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Content creation software for small business. Content Creator App helps you create content, faster. It includes over 10+ apps including Story Maker, Landing Page Creator, Infographic Wizard, Measurement Calculator, Smart Checklist Builder, and many more.

If you want to become a better content creator, writer or you want to improve your copy, then this is the app for you. Content Creator is a free app that will help you be more productive while you work, while making your blogs and landing pages look better.”


Make an awesome explainer video in minutes


Price: Free, $12 per month, $25 per month, or $49 per month (Annual subscriptions are slightly cheaper.)

Description: Animaker makes it possible (and easy) to create animated videos with impressive effects without needing any technical skills in creating animations.

Great for creating: Animated videos and stories

How to create videos quickly with Animaker:

Animaker has over 40 templates you can use to create your animated video.

Animaker templates

Each of these templates is essentially a ready-made video with the proper effects, transitions, and music. To create your video or story quickly, you can just change the content and keep the rest as it is.


Make cool audio, right from your phone


Price: Free

Description: Anchor is a social media platform for audio. With its app, you can easily create audio recordings and videos that are great for sharing on social media.

Great for creating: Audio recordings and videos


Amazingly simple graphic design software


Price: Free, $12.95 per user per month, or enterprise pricing

Description: Canva is one of our favorite design tools for creating social media graphics. You can create high-quality graphics quickly using the templates, layouts, and design elements — even on the free plan.

Great for creating: Images, quotes, stories, and infographics

How to create graphics quickly with Canva:

Instead of creating your social media graphics from scratch, use Canva’s amazing library of templates, which you can use and customize — for free!

There’s a section in the library purely for social media graphics.

Canva templates

You can access the library via the “Explore templates” option in your Canva dashboard or this direct link:


Graphic design made easy


Price: Free (with some design elements at $0.99)

Description: Crello is a new graphic design tool that is very similar to Canva. Its advantage is that it offers more than 10,000 free design templates, 11,000 design elements, and 65 million stock images.

Great for creating: Images, quotes, and stories

How to create graphics quickly with Crello:

Just like Canva, Crello has an “Inspiration” tab where it showcases its free design templates.

Crello inspiration

Simply click on a design template and you can customize it using the Crello editor.

Adobe Spark

Make images, videos and web stories for free in minutes

Adobe Spark

Price: Free (with branding that can be removed for a limited time)

Description: Adobe Spark is a design tool we’re starting to love a lot more, and it complements Canva nicely. It offers several unique features such as resizing, color palettes, and style suggestions.

Great for creating: Images, quotes, videos, and stories

How to create graphics quickly with Adobe Spark:

Apart from templates that you can remix, Adobe Spark has a feature that suggests design styles to you.

Instead of spending time thinking how you should design your graphics, all you have to do is turn a dial.

Adobe Spark style suggestions

If you create Instagram stories often, we recently teamed up with Adobe Spark to create 10 free pre-made Instagram Stories templates.


Ever heard of “spacial photography” before?

It’s a fancy way of describing a 3D photo.

Give your audience a 3D view with the Fyuse app, which takes your photos and helps you turn them into an interactive experience.

The app is free to use.



The Mojo app is the best kept secret for storytelling on social media.

You can add in your own fonts, your logo, and have access to hundreds of templates.

You can easily create square or landscape content. The animations on this app are super polished and help you create professional content in minutes.

The Mojo Pro template offers convenient tools and is highly recommended.

Mojo App


Made is a beautiful app that should be in any marketer’s storytelling toolkit.

You can take your Stories to the next level with the Made app because you have the ability to choose from several templates, customize your backgrounds, and edit your photos with filters.

You can choose from template themes such as paper, film, minimal, and dozens of others.

A feature that’s really convenient for content creation is being able to use Made’s Story Board, which allows you completely build out your Stories from start to finish and seamlessly share it on Instagram.

Made is free to use and offers monthly and annual subscription options.

It’s available on iOS and Android.

Made App


Feedly: Did you ever wonder how you can stay up to date with current content marketing trends? If yes, then Feedly is the perfect platform for you. Gathering content marketers and creators from all over the world, the tool allows you to filter and receive news, tips, guides and inspiration from all over the web. The tool will only send you what you specifically tell it to.

Screenshot showing how Feedly works.

Feedly will never spam you with content you don’t want and it will always be relevant to your content marketing needs. Just insert your favorite creators, YouTube channels, blogs and RSS feeds and wait. This is a great way to stay updated and relevant on the market since Feedly is free to use and easy to navigate and customize.

Open Office

Open Office: Chances are that you have already heard about this application package. The freeware and public version of Microsoft’s own Office, Open Office allows entrepreneurs and freelancers alike to use this product package. It allows a variety of content creation possibilities such as creating web presentations, emails, data visualization, written content and so forth.

Screen capture from the OpenOffice website.

All of the apps contained in this package are fully compatible with Microsoft Office with one difference – it’s completely free to use. There is no reason not to include Open Office in your content creation and workflow in order to boost your business’s growth.


Content creator app allows you to make content for your website in the easiest way possible.

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