Content Creation for Musicians

Whether you’re a musician, a manager, or anyone else who earns a living from the music industry, this book will be useful to you. It discusses how musicians, managers and other industry professionals can create value-adding content in the digital economy. Such content includes video, podcasts and audio recordings. The book is full of tricks and tips from experts on how to get it done──fast and effectively──without hiring an army of experts.

Let’s face it; today there are millions of musicians and their music flooding the Internet. Creating a living from music is harder than ever. So, how on earth are you supposed to stand out??

Themed posts

It’s easier for your content to get discovered by potential new fans when you take advantage of themes that already have popular hashtags associated with them. Start populating your band’s social media channels with relevant posts for commonly searched hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #MusicMonday, #ThrowbackThursday, and #SundayFunday.

Experiment with a bunch of different themes, and pay attention to the ones that do the best job of attracting new followers and resonating with your existing fans.

 Educational and thought-provoking posts

There are many ways you could approach this, but the key is that you’re sharing high-quality posts that are some combination of interesting, helpful, educational, valuable, useful, relevant, and thought-provoking for the audience you want to attract.

For instance, if a big aspect of your branding involves representing yourself as an LGBTQ ally, you may want to share an insightful article on recent progress the movement has made.

Throwback posts

Share content that gives insight into who you are and where you’re coming from. You could make fans laugh with a funny baby picture that shows your personality from a young age, or you could post a #TBT photo of you in Rome and bond with fans over your passion for travel.

Whatever it is, give people a way to connect with you on a personal level, which is just as important as your music when it comes to gaining true fans.

 Behind-the-scenes posts

People love seeing what bands do when they’re not onstage. Share behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and stories that illustrate your life as a musician.

If you’re going on the road, consider creating a tour diary in the form of a blog or vlog. If you’re in a writing session or in the studio, share photos and short clips on your Instagram Story.

Short Facebook videos

Did you know that people watch a whopping 100 million hours of video on Facebook every single day? If you’re not already regularly uploading videos to your band’s Facebook page, you’re missing out on a really effective way to get more fans for your music.

The key is to keep it short, yet interesting. The next time you want to announce a new single, album, tour, live-stream event, or big performance, whip up a simple one- or two-minute video and post it directly on Facebook.

 TikTok videos

So far, we’ve been talking about how to get fans for your music using the platforms that most bands are already on every day, like Instagram and Facebook. But with over 800 million monthly active users and music fueling the vast majority of the content, TikTok could play a key role in your social media marketing strategy.

The app is known for being wildly popular among Gen Z-ers, but we’re already seeing older demographics start to embrace it as well. It’s a great place to share quick videos that are funny, authentic, or vulnerable in some way.

Thanks to its algorithm, format, and relative novelty on the social media scene, you’ll have a better chance of organically reaching a new audience here than on many other platforms. Check out these great tips on TikTok promotion for musicians from our friends at CD Baby.

 Inspirational and motivational posts

If you’re stumped on how to fill a few gaps in your social media calendar, you really can’t go wrong with sharing an inspirational or motivational quote. These always perform well and are very shareable, which will drive more attention to your social media channels.

Demo Your Music with Short Previews

Though you may post the majority of your music on Soundcloud or TikTok, you can use Instagram to boost your following by demoing your music. Instagram users enjoy short, snappy videos which will capture their attention long enough for them to open your profile page. To do that, you can create 30-second clips and demos of you singing, playing music, or composing new pieces. Don’t be afraid to show your face and equipment as well, as Instagram users love seeing genuine people doing their best to reach others.

 Invite Visual Artists to Submit Pieces Inspired by Your Music

You can create something of an event for everyone following your Instagram page by creating an art submission contest. Ask people to create art inspired by your music, lyrics, or personality, and tell them to submit it via email. Create unique pieces of content with user-generated visuals and pair them with the songs which inspired them. As an incentive, you can offer a discount code or free goodies to the best submissions. This is an amazing way to interact with your audience and even find artists who can work with you full-time if you like their style.

Perform Live and Engage Your Audience

Instagram is one of the social media platforms with the benefit of having live-streaming features embedded into it. As a music artist, your content type is perfectly suitable for live-streaming and live interaction with online audiences.

Schedule your live event at least a week in advance to give people some headway on when you will go live. Set yourself up so that you can read live chat messages while performing. Answer follower questions, talk to your audience and let them know how much you appreciate them being there.

Collaborate with Instagram Musicians and Singers

Social media is ripe with potential for collaborative projects with other people in your niche. For example, like-minded music artists from around the world will gladly work with you to create new compositions and songs with a shared contribution. These pieces can be posted fully on Instagram and credited to all the artists who participated in creating them. This will help all artists touch on each other’s follower bases and increase their reach to include a more varied audience. Moreover, agencies may spot how well you work together with other musicians and be inclined to reach out to you.

Throwback Thursday

Show your fans images from years before. They will love to walk down memory lane with you. It is also a great way of rehashing old content. Don’t forget to use the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag so that people who are searching for Throwback Thursday will come across you and if the image is that good, you might end up acquiring a new FFL (Fan For Life)

 Twitter/ Facebook Shout Outs

If you have some great fans on Twitter tell other fans about them. It will encourage your fans to get involved and engage with you because you might just give them a shout out to the Twittersphere. If you give a shout out to a fan the chances of them paying attention to your tweets is going to triple. Another way to use this is if you did a great gig with a venue that were really supportive, or a sound guy who went that extra mile give them a shout out. They will feel appreciated which will really strengthen your relationship and when that venue needs an act who’s Twitter inbox do you think they will be knocking on?

 Showcase Your Influences

Everyone has their heroes, and music artists are no different. Who inspired you to start creating music? Was it a famous guitarist, singer, or your parent or sibling?

People love it when their influences share their influences, as it further humanizes them. By sharing who inspired you to become a musician and talking about them, you will gain your followers’ trust and support. Moreover, other artists or even brands who share the same inspirations might reach out with collaboration opportunities or sponsorship offers.

Take Part in Instagram Music Contests

Various music contests are going on around the web, and many of them use social media platforms to keep audiences updated on the latest submissions. Taking part in music contests is a great way for you to show what you can do to the world and reach a much wider audience.

People who follow music contests online are not only fans of music, but also professional critics and music industry decision-makers. You may get a spotlight for one of your songs and attract the attention of a prolific agency or musician willing to work with you. Look for Instagram and internet music contests in your music genre and consider submitting a piece or two.


Do you have a passion for content? We do too. Content creation is one of the biggest challenges for most artists and musicians, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you create more content and promote your music, even if you never thought about it before.

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