Social Media doesn’t have to be hard, confusing or time consuming. There are many social media scheduling platforms. Most of which are rather expensive. But here at we understand how time is money and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg trying to find the right social media scheduling tool for you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide with many different cheap alternatives to popular social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, MeetEdgar, CoSchedule, etc. We’ll be adding even more tools soon!

  Are you looking for some CHEAP social media scheduling tools? Then this list of social media tools are for you. These are social media scheduling tools that allow you to schedule your posts on all major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Twitter.


The new buffer is so amazing! Buffer is a smart tool to share social media updates at the best times. It can be simply used by adding updates to the buffer queue. Next, the scheduled posts will be automatically posted at the optimal times.

With Buffer, the updates are well spaced out so that your followers don’t get flooded with too much content at once. Isn’t that amazing?

The new engagement feature and analytics are just too good to try! You can also shuffle your queue after 200 posts.

Why to use Buffer for social media?

Here are few awesome features to use Buffer for social media scheduling.

  • Easily schedule and post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Plan your social media content on Buffer Calendar
  • Fast-track your best performing update and click ‘re-buffer’. (I absolutely love this feature!)
  • Check engagement on your content
  • Shorten those long links
  • Easily integrates with more than 60 apps
  • It helps to create a custom schedule for each profile on each social media platform.
  • Buffer browser extension helps to schedule content within a second.
  • Schedule Instagram stories.
  • Measure new analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Smoothly supports videos and GIFS.
  • Google analytics campaign tracking


Buffer includes a free plan for 3 social accounts. You can only schedule 10 posts in your queue with your free plan.


Post Planner is a content marketing system designed to increase social media engagement activities and promotions. Marketers and small businesses use this tool for generating content ideas and disseminate it to social followers.

This cheap social media management system is designed by content marketers for individual marketers and businesses.

Sometimes, we have no idea what to post! Curating content definitely, takes time and resources. Post Planner helps in bringing popular content for posting. Similarly, Twitter also requires bulk scheduling. This post shares interesting ideas for boosting Twitter engagement.

With Post Planner, you can start as less as $3/month.

How cool is this?

Let’s consider the benefits;

  • The tool provides trending content. With this, you can find out trending content on social platforms. This is effective in curating popular content for social media.
  • Target your audience. With this notable feature, you can set a target audience while queueing your post. This way, it increases the chances of engagement.
  • Post links as visuals. Yes! With one click, you can schedule a post link with an image. On Facebook, images work far better than text links. This feature also helps in increasing the Click Through Rate.
  • RSS feed automation is another amazing feature of Post Planner. You can also automate the social media posting from RSS feed.

These are few differentiating features that I found really useful for individuals and small businesses. In fact, Post Planner is a perfect solution to manage your Facebook pages and Facebook groups.


Step 1 ==> Discover top shared content in your niche
Step 2 ==> Add your content and media
Step 3 ==> Create your plan for automatic posting at peak times
Step 4 ==> Bulk uploads from spreadsheet and fill your queue
Step 5 ==> Analyze your post performance


Post Planner offers affordable range for marketers.

If you’re a blogger or a small marketer then love plan is what you should look for.

If you manage Facebook groups then make sure to invest in love plan!

This is a good value program!

The Solo plan costs $12/month. You can manage 10 accounts, 12 posts per day, and 1000 planned posts.


social media scheduling tool by contentcal

ContentCal is the ultimate content calendar and social media scheduling platform that helps thousands of individuals, businesses, and agencies with their content planning and social media. The platform also defines user permissions and streamline the approval process, manage multiple accounts in one centralized location, and communicate and collaborate with your team on upcoming content. With ContentCal Analytics and Respond you can also keep tabs on content performance and learn how to improve for the future.

Features of ContentCal include social media post scheduling, keyword filtering, collaboration, feedback analysis, reporting, project management, and more. Content creators can use the application to design visual content by modifying the layout and adding a header color and personalized logo. Additionally, employees can create and store posts as drafts, receive feedback from collaborators, and preview posts before publishing.

You’re able to save time, collaborate with team members or clients, and create even better social media content. This platform is perfect for agencies, distributed organizations, or anyone who needs to manage and participate in multiple social media accounts. It could not be any easier, which is perfect for teams with varying degrees of ability. And, the ability to create custom workflows and approvals that reflect your unique governance plan is unmatched. Not only is ContentCal well priced but it is also one of the leading social media schedulers in the market today. 


social media scheduling posts falcon

Falcon focuses on giving social media professionals access to a structured set of features that help listen, engage, measure, schedule and publish content that makes a difference. Falcon offers two plans. The Essential plan targets single users and small teams and focuses on a content calendar & campaign planner with advanced analytics and community management. The Full Suite is more designed for larger companies with multiple teams and markets. It takes everything from the Essentials Plan (although it permits unlimited channels, reporting, and teams) and adds in social media advertising, competitor benchmarking, and collaboration & approval flows.

Falcon considers your content calendar to be one of the most important tools you’ll work with. It provides a view of all your scheduled content across multiple social networks. You can plan, schedule, edit, and post directly from your content calendar. With Campaign Planner, you can map, create a brief, roll-out, and collaborate on campaigns for all social platforms.  

Falcon supports images, video, Instagram Stories, and Facebook carousels. You can store all your content in Falcon’s version of a shared media library called the “Content Pool.” If you have a team, Falcon provides roles, approval processes, and an audit trail to boost quality. You can also activate email notifications and share notes. Falcon provides access to agencies to smooth your collaborative processes. You can control all access and set permissions.

Falcon lets users design their own inbox. You can include multiple feeds, labels and use filters. You can also create custom response templates for quicker replies and bulk actions

If you have the Full Suite, you can promote posts through Facebook and Instagram ads within Publish, which manages all ads in one place. The tool allows cross-channel advertising, automation, saved target audiences, running ads with customer durations, automated ROI tracking, and real-time insights. The Full Suite also includes social listening. With this, you can track trends, monitor your brand, create custom queries, track sentiment, monitor multiple languages, filter extensively, and track campaigns.


Do you need to schedule your social media updates? Are you tired of scheduling on multiple platforms? Do you find it complicated and time consuming to make the changes on several calendar applications? Well, let me be the first to tell you that there are tools out there that can help. Today, I am going to present you with some of the best social media scheduling software out there.

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