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Do you have content creation needs? For companies, small businesses and nonprofits, we can help. We create copy for landing pages and websites, blog posts, email newsletter articles, social media posts, apps, manuals and more. Whether you have an existing brand looking for a refresh or a new business looking for a strategic plan to build a brand from scratch, we’re here to help.

I have been a full time content creator for companies (advertising, marketing, e-commerce) since 2006. My clients have ranged from individuals and small businesses to large multinational companies. I’m an excellent communicator who’s able to gather input from multiple stakeholders and produce high quality, on-time projects that are consistent with your brand standards.

What is a content creation company?

A content creation company specializes in designing and producing content in all its forms, audio, video, and text, and distributes it through any medium or channel. Content creation companies know the basics of content marketing and generate ideas that resonate with your brand and audience. The responsibilities of a content creation company may include implementing SEO practices for your digital content and monitoring website and social media metrics.

Services A Content Creation Company Provides

• Infographics
• Podcasts
• Landing Pages
• Videos
• Blog Posts
• Social Media Posts
• Email Campaigns
• White Papers

How Does Content Creation Company Work?

What is a content creation company or agency’s scope of work? Many content creation companies will start your marketing campaign by setting your content goals. Your marketing goals could be anything from getting more visitors to your site to getting more leads from email campaigns. With your vision in mind, the content creation company can ensure that every piece of content created aligns with your goals.
The next thing your content creators will do is perform in-depth research on your target audience and create a buyer’s persona. The buyer’s persona will give you an idea of the questions your audience has. Keyword research will show you the volume your target keywords have and if it is worth creating content around it.

After figuring out the content to create, the agency would choose the suitable formats and channels for the audience, such as videos, ebooks, blog posts, or podcasts.

Lastly, the content creation company will promote the content they have created. What is the point of creating quality content if no one ever sees it? Your content creation company will develop a promotion plan and use resources like paid advertising and Google ads to get in front of your target audience.

Why You Need A Content Creation Company

Content creation companies have a skilled workforce of videographers, video editors, content writers, etc. Now, you can create content on your own but wouldn’t you rather have professionals do the job to focus on aspects of your business? Creating content can be draining, so outsourcing is the right thing for you and your brand. The agency will generate leads, increase brand awareness and streamline content workflows.

What To Look For In A Content Creation Company

Your brand’s content is too important to be placed in incompetent hands. With many options available, it is a struggle to choose the right content marketing agency. The first thing you should look for in a content creation company is their content strategy, available resources, and the ability to do the job well. You can get all that information on the internet, read the reviews, case studies, and testimonials. You can check their website and social media pages to see the quality of content they have created for themselves; this will speak volumes of their competence.

Another factor to consider is the size and scalability of the content you hope to create. It is best to engage with an all-service content creation agency to avoid paying more than one agency to handle content marketing. If you are looking to expand in the future, make sure your agency can grow with you.

There is always something new to create in digital marketing, so it is never too early or too late to jump on the bandwagon. Check out the services of a good content creation company today.

Top Content Marketing Companies


HubSpot has positioned itself as a giant in the content marketing world. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah originally created the company after they met as grad students at MIT. Ten years later, they have nearly 2,000 employees and are true leaders in the field of digital marketing.

One reason that HubSpot stands out is that they offer so much information and even a few services for free. This free online tool can give you a taste of how quality content marketing can turn site visitors into paying customers. Other free online tools include services such as Lead Flows, Contacts Database, Integrations, Kickback Emails, and more.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) clients can log into the customer portal in a centralized location rather than having to purchase software that needs to be installed locally. Their blog receives over one million hits per month and therefore clearly is a leader in SEO standing. Their secret to success is creating content that optimizes the potential of transitioning users into customers.

It is estimated that 70% of a customer’s journey has been completed by the time they seek out a salesperson to help them with a purchase. HubSpot has become successful by helping to steer and influence a consumer’s decision-making during that first 70% of the time.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re most likely familiar with TED talks. TED hosts conferences around the world where influencers and experts give short, timed talks about their area of specialization. These often engaging and informative videos are shared all over social media and in blog posts.

But, did you also know that TED is a major player in the world of content marketing? It isn’t that they provide marketing services in the way that HubSpot does. But they are certainly leaders to the extent that they’ve leveraged in-person events to create high-quality educational material and made it available and accessible to anyone who wants it.

They now have over 9.5 million YouTube subscribers on just their main channel alone. With five million people receiving a notification every time a new video is uploaded, it’s easy to see the value of good content marketing, as well as the influence TED now enjoys.

TED’s main platform is YouTube, of course, where they upload a new video nearly every day, and even offer videos about content marketing itself. It is estimated that their videos have been viewed over a billion times.

Want to learn more about what makes TED talks so special and why they’ve been so successful? Check out founder Chris Anderson’s book that explains exactly how he did it.

Hawke Media

Hawke Media is a brand-focused agency based out of Santa Monica, California that offers a full range of digital marketing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their content marketing specialities include email marketing, Facebook advertising, SEM, paid acquisition, design, influencer marketing, media buying, affiliate marketing, and more.

One way that Hawke Media differentiates itself is that offers a la carte CMO-level marketing solutions, making it more affordable for smaller businesses and startups. They strive to provide each business with the highest return on their investment by customizing their services to the unique needs of their clients.

Hawke is a small but fierce up-and-coming player in the industry and they’ve worked with several major brands including Verizon, Raleigh, and Fjallraven. Check out founder Eric Huberman’s digital marketing and PR advice in Entrepreneur. 


KISSmetrics is a leader in data collection and analytics and has many services to support businesses of various sizes in their content marketing systems and strategy.

They are focused on helping clients access the right information to help develop meaningful strategies that are brand-focused and truly meaningful. They’re also known for their own excellent content library, of which they offer plenty out for free to the public in the interest of digital marketing learning and education.

KISSmetrics is one of the Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Software products. By delving deep into customer behaviour, the metrics provided by this company are extremely valuable. This information tells businesses how they are doing, and shows where they can impro

Influence & Co.

Influence & Co. helps companies connect via truly engaging and innovative content. Their key offerings include Executive Branding, Content Marketing Strategy, and larger scale specific Content Projects such as Infographics and ebooks.

Influence & Co has grown from two employees to over 75 in the past two years and has offices in Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis. The company has become a thought leader for various media and online publishing companies.

Influence & Co. believes that content is the strongest tool for driving business, generating leads and sales and establishing truly sustainable customer relationships. They pride themselves on being experts in the field who can deliver your company the best quality, most impactful content to help your business maximize it’s ROI.


Creating compelling, consistent and effective content takes time, but with the right tools and process in place it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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