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Content Creation Tools for Teachers

Content Creation Tools for Teachers website provides free web-based content to teachers such as question banks, classroom materials and information on copyright laws. The site features a host of tools like quizzes and tests to improve the teachers’ teaching methodologies. It also publishes useful articles by renowned educationists.

The Content Creation Tools for Teachers is a map and documentary that present tools and resources to enable educators to use open content to develop, share, revise, and remix their own files and collections. The tools are organized in a map that include content creation, revision, analysis and reuse. This learning object could be used by teachers during a course of action or as a simple way of allowing students to create content with available tools.


Edmodo is an educational tool that connects teachers and students, and is assimilated into a social network. In this one, teachers can create online collaborative groups, administer and provide educational materials, measure student performance, and communicate with parents, among other functions. Edmodo has more than 34 million users who connect to create a learning process that is more enriching, personalized, and aligned with the opportunities brought by technology and the digital environment.


Designed by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about education, Socrative is a system that allows teachers to create exercises or educational games which students can solve using mobile devices, whether smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Teachers can see the results of the activities and, depending on these, modify the subsequent lessons in order to make them more personalized.


  • suitable for students of all ages
  • suitable for teachers

Prezi is a digital software for creating interactive presentations. According to their research, the innovative way in which Prezi helps you make presentations – by zooming, leads to more effective, more persuasive,  more effective, and more engaging presentations compared to presentations made with PowerPoint. If you are still unaware of what you can do with the software, we strongly recommend that you check it out and present it to your students. Who knows, maybe this would be one of the digital tools for classroom that would help you keep the attention of the kids.

 Haiku Deck

  • suitable for students and teachers

A digital tool with whose help you can easily make presentations on your iPad, iPhone, and on the web. The tool works online and offers a huge database of stock photos with which you can create image-based slides. Haiku Deck makes it easy to create presentations on the go and literally carry them in your pocket. Haiku Deck can be also integrated into Google Classroom which has been very popular lately. 


  • for students primarily between 8 and 16 years old

Although mainly purposed for students, Scratch can be used by people of all ages. This digital tool lets students create engaging projects like games, animations, interactive art, stories and more. If your students have an interest in making programs, Scratch is definitely one of the digital tools for classroom you have to introduce them to. This program would give the little ones a brilliant start to make them think in an innovative and creative way. If you wonder how to help them start


Thinglink allows educators to create interactive images with music, sounds, texts, and photographs. These can be shared on other websites or on social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. Thinglink offers the possibility for teachers to create learning methodologies that awaken the curiosity of students through interactive content that can expand their knowledge.


TED-Ed is an educational platform that allows creating educational lessons with the collaboration of teachers, students, animators—generally people who want to expand knowledge and good ideas. This website allows democratizing access to information, both for teachers and students. Here, people can have an active participation in the learning process of others.


cK-12 is a website that seeks to reduce the cost of academic books for the K12 market in the United States and the world. To achieve its objective, this platform has an open source interface that allows creating and distributing educational material through the internet, which can be modified and contain videos, audios, and interactive exercises. It can also be printed and comply with the necessary editorial standards in each region. The books that are created in cK-12 can be adapted to the needs of any teacher or student.


  • suitable for students of all ages
  • suitable for teachers

Video is one of the most engaging mediums of the modern day which is why you should definitely incorporate it into your classroom. Animoto is one of the digital tools for classroom that can be used by both teachers and students for educational purposes. Animoto helps you create animated videos easily. You can create photo slideshows, stitch various videos together, add text and more images to come up with a truly engaging video in the end.


VideoForm is a robust online video creation platform that lets you create interactive educational videos for your students. The tool has several functionalities including screen recording, face recording and editing. Well, that is just the first half of its features. VideoForm facilitates e-learning by giving students and teachers the experience of a real classroom. The students can respond to teachers via video, audio or text. In return, teachers can evaluate students or even track their performance through in-built analytics. Teachers can also add forms to their videos to make their monitoring even more elaborate.

One can now easily make lecture videos, tutorials, mentoring video or even delegate assignments and make student learning more immersive and interactive.  Students can post their doubts and submit their assignments too.

Key Features

  • Contact Forms
  • Real-time analytics
  • Built-in screen recording

Vidyard GoVideo

The chrome extension of this tool is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is download the plough and use it to record your screen or face or both through your web browser itself. One may not need a webcam at all. However, it works better with a web camera. Once the video is recorded, the teacher can share the link with her students.

While the software has several other features, Vidyard GoVideo’s chrome extension comes handy when teachers want to make quick tutorials or educational videos.

Key features

  • Simple Chrome Extension
  • Free of cost
  • Link Sharing options


In a fast changing digital society, there are more opportunities for students to create and share their ideas online. To encourage digital citizenship among students, teachers require content creation technology that is most suitable for their classroom.

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