk to your audience about the things you’ve learned

You could talk about your entire journey of doing something from start to finish and take your audience through the lessons you learned, or you can even talk about something you’ve learned by experience.

15. Share your recommendations

List down your top movie recommendations on Netflixyour favorite movies of all time, or make a playlist video of your favorite songs. These videos are a great way to get reactions from your audience that will help you build connections with them.

(B) Educational / Instructional / How to video ideas

1. How-to videos

How-to videos are a great way to address people’s questions and give them step-by-step instructions on how to go about doing something they don’t know – like creating a shoppable post on Instagram or how to assemble a product.

2. Public service announcement videos

You can create videos on socially relevant topics like cyberbullying, wearing a seatbelt while driving, etc. Here’s a really good PSA video on sexual harassment.

3. Interview experts and professionals

Interview people of interest who can share their opinions on topics relevant to your audience. You can also use these videos to bust myths, create awareness, or just showcase their journey to success, like this interview with Richard Branson.

4. DIY Videos

Walk your audience through a step-by-step process that they can follow along to create something on their own.  This comes in very handy when you want to show your audience how to make things at home or creatively use everyday objects / revamp old things instead of spending money. Here are some examples of DIY life hacksbest out of waste ideas, and easy-to-do crafts videos. 

5. Explainer videos

Create in-depth or short videos that explain a concept from start to finish. Businesses can use explainer videos to give their audience a better understanding of what they do or how their product works. To create your explainer videos, check out the explainer video templates on InVideo. All you need to do is replace the footage and text and you’ll create a stunning video in minutes.

Check out this incredible explainer video by GooglePay.

6. Listicles

Lists are super easy quick ways to share content with your audience that could have higher retention rates than your other videos. You can make listicles on interesting subjects like the biggest lies ever told in historythe most popular world leaders, or you can also make lists stating facts about a certain topic – like this listicle on Minecraft.

Pro tip: Creating listicle videos is super easy to do with ready-to-use templates on InVideo. You can pick a template you like and change the text and the footage to your topic and get your video ready in minutes.

7. Break down the science behind stuff

Break down what makes stuff possible or what causes them in the first place like the science of parkour or the science of awkwardness.

8. Create news-based videos

Talk about the biggest stories of the week, share your opinion on the latest events, create a timeline of events, or interview people to get their reactions to important events.

9. List down dos and don’ts about any topic

You can make a video on common mistakes people makethings you should do for better results, or simply list down dos and don’ts for your audience.

10. Share your favourite/most-recommended tools

List down your favorite tools, products, or apps for your audience and review them for them.

11. Bust popular beliefs by sharing the ground reality

Debunk myths on common beliefs and spill the facts for your audience, like this video by Science Insider that busts 25 mental-health myths.

12. Share a beginner’s guide

Everyone is a beginner when they first start learning something. Giving them a handbook of information can be a great idea. Create a beginner’s guide video that helps them understand the fundamentals, like this video by Roger Wakefield.

13. Live Q&A

Go live and address the most frequently asked questions around a topic by your audience or even on the internet. You should also encourage your audience to type in their questions on the live chat section so you can respond to them immediately.

(C) Funny YouTube video ideas

1. Scripted comical skits

Come up with scripted videos on real-life situations that can leave your audience in splits, as Lilly Singh does in this video.

2. Prank videos

Plan and play a harmless prank on someone, like this compilation of I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy video by Jimmy Kimmel.

3. Funny animal videos

If you have a baby or pet that does adorable, weird, and funny things all the time you can record it and share it with your audience, like this video.

4. Funny Challenge videos

Internet challenges are fun to do and make for great videos. Think about the Mannequin Challenge or the lip sync challenge.

5. Parodies

Create parodies of popular songs, movies, and shows by exaggerating for comic effect and making funny imitations of the characters. Check out this video by Bart Baker below.

6. Compile funny and epic videos

Make a compilation of epic fails and funny videos for your audience to watch for a big laugh.   

7. React to funny movie scenes or trailers

Film your reactions to movie scenes, trailers, or music videos that you find hilarious. Check out this family reaction video by Life Meets Family.

(D) Technology/Software Video Ideas

1. Gadget reviews and comparisons

Review new gadgets (like the iPhone Magsafe), compare two gadgets offering similar features or those that are launched together, do early-bird previews or even an unboxing video. You can also talk about interesting apps and software that can benefit your audience.

2. Tech updates

Share news and updates from the tech world or spill the beans on the latest rumors.

3. Explainer videos

Create videos that simplify complex concepts or uncover interesting trends for tech enthusiasts and newbies. 

4. Ultimate test videos

Extreme durability videos that test gadgets under extreme conditions are fun to make as well as a treat for your audience, like this one by JerryRig Everything.

5. Create tech timelines

With so much happening in the tech space, most companies and products have interesting histories. Create a video like this that creates a timeline for your audience.


They’re all great Youtube content ideas for beginners. And if you can provide a ton of value in each of your videos, then you will certainly get subscribers quickly. Now combine this with some Youtube Marketing strategies and you’ll be on your way to creating one amazing business!

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