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Need social media content ideas? This list of social media post ideas is just what you need! From product launch ideas to hashtag guides, these unique social media posts are great for any business or brand. Check out our cheat sheet of popular blog post types + examples.

Below are creative content ideas that I built for one of my network marketing companies. These posts are all interactive (clickable and/or whisle able) and can be used to build your business and brand. Some of these post ideas include videos, Facebook live videos, tweets, blog posts and more. Add your own business and personal content to implement these posts correctly. The list is full of all sorts of social media content that can be used to enhance our business development efforts as well as to use in blog posts, shout outs, Facebook Lives, YouTube videos and the list goes on.

Examples Of Content Creation

1. Cartoons and Comic Strips

Clever drawings that make fun of situations that should be serious but end up being amusing are incredibly effective. What is interesting about comic strips and cartoons is how much of an impact they have when they are related to the B2B world. For example, a cartoon that makes fun of long-winded meetings that get nothing accomplished can be great for a company that delivers office supplies.

2. Visuals & Pictures Do 80% Of The Work

Content marketers know that every text article they publish should have at least one picture, and this is due to the fact that most netizens will only click on images. This practice can be elevated to featuring a single eye-catching photo that relates to the brand. For example, a pizza delivery shop can share a digital photo of a pie as it comes out of the oven.

3. Getting Creative With Statistics

Share insights that may add value to your customers and educate them. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it eye-catching, funny, curious… you have so much information that you can share.

4. Notable Quotes

This content creation idea is simple yet extremely effective for sharing in social media channels. For example… Check out our Instagram.

5. Allegorical Images

Social media netizens enjoy positive and clever reinforcement. Posting the expression “feeling like a box of budgies” with a photo of a nest box filled with fledglings will help to communicate positive thoughts.

6. Short How-To Or Explainer Videos

Instagram and Vine are powerful platforms for posting short video content. But think how you can add value to your audience. For example, to your staff through training, or to your customers by providing insights on how to get the most out of your product. You don’t need to create a Hollywood blockbuster, simply make life a little easier or clearer for everyone.

7. Screenshots

This is another content idea that works amazingly well. For some reason, online audiences respond very well to explanatory screenshots. A mobile app development firm could publish a screenshot of a future project as it is being coded along with notes and explanations.

8. Answering Questions

The respected social network Quora is great for knowledge-based branding and self-promotion. A financial planning firm that is active in Quora can set their account to post answers directly to WordPress.

9. Infographics

Visual representations of data are as old as math tables and maps, but they have always been very effective. Data visualization content is three times more likely to be shared than a text article, and online businesses that regularly post infographics report getting nearly 15% more Web traffic on the day of publishing.

10. Podcasts

In the age of YouTube, many people find it easy to dismiss podcasts as relics from the iPod era; however, marketing analysts report that podcast subscribers tend to become loyal clients and customers. There are two keys to podcast success: production values and distribution channels. Creating quality podcasts is easier said than done, but it can be very rewarding as part of your strategy for brand development.

11. Giving Audiences a Voice

Going beyond engagement means jumping into the realm of user-generated content. Testimonials are just a start; strong brands will always have enthusiastic clients and customers who are ready to create content for them. Use the information to build a content community that can increase your reach and brand value. After all your customers should be your greatest source of new opportunity.

Creative Social Media Content Ideas You Should Try

This list of engaging social media content ideas will help you out the next time you need to beat that dreaded writer’s block.

1. Create a daily, weekly or monthly series

One great idea can become an engine for more great content if you turn it into a recurring series.

Vancouver magazine’s weekly “Takeout Thursdays” feature the food editor in a casual Instagram Live conversation with a local chef or food expert.

It’s way easier to think of a special guest or topic to plug into a pre-existing format than to start from scratch every week, and your audience can enjoy a little consistency in their torrid lives.

2. Run a contest or giveaway

Fact: people love free things.

Double fact: a giveaway is a quick and easy way to fill a hole in your content calendar in a snap.

Toss up a product shot and some instructions about how to enter like Fig. does here, and blam, there’s your Wednesday afternoon Instagram post, done and dusted.

Or, dig through our list of creative social media giveaways here for some inspiration to take your contest to the next level.

3. Host an AMA

Tap into your audience’s insatiable curiosity with an “ask me anything” live stream session.

Pro tip: try focusing the AMA on a specific topic, with a call for questions about your latest collection, or questions about entrepreneurship.

Some people like to do an Instagram, TikTok or Facebook live stream, answering questions right from the comments in the moment. Others like to do a series of Instagram Stories using the Question stickers, like congresswoman Alexandria Osacio-Cortez did with her AMA on Covid vaccines.

Alexandria Osacio-Cortez Instagram Stories ask me anything

4. Run a social media takeover

Whether you team up with a big influencer with a large audience or a micro-influencer with a dedicated base (like Everlane did with an LA-based photographer), passing over the keys to your social account to someone with passionate fans can bring your account more engagement, sales, and followers. And it can free you from a day or week of content planning. Score!

5. Share some relevant content

As we put it in our ultimate guide to content curation, “Curated content is content created by others that you select to share on social media. This could be a valuable blog post from a company in your field, expert advice from a relevant thought leader, or anything else that you think your audience will appreciate and enjoy.”

In other words, if a great article, pin, Tweet or Youtube video already exists out there that your audience would love, why not share it?

Curated content can make your brand look like it has its finger on the pulse and like you’re actually there to engage and build community, not just toot your own horn.

Writer Ashley Reese doesn’t just share her own articles — she also shares sassy comments on retweets of Megan Thee Stallion in a big hat. And you can too.

Social Media Content Examples for 2022 (Paid & Organic)

Organic Social Media Examples

1. Later – Distilling Large Ideas for Social

Later breaks down social media trends, tools, and tactics in easy, bite-size lessons for their followers.

What we love about this post:

  • Creative – The graphic makes the most of the carousel format, drawing the reader’s eye through the slides. It’s bright and fun (which is very on brand) but not overly crowded; the image text is easy to read and simple.
  • Copy – Both caption and image copy illustrate the value of the feature.
  • Content – This post provides educational value to the audience while still promoting Later’s new feature. In other words, it’s useful. It’s also easily digestible which makes it appropriate for social.

2. HubSpot – Timely, Relatable Content

HubSpot consistently nails timely content on their Instagram page.

What we love about this post:

  • Creative – Colorful, on-brand, and most-importantly visually familiar, this graphic is an excellent example of how to use design as visual shorthand. Before even reading the caption or the image text, the audience knows this post is full of resources.
  • Copy – The copy is compelling and relatable. It acknowledges the shared pain point, outlines their game plan for overcoming said pain point, and delivers on the initial promise of a helpful resource (implied through the graphic format) with a closing CTA.
  • Content – Timely content still needs to be useful content. Instead of making a blanket statement about “unprecedented times” without providing any value, HubSpot took the time to listen to what their audience needed, develop resources, and deliver those resources in a helpful, human-focused way.

3. Shopify – Using Existing Assets

Like many companies, Shopify has had to pivot their content strategy in light of COVID-19 related changes. Take for instance this talent recruitment video:

We’re working towards a future that is digital by default to help Shopify’s merchants and partners.

Click the vid to learn more 👇🏼

— Shopify (@Shopify) May 25, 2020

What we love about this post:

  • Creative – Shooting new footage for social campaigns is difficult right now; Shopify exemplifies how to reuse existing assets without sacrificing quality. We’re also a fan of how they’ve synced the visuals and the beat for maximum impact.
  • Copy – Both the post copy and the video text are simple, clean, and effective. The video text doesn’t distract from the visuals, is easy to read, and makes the voice over accessible for hearing impaired viewers or just people who don’t ever turn their sound on… like us. 😅
  • Content – Shopify frames their search for remote talent in a refreshingly optimistic, forward-thinking light: this isn’t an unfortunate temporary solution; it’s an exciting step toward a better future. That tone shift is what makes the video so effective.

4. Taboola – Putting a New Spin on Slideshow Videos

Social video doesn’t have to be complicated to be inspo worthy, as Taboola demonstrates with this service promo.


Trying to generate social media content ideas can be tough, especially if you’re short on inspiration or don’t have a creative agency by your side. To help you out, we’ve gathered thousands of social media post examples and content ideas, sorted into categories. Find your perfect post ideas here!

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