Content Creation for Jewelry

Is your jewelry business looking for quality content? This book is jam packed with information that will help you find success in this crowded and competitive marketplace. Beginning with a discussion of the benefits of content creation, such as increasing sales and understanding your customer base, this book walks you through a simple process to create a content plan, choosing platforms, creating visual content and more. By the end of this book you’ll have all the tools you need to set off on the right foot with your content marketing  

I provide service to you in the form of creating content for your jewelry product listings. I will create unique content that is optimized for a high ranking in search results. This includes titles, description, keywords, captions and also social media posts.

About Me / Meet the Jeweler

These types of videos are useful for jewelry businesses that have their own websites. Many give a behind the scenes look at a jeweler’s making process from the design process all the way to the finished product being modeled with most of the video focused on the jeweler in the studio. The jeweler generally provides a voice over narration, giving the audience an insight of the jeweler’s world. While most typically have a higher production cost and will take more time and effort to make, About Me videos have a long shelf life, so you can make one and not have to worry about updating it every month or year.

You can also do short fun ones made specifically for social media that are easier to produce and more off the cuff. Doing selfie style shots while working at your bench and then showing your other daily surroundings can give your audience a fun new look at a day in your life

Why should you make one?

About me videos are a great way to make a connection with your customers. People love seeing the face behind the brand, hearing your voice adds a special element. They provide a way to tell your business’s message directly to customers who you may never meet in person – which is even more important in this digital age. 

You are also able to give an in-depth look at the work it takes to make each piece, a subtle way to show your customers that your jewelry prices are well placed.

 Process Video

Similar to the ‘About Me’ video in that it gives your customers a behind the scenes look at the process of making your jewelry. This type of video is less about making a long lasting piece and more about engaging your customers on social media. People love seeing how things are made and jewelry is no different, especially those who have no jewelry making experience themselves. Who could have thought that sheet of metal could turn into such a beautiful pendant!

These videos are great for your social media and can easily be posted with regularity. They also don’t require a lot of production and editing – most of them can be shot on your phone with jump cuts of the different steps in making the piece (design, prep, cutting & filing, soldering, finishing, and finished piece). Instagram now makes it easy to add royalty free music to reels and stories so you don’t have to worry about getting an editing app to make the videos.

Why should you make one?

Here’s a scenario for you: A person stops by your booth at a craft market and a certain piece catches their eye. They talk to you about it for a bit but are on the fence about buying it and decide to wait. To make sure they don’t just forget about your store the moment they leave, you can give them your business card which includes your social media handles.

But even that may not be enough, they’ll be seeing dozens of booths today, how do you make sure your card doesn’t end up at the bottom of the pile? Tell them that a month before you posted a video on your instagram that shows how the piece they liked was made – now there is a hook to get them to check out your social media. Now not only do you have a better chance of getting another social media follower, but a better chance of getting a paying customer who engages with your social media.

Build a Website Optimized for Search

Example image of built-in SEO feature from website builder.

An example of a website builder with built-in SEO features.
(Source: Squarespace)

Regardless of where you sell your jewelry—online, at fairs, your own store, or in other retail shops—it’s vital to have a well-designed small business website for customers to find your jewelry, your story, and where they can purchase from your business. You don’t need to have website design skills to create a site with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind—instead, use one of the best website builders for small businesses.

Using a site builder like Squarespace lets you easily create a professional website with modern templates. Some of Squarespace’s built-in SEO features include properly written page titles and descriptions, a site map, and a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. These features ensure your site is secure for customers and its content is optimized to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and other search engines.

Improve Your SEO for Better Rank on Google

Example of Google search result from "best cash registers".

An example of high ranking in a Google search based on a specific keyword phrase.
(Source: Fit Small Business)

Success in ranking relies heavily on creating excellent content that inspires readers who visit your site to click on a call to action (CTA) to purchase your items. Use Ahrefs keyword search tool to find words and phrases to use in your site’s content to help it rank higher organically. Ranking higher increases your exposure online to new audiences that may convert to customers since more people see your content in online search results.

If your website was published before you learned about the importance of SEO, it’s a good idea to reassess your site to find out what it needs to rank higher on Google. You can rank higher in Google with paid advertising, local search results, or organically when you create content that answers a searcher’s question well based on Google’s algorithm and best practices.

 Use Pinterest to Promote Your Jewelry Business

Example images of Pinterest searched result of “flat back earrings”.

Results of the keyword phrase “flat back earrings.”
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best social media platforms to use for visual items like jewelry is Pinterest. Pinterest users often search for specific items or use broad terms and then discover items they didn’t even know they wanted. They might pin those items to boards for inspiration, or even purchase items directly from a Pinterest post.

To be successful on Pinterest, you need to photograph your jewelry, create eye-catching graphics, and post your content on Pinterest with the right hashtags and keywords. For example, if you exclusively sell flat-back earrings, you could use keywords like “flat back earrings” or “earrings to wear with headphones” to attract a specific audience. If you want to aim for a broad audience, use keywords like “silver jewelry,” “gold jewelry,” and “earrings.”

Most importantly, as mentioned before, Pinterest is visual, so it’s important for your posts to look great. You can use Canva, a free online graphic design tool, to create graphics that are sized right for Pinterest (and other social media sites). Plus, you’ll get access to free templates, graphics, and stock imagery.

Excite your audience with Instagram giveaways and contests.

Picup Media

Freebies and prizes, who wouldn’t want them?!

Statistics show that Instagram contests and giveaways generate more engagement or 64x more comments and 3.5x more likes than regular Instagram content. Such figures indicate that not only are these content the fastest way to gain and attract your target audience; they’re also one of the best ways to increase your jewelry brand awareness.

When hosting a contest, remember to specify the rules of the game very clearly. It must also include the prize, the eligibility, and restrictions (if there are any), the deadline for entering the contest and the date when you will announce the winner.

Contests and giveaways aside, there shouldn’t be any reason for you not to be on Instagram. Come to think of this, there are around one billion people active on this platform with 116 million users concentrated in the USA. It is also the second most logged in social media site in the world, next only to Facebook, but like Facebook users, Instagram users spend almost as much time on this platform recording an average of 53 minutes of usage per day. That’s a lot of time; hence, if you’re after a massive customer reach, Instagram, no matter how you plan to use it, should be on top of your radar.


As a fashion and jewelry publisher, you can use CopyPress to create content that you can use on your website or social media pages.

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