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Netflix is looking for Content Creators who can work on strategy, research, and development of the Netflix Original content. We are looking for individuals who have the competence of leveraging their experience in the content creation domain and can work independently in an innovative manner. Job Responsibilities • Leverage your experience with the new media platform (or related domain) to develop an original content strategy. • Generate detailed and thorough recommendations on how we may evolve our content strategy based on new opportunities and/or challenges as they emerge. • Serve as a leader when planning meetings or workshops to share results of initiatives and strategies with internal Netflix teams

Are you ready to tell amazing stories for the most global, yet personalized video service on planet? Are you a Netflix Original? If yes, welcome! We’re hiring Content Creators to play a vital role in the future of global entertainment by driving audience behaviors for our beloved Netflix Original brands and show. Are you passionate about Netflix Originals? Do you want to make other Netflix users as big fans of Netflix Originals as you are? Did you like the sounds of being responsible for delivering amazing content to our audience by working with data and insights, along with ideating, creating and executing awesome entertainment experiences across different devices and platforms.

Inside Netflix’s Content Strategy

Netflix’s Content Strategy has enabled the brand to grow its audience across the world. Although Netflix doesn’t call itself a media company there is a lot one can learn from the brands content strategy.

Original Content

Netflix continues to invest in creating original content. For the financial year 2017, the brand has earmarked $6 Billion to create original content for the platform. Netflix announced two original series created for India last week.

Major networks in the United States are now creating their own streaming service to compete with Netflix. Disney & ESPN have already stated that they will launch their own service before the end of this year.

Netflix also acquired indie comics publisher Millarworld last week. Millarworld has been the minds behind films like Kingsmen and Kick-Ass. Netflix’s strategy to invest in original content has enabled it to win new subscribers. The platform will release 40 movies by the end of this year more than double the number of movies it made last year.

Big Data for Content

For the first season of ‘House of Cards’ the platform created ten different cuts of the trailer. It’s a departure from the brand usual strategy of creating one or two trailers to promote a series. Trailers are a targeted to viewers based on their previous viewing behavior.

Satya Kunapuli, Netflix’s Former Head of Engineering and Analytics shared some insights how Netflix handles data. Netflix regularly analyses, segments and compares the swathes of data to optimize its content. As Satya suggests, traditional call-to-action marketing doesn’t work for the brand.

Netflix conducts quasi-experiments at regular intervals including burst and delay tests to spend-mix tests to understand the potential of marketing spends deployed.

Anti-Windowing Strategy

Netflix is trying to redefine the long established Hollywood model that depends on a system of showcasing a movie in theaters followed months later by the release of a DVD or a download. Netflix used ant-windowing strategy for the release of its film ‘Beasts of no nation.’ The movie was released simultaneously in theatres and on its platform.

‘Beasts of the no nation’ collected several awards but only managed to collect $100,000 from theatres. The brand however released data on viewership of the movie 15 days after the release. The movie had over 3 million views on the platform within first 15 days of release.

We are not anti-theater, we are anti-windowing.

– Jonathan Friedland, Chief Communications Officer, Netflix

The model might not be a hit with theatres and major film studios as it inverts the traditional model. Netflix, however, helped the producers of ‘Beasts of no nation’ to make profits with viewership coming from countries like Japan which otherwise has to wait for specialty films due to the delay in release dates.

Focus on Retention

Netflix has the lowest churn rate when it comes to OTT services in the United States. 2015 study of OTT services revealed that the platform only had about 5% customers canceling services in last 12 months. Netflix has

Netflix has kept a tap on viewing habits used multiple channels to keep the users engaged. Netflix uses data to optimize everything from image to font size to improve the user experience. The brand continues to test, innovate and refine its algorithm to  prevent churn.

Netflix Overall Deals with Creators/Studios

Note: ordered by when the deal was struck.

Roberto Patino / Analog Inc.

Deal Signed: November 2021
Known for: DMZ, Westworld

Roberto Patino Netflix

The prolific writer and producer behind some of the biggest shows of the past two decades including Sons of Anarchy announced his first TV project with Netflix in November 2021 called Nocterra.

Patino has formed his own production banner who will work with Netflix under a new multi-year deal.

Magic Quill Productions

Deal Signed: November 2021
Known for: Lucifer, The Expanse, Luke Cage

magic quill productions netflix

Joe Henderson (Lucifer), Georgia Lee (The Expanse), Matt Owens (Luke Cage) make up the new company Magic Quill Productions who struck a first-look deal in mid-November. The three are already hard at work on various Netflix projects either together or in their own capacity.

Georgia Lee is currently attached to Partner Track and Shadecraft.

Matt Owens is working on One Piece for Netflix.

Joe Henderson is working on Shadecraft, a live-action Pokémon project, and Muhammad Ali.

Greg Whiteley

Deal signed: November 2021
Known for: Last Chance U, Mitt, Cheer

greg whiteley netflix

Known for his work on various documentaries but mostly for Last Chance U & Last Chance U: Basketball, Whiteley will reportedly work with Netflix for future projects.

Joe Berlinger

Deal signed: November 2021
Known for: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Joe Berlinger Netflix

Known mostly for true-crime documentaries and docu-series, Berlinger will continue working with Netflix according to Bloomberg.

Sri Rao

Deal signed: October 2021
Known for: What Goes On, Baar Baar Dekho, New York

sri roa netflix deal

Sri Roa alongside the announcement of The Henna Artist announced he’d be working under an exclusive deal with Netflix. The writer, director and producer is known for working with both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Among the first set of titles to emerge from Sri Rao will be Finding Anamika due to release in 2022 and The Henna Artist.

Omar Sy

Deal signed: October 2021
Known for: Lupin

Omar Sy

While also working on Lupin season 3, Omar Sy has been tapped for a multi-year film deal with Netflix. These film projects will likely have Omar Sy in major roles within the movie as well as serving as an executive producer.

Anna Winger / Airlift Productions

Deal signed: September 2021
Known for: Unorthodox

anna winger netflix deal

The first of the new projects Anna Winger will work on is Transatlantic, a new drama set during the 1940 refugee crisis.

Gina Atwater

Deal signed: September 2021
Known for: Westworld

gina atwater netflix

Gina Atwater signed a deal alongside the announcement of her first TV series for Netflix. The writer had been working on HBO’s Westworld but before that served as an assistant to J.J. Abrams.

Gina’s first major project for Netflix will be adapting Raybearer (a novel by Jordan Ifueko) into a TV series for the streamer.

Vanessa Kirby

Deal signed: August 2021
Known for: The Crown, Pieces of a Woman

vanessa kirby netflix deal

Having starred in the heart-wrenching Pieces of a Woman for Netflix in early 2021, the British actress has signed a first-look deal with Netflix for “female-focused films” that will explore the “female experience”.

Courtney Kemp

Deal signed: August 2021
Known for: Power

courtney kemp netflix

In 2021, Netflix stole two major assets from Lionsgate. The Sony deal and the architect of Starz’s biggest franchise, Power.

Signing with Netflix for a reported high eight-figure deal, she will create new series under her production company, End of Episode.

Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani / Excel Entertainment

Deal signed: August 2021
Known for: Dil Chahta Hai, Gully Boy and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

farhan akhtar ritest excel entertainment netflix

This deal with Indian creators Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment will see the pair work on new series for Netflix.

Among the first of the new titles from the pair includes Dabba Cartel and Queen of the Hill.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

Deal signed: August 2021
Known for: Netflix’s The Witcher

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich Netflix Deal

Serving as the showrunner for The Witcher, Lauren Hissrich cemented her relationship with Netflix in the summer of August 2021 signing up to continue her duties as the architect of Netflix’s The Witcher universe and lead other creative projects for Netflix.

Avi Issacharoff & Lior Raz

Deal signed: August 2021
Known for: Hit & Run, Fauda

Avi Issacharoff Lior Raz Netflix Deal

Netflix already had a deal with these two prolific Israeli creators but reupped it in August 2021 shortly after the release of Hit & Run.

Any future projects which are set to be film and TV projects will be released under Faraway Road Productions.

Jennifer Garner

Deal signed: July 2021
Known for: Yes Day

jennifer garner netflix deal

Having appeared in a number of Netflix Original films, Netflix struck a multi-film deal with the actress back in late July 2021 which includes a sequel to the top-performing family movie, Yes Day.

Michael Starrbury

Deal signed: July 2021
Known for: When They See Us

Michae Starrbury Netflix

Emmy-nominated writer Michael Starrbury who notably wrote episode 4 of Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us and is involved in the upcoming limited series, Colin in Black and White.

Greg Berlanti & Sarah Schechter

Deal Signed: July 2021

greg berlanti sarah schecter netflix dael

This producing pair are teaming up for brand new feature films coming exclusively to Netflix.

Greg Berlanti is perhaps best known for his work on the DC shows on The CW (and a host of other titles with Warner Brothers) while Sarah Schecter serves as a producer on The CW’s All American.

Zack Snyder / The Stone Quarry

Deal signed: July 2021
Known for: Army of the Dead, DCEU and 300.

zack snyder netflix deal

After releasing Army of the Dead in the summer of 2021, Netflix and Zack Snyder cemented their relationship with an overall deal which includes future Army of the Dead projects and other titles such as the sci-fi title, Rebel Moon.

Up until his Netflix deal, Zack Snyder had worked almost exclusively with Warner Brothers.

Joey King

Deal signed: July 2021
Known for: The Kissing Booth

joey king netflix deal

Known most recently for starring in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, the Emmy nominated actress will work with Netflix under a first-look deal that covers movies from her production company, All The King’s Horses.

Joey King also has a deal with Hulu.

Brian Yorkey

Deal signed: June 2021
Known for: 13 Reasons Why

brian yorkey netflix deal

Known for being the showrunner for the popular albeit controversial 13 Reasons Why for Netflix, Brian Yorkey will work with Netflix under a multi-year deal with his first project being Echoes.

Studio Powerhouse

Deal signed: June 2021
Known for: Castlevania, He-Man

studio powerhouse netflix deal

Studio Powerhouse is well, a powerhouse animation studio for Netflix. They’ve already produced so much for Netflix so far and they entered into a new deal on June 30th with Netflix for future projects.

They’ve already got a number of projects on the go including Skull Island and Tomb Raider.

The studio itself is founded by Brad Graeber and Bruce Tinnin.

Danielle Sanchez-Witzel

Deal signed: June 2021
Known for: My Name is Earl, The Carmichael Show

Danielle Sanchez Witzel netflix deal

Previously under deals at 20th Television, Danielle Sanchez-Witzel will form a new production company and work exclusively on Netflix projects which are expected to be in the comedy genre.


Content Creator for Netflix. Talented, creative individuals wanted to join our team. We are seeking strategic thinkers with the ability to create and implement content strategy for our global market. You should have relevant experience in content curation, marketing strategies, and business development with an entrepreneurial flair and love of social media.

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