There are a ton of excellent, free resources available online, but sometimes it’s best to do things the traditional way, especially since there aren’t many resources that can compare to the thoroughness and depth of a good book. Solutions Review has reviewed many of these books and conducted research for you. Based on factors such as popularity, ratings, publication date, and the potential to increase business value, we carefully chose the top marketing automation books.

A selection of books written by renowned thought leaders, authorities, and technology specialists is provided below. Even the most seasoned marketing professional can learn something from these publications, which cover everything from digital analytics to email marketing. Using their titles as a guide, the books are arranged alphabetically.

What is Marketing Automation Strategy?

The process of setting up various marketing workflows on an automated platform or program is known as marketing automation. You can automate all marketing and sales flows by using strategies and pre-defined triggers rather than handling each task by hand.

Online marketing becomes a more precise and successful practice as a result of this process. The most effective omnichannel marketing automation strategies emphasize automated workflows, pre-determined flows, and customer-driven triggers.

Books on Marketing Automation

Books on Marketing Automation

1. Marketing Automation Unleashed: The strategic path for B2B Growth 

It’s difficult to write a book for the constantly changing martech industry. However, this book is a timeless guide for anyone looking to switch from conventional email blast campaigns to clever marketing automation strategies.

This book is a comprehensive guide covering everything you need for automating your B2B campaigns thanks to Casey’s experience with Salesforce and Pardot. 2200+ MA implementations and insights from 100+ experts are added to the chapters to enhance them.

Anyone who wants to create a marketing automation strategy from scratch and increase sales should read this book.

The book contains a thorough Cheshire Success Index (CSI) marketing automation framework. In terms of audience segmentation, A/B testing, two-dimensional lead rating, lead nurturing campaigns, data preparedness, and many other factors, CSI enables you to evaluate the success of your marketing automation efforts.

Despite numerous references to Pardot and Salesforce, the book is in no way constrained. It provides a roadmap for strategy and implementation and is filled with excellent advice for both novices and experts.

If you are, read.

  • a young businessperson seeking to use marketing automation.
  • a marketer in charge of setting up and maintaining a platform for marketing automation.
  • a person who is enthusiastic about mastering the concepts and the MA jargon.
  • An expert who needs new training to better organize, improvise, and reinvent your ideas.

2. Conversational Marketing 

Every year, millions are spent on increasing website traffic. Even for the most visited and well-optimized websites, conversion rates hover around 2.85%. Do you not believe that one is capable of more?

In marketing automation workflows, Conversational Marketing demonstrates how to use conversations to increase conversions.

For marketers hoping to gain more from customer conversations, David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt’s Conversational Marketing offers deep insights.

The book provides enough value on incorporating conversational marketing strategies into marketing automation, despite being primarily focused on chatbots.

You’ll pick up a lot of knowledge about developing engaging marketing campaigns, getting more in-depth consumer insights, and developing effective user segmentation strategies based on the conversations you have.

The book also discusses a number of theories and suggestions for lead generation and lead nurturing efforts that are automated. The book will also show you how to set the proper context for each conversation with a prospect if you work in the B2B sector and have a complex product.

This is the book you should read if you want to improve your customer experience and create a conversational marketing team.

If you are, read.

  • a marketer looking to shift his attention away from conventional lead forms.
  • a businessperson seeking to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team.
  • someone who wants to emphasize “delight” throughout the customer journey.

3. Join or Die: Digital advertising in the age of automation

This book won’t let you down if PPC automation is your favorite concept. Join or Die provides detailed answers to all of your queries regarding automated digital advertising campaigns.

The book describes how automation can help you become more ROI-driven by describing the inner workings of algorithms like Google’s smart bidding algorithm.

For a data-driven marketer, this book will be a page-turner because it is packed with real-world case studies, anecdotes, and actionable lessons.

But hold on. The book covers more than just Google PPC campaigns. Additionally, it details the specifics of the marketing automation paid algorithms on Facebook and Instagram.

You’ll have a clear understanding of how automated PPC systems operate. To manage, optimize, and enhance your PPC campaigns, there are many useful tips, tactics, and strategies.

Start with this book right away if you need a ready reckoner and want real information, not just “hacks.”

If you are, read.

  • a marketer in the shape of a T who wants to up your PPC automation game.
  • PPC manager seeking to use automation to increase the profitability of your campaigns.

4. Marketing Automation Foundation: Eliminating unproductive marketing

In keeping with its title, the book describes the fundamental ideas you should understand if you’re considering automating your efforts in digital marketing.

This book can provide a great deal of insight into the process and will also direct you in creating a plan to automate marketing campaigns if you’re looking to do so for the first time.

The elimination of manual labor and menial jobs that render marketing ineffective and inefficient is a major theme in the book.

The chapters move from the concept of marketing automation to the technology’s operation, use cases, and various marketing channels. Additionally, each chapter includes examples of actual digital marketing campaigns.

This book discusses a variety of marketing automation strategies, concepts, and ideas, including lead generation, customer engagement, and advertising campaigns.

Additionally, a fundamental overview of various email service providers, CRM systems, and automated social media management tools will be provided. This book ought to be your first read if you’re new to the landscape or a DIY enthusiast.

If you are, read.

  • a sole proprietor or small business owner
  • a marketer who regularly wears a variety of hats
  • An employee of a service agency who wants to understand the fundamentals of marketing automation

5. The Sales Funnel Book v2.0: The simple plan to multiply your business with marketing automation

Everything about using marketing automation to grow a business is covered in The Sales Funnel Book 2.0. You should read this book if you find yourself wondering how everyone manages to complete a million things each day.

Building frameworks to segment your audience, retargeting leads based on their interests, and creating macro and micro-sales funnels to increase your conversion rates are all topics you’ll learn a lot about.

Although primarily focused on the eCommerce market, the book’s concepts also apply well to the SaaS and B2B sectors.

With just a quick read, you can learn great concepts and ideas to amplify your automation funnels while also finding several real-world examples. This book is for you if you want to begin creating your marketing automation funnels.

If you are, read.

  • a co-founder or solopreneur seeking to enhance their sales funnels.
  • a business owner of an online store seeking to implement an upsell strategy.
  • a proprietor of a service-based business seeking automatic lead nurturing.
Books on Marketing Automation

6. Marketing Automation for Dummies

Unquestionably one of the most thorough introductions to marketing automation is Marketing Automation for Dummies.

This is still a classic for those looking to begin using marketing automation even though it was written in 2014. This book is your guide if you’re new to the field and want to learn everything from scratch.

You’ll get a conceptual overview as well as helpful suggestions for picking and configuring a marketing automation tool.

The book is a delight for beginners due to the author’s clear language and method. Complex ideas like forecasting, integrations, lead scoring, etc. will be covered.

Additionally, the book’s pages contain a variety of applications for marketing automation tools, best practices for reporting, advanced lead scoring techniques, and additional reading materials to help you further your understanding.

In this 300-page book, Matthew has thoughtfully covered ideas such as forecasting, segmentation, customer lifecycles, automation workflows, lead nurturing, reporting, and much more. The book will blow you away with all the real-world examples, strategies, and tactics it contains (especially from the author’s experience with Pardot).

Additionally, you’ll gain a deeper comprehension of a number of tools and technologies as well as a walkthrough of the procedure for selecting the ideal automation tool for your company.

Psst… Got a customer who just doesn’t “get it”? You’ll never be on a “different page” if you give them a copy for the holidays.

If you are, read.

  • a newcomer seeking to begin their journey in the marketing automation industry.
  • a business owner who wants their internal or external marketing team to be on the same page.

7. Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing

This book is recommended for geeks who enjoy learning about the inner workings of automation tools.

This book deciphers the algorithms that will enable marketing automation in 2021 and offers a look “behind-the-scenes” of the technology.

Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing will give you a deeper understanding of every aspect, from predictive modeling to behavioral marketing, user segmentation to search algorithms, and more. It is packed with mathematical formulas, flowcharts, and graphs.

The book delves deeper into the mathematical equations that make automation relevant to the tech and business worlds than your typical graphs and illustration manual.

You’ll discover the fundamental principles that guide decision-making in marketing automation and see how mathematical modeling affects marketing automation. Additionally, you’ll discover how data science can improve your campaigns, user segments, and relevancy.

This book should be on your radar if you want to understand what top marketers are thinking but are unable to express in their own words. The book is written from a philosophical perspective for a hybrid personality who wants to use data-driven marketing to make a real impact.

Overall, the book combines models, technologies, and econometrics to describe how to create and manage a marketing system.

If you are, read.

  • a marketer who wants to learn more about sophisticated concepts in marketing automation.
  • a data scientist who wants to cross the gap between business impact and data.
  • an entrepreneur who wants to use marketing automation for more than just the basics.

8. No forms. No spam. No cold calls

The book, written by Latané Conant, offers a novel perspective on B2B marketing automation. The book is a comprehensive thought leadership guide that introduces the idea of selling without using antiquated strategies that treat every potential customer as just a lead.

This book will provide you with a step-by-step guide for automating marketing workflows while avoiding conformity. The main tenets of this book are lead nurturing and demand generation.

The book urges a transition from lead-based marketing to account-based marketing using AI-driven orchestration. It is packed with charts, workflows, and practical advice.

In order to keep customers at the center of everything, the book discusses customer experience and reverse engineers marketing automation technology. According to the author, the best time to pursue an account is not when they come across you but rather when they first begin researching the market.

Consider the book as a guide as you begin to create automation workflows for account-based marketing strategies. This book contains many proprietary ideas that are enhanced by the author’s personal experiences in the real world.

This book is for you if you’re sick of cold calling and antiquated email blasting techniques and support automation technology. You will gain many insights and real-world examples for navigating in a post-pandemic world, and you won’t get tired of the ideas and concepts.

In case you are:

  • a marketer or sales representative aiming to enhance the customer lifecycle journey
  • businesspeople wishing to impress the men at the high table.
  • marketers who sell expensive, high-value goods that require a lot of upkeep.

9. Intro to Marketing Automation: Maximizing your advertising ROI

You should read this book by Todd Kelsey if you’re just getting started and want a practical guide with lots of real examples and useful tips.

Todd provides readers with a straightforward yet efficient method for using marketing automation to grow a business by demystifying complex ideas.

Numerous topics are covered in the book, including audience identification and segmentation, campaign targeting, and campaign optimization with automation tools. You would enjoy the book a lot if you’re constantly intrigued by how large corporations manage to reach the moon.

This 200-page book offers a wealth of information on how major corporations—like Netflix—use automation strategies to boost their returns on investment and outlines how your company can do the same.

If you are, read.

  • a businessperson seeking practical illustrations and approaches to use in their marketing campaigns.
  • a PPC manager seeking to improve his targeting and positioning tactics.
  • a marketing enthusiast who is interested in learning more about marketing automation.

10. Think Outside the Inbox 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn what the Pardot co-founders thought about marketing automation? This book would excite you if you have even a passing interest in email marketing or the marketing field.

This book, written by the Pardot co-founders, was published in 2010 and is comparable to knowledge emanating from the source. This book, written by David Cummings and Adam Blitzer, demonstrates how email marketing and automation can complement one another to boost business outcomes.

You’ll find that many time-tested approaches to comprehending user behaviors, intentions, and interests are still effective. The book offers a number of recommendations for effective marketing automation tool usage.

The fundamentals of email templates, landing pages, campaign structures, and enhancing your sales cycle are also covered. You should read it as a foundational textbook if you’re always interested in learning how things developed in the automation world.

If you are, read.

  • searching for marketing automation startup inspiration.
  • preparing to review the fundamentals of marketing automation and learn some time-tested tactics in the process.
  • A marketer who is interested in learning how to integrate automation, copywriting, and emails for maximum ROI.

Books on Digital Marketing Strategy

Books on Marketing Automation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

By Simon Kingsnorth

Author Simon Kingsnorth provides examples of how to create the best strategy for a business by combining digital marketing strategies with established business strategies and marketing models. These include Customer Lifetime Value, Porter’s Five Forces, and the Seven P’s.

Order from Amazon

The second edition of the best-selling manual Digital Marketing Strategy is this book.
The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s recommendation.
It employs an approachable, step-by-step framework that makes it possible to plan, integrate, and measure each digital platform and technique, aiding in the choice, alignment, and management of the digital channels.

SEO, social media, content marketing, user experience, client loyalty, automation and personalization, marketing automation, messaging, and email, online and offline integration, AI, data protection, and privacy strategies are among the subjects covered in this book.

Additionally, there are resources and templates that can be downloaded. Any marketer can use it as a perfect road map to streamline a digital marketing strategy and achieve measurable, optimized results.

“Those who have experience with digital marketing should read this book, as should those who, like me, don’t have much experience but want to learn more.”

United Kingdom reviews

  • Shoot The HiPPO: How to be a killer Digital Marketing Manager

By Tom Bowden & Tom Jepson

You will learn everything you need to know about developing into a better manager of digital marketing from this book. It focuses on fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making within your company.

We can frequently feel overloaded with data in the world of marketing today. However, a lot of companies base important marketing choices on the dreaded HiPPO rather than on data and statistics.

Order from Amazon

In this book, Bowden and Jepson explain how making decisions based on logic and data can frequently be replaced by intuition and gut instinct in difficult situations. They provide us with a way to eliminate the HiPPO and develop a culture of data-driven decision making. In addition, the authors cover all the technical competencies necessary for success in the current digital marketing environment, including SEO, email marketing, and Google Analytics.

“I’d suggest reading it, if only for the story fragments woven throughout all the information. Any digital marketer can benefit from reading this book, especially if they want to learn more about SEO (wow, that section was dense!).

Cecilia Hoggart

  • Digital Marketing

By Dave Chaffey & Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

The seventh edition of the book Digital Marketing was authored by Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, a senior lecturer in marketing at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics, and Dave Chaffey, a digital marketing consultant and co-founder of Smart Insights.

Order from Amazon

This seventh edition offers suggestions on how businesses can make the most of technology and digital media to achieve their marketing objectives. They provide case studies and models for developing the skills required in the workplace. The best practical frameworks and methods are suggested in the book, including social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, and search marketing.

The book is a fantastic resource, packed with extremely pertinent data, tools, and frameworks that can be used right away to enhance your company’s marketing and business strategy.

United Kingdom reviews

  • Marketing Communications: Integrating Online and Offline, Customer Engagement and Digital Technologies

By PR Smith & Ze Zook

PR Smith, Ze Zook, and other well-known marketers present marketing communications. When compared to the competition, which is too rigid and unyielding, this book has the strongest integration of online and offline communication.

Order from Amazon

The reader will learn everything about customer communication, engagement, and retention from this book. Each of these focus points, including the use of AI in marketing, ethical concerns, and issues with data management, can pose challenges for marketers working in the digital space.

This book contains:

  • How to effectively use AI, the Internet of Things, Big Data, AR/VR, and marketing automation in campaigns
  • The advantages and dangers of social media
  • How to navigate issues with ethics and data management
  • How to use the most popular digital marketing tools and technology currently available.

“This is a fantastic book overall – written in simple language, with lots of interesting case studies, and well laid out. I actually looked forward to finding out what happens next, which is truly unique for me because I don’t really focus well on books. Perhaps it’s the kindle app..? Highly advisable!

United Kingdom reviews

Books on Marketing Automation
  • Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

By Russell Brunson

Through a step-by-step process, Russell Brunson, co-founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, teaches you how to overcome the challenge of making your business known to potential customers and how to drive that quality traffic into your funnel, building a base of devoted customers in the process.

Order from Amazon

From the first step of understanding who your ideal customer is and where they are online, Traffic Secrets provides several strategies to help you figure out the best ways to draw them into your funnel. This is known as attracting your ideal customer (or your “dream” customer, as it is described in the book).

A thorough reading of Traffic Secrets will alter your perspective of several existing business principles and teach you the small, various changes you can make to continually drive traffic over time and to keep your business at the top of its game. In addition to the numerous new strategies Brunson will share with you regarding how to effectively drive traffic, how to grow your following across a number of platforms, as well as other ways of expanding your online business.

As long as there are online users to interact with, the long-term strategies you’ll learn about in this book are resilient and will endure.

“If you want traffic, read this book.”


Even though you probably already know a lot about marketing automation from blogs, social media, YouTube, and podcasts, there are still a few things you might want to look into. These books could be an excellent place to start your quest.

What could be a better place to begin improving your skills than with this list? Pick one of these gems the next time you’re on Amazon or at your neighborhood bookstore to start improving your marketing automation skills.

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