The Right Activities: Are you Busy or Are you Productive?

Does 24 hours seem like 12 hours to you? Do you ever find yourself busy all day but have very little results to show for it?

Have you been working tirelessly trying to take your Online marketing business to the next level, but every effort seems as if nothing is being done.

It happened to me back in those days… I was trying and trying but I was never nailing it. I was busy all day but have very little results to show for it.

It was until I got a coach and after narrating my problems,  She made me understand that it is not about being busy… It is about being productive.

Many Online marketers today are as busy as bees. They are always in front of the screen trying to make their online business profitable but each effort leads to a dead end.

If you want to take your online business to the next level, you must focus on being Productive not busy.

It is not about how long you spend sitting in front of the computer screen, rather, it is about what you were able to achieve during those period.

I will take this timeout to talk about the difference between being busy and being productive and I will also wrap it up by sharing with you busy activities you should replace with productive activities.

The difference between being busy vs being productive

being busy vs being productive

There is only one ultimate difference that will tell if you are just being busy or if you are being productive and do you know what it is?


I am a firm believer of show it not say it. Hustle in silence and let the result do the talking. If you claim to be busy all day, you should have a tremendous result to show for it.

In fact I think being busy makes you super unproductive.

I recently adopted the practice of saying

I am too productive to do that” instead of the usual “I’m too busy to do that” because being busy doesn’t mean you’re productive.

Many online marketers synonymize being busy with being productive. You can be online all day but you being online made no difference to the person who never came online.

Because you were just busy doing some “RANDOM ACTIVITIES”

It can be quite funny that a lot of people see movement as making progress. You can run 10000 miles on a thread mill and sweat, pant and feel as exhausted as an athlete who just completed a marathon but truth be told, you haven’t gotten anywhere.

You were just on a spot. Many online marketers are like that, they are running one thousand miles on a thread mill and their business and life is just on a spot.

So, Here’s how to know if you’re super productive or super busy.

Like I outlined earlier, results is the main factor that will tell if you are super busy  or super productive. If you are super busy, your activities will definitely not yield any results but when you are super productive, your activity will yield super results.

So the one question you should ask yourself is:

  • What exactly is you goal?

The answer the following questions:

  • Is your daily activities speaking the same language as your goals? (Does your daily activity draw you closer to your goal? or takes you far from it?)
  • Considering what you have done in the past week, how close are you to making your goals a reality? Are you one step closer? or Are you still on the same spot?

After answering this question? Then you will be able to judge if you are busy or if you are productive.

You’ve heard many times, take action, or take massive action.

Well, I must tell you that it is not about taking action; It is about taking the right action. Its not about doing random activities then hoping and praying for results. please let my random activity get results


It is about CONSCIOUSLY (not randomly), and STRATEGICALLY(not pro, taking decisive action towards your goal.

Results are product of deliberate actions, taking decisively to achieve a specific purpose

There is one big difference between doing anything (taking an action can be any random action) but taking the right action involves, planning and taking decisive action forward.

So here is the key take here…

  • From henceforth set a goal and develop a plan to accomplish it
  • Stop Being Busy and start being productive.
  • Stop guesswork and start taking specific action focusing on the most important task that will help you become a better marketer.
  • Finally Set Daily priorities and stick to your day plan.

Now you have it, the key to being super successful is by being super productive. Be consistent in doing the right activities and I guarantee that you will watch your profits climb to the next level.

Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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