Content Ideas for Artists

Are you an artist looking for content ideas to post on your Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat? Look no further! While building a following is the most important part of your online presence, posting content that is engaging and relevant will help you gain more exposure.

This guide will provide you with a lot of great content ideas to help you get more followers, views, and engagement on your tiktok posts. I cover the best times to post, post types, hashtag lists, and more!

Content Ideas for Music Artists

Demo Your Music with Short Previews

Though you may post the majority of your music on Soundcloud or TikTok, you can use Instagram to boost your following by demoing your music. Instagram users enjoy short, snappy videos which will capture their attention long enough for them to open your profile page. To do that, you can create 30-second clips and demos of you singing, playing music, or composing new pieces. Don’t be afraid to show your face and equipment as well, as Instagram users love seeing genuine people doing their best to reach others.

Invite Visual Artists to Submit Pieces Inspired by Your Music

You can create something of an event for everyone following your Instagram page by creating an art submission contest. Ask people to create art inspired by your music, lyrics, or personality, and tell them to submit it via email. Create unique pieces of content with user-generated visuals and pair them with the songs which inspired them. As an incentive, you can offer a discount code or free goodies to the best submissions. This is an amazing way to interact with your audience and even find artists who can work with you full-time if you like their style.

Perform Live and Engage Your Audience

Instagram is one of the social media platforms with the benefit of having live-streaming features embedded into it. As a music artist, your content type is perfectly suitable for live-streaming and live interaction with online audiences.

Schedule your live event at least a week in advance to give people some headway on when you will go live. Set yourself up so that you can read live chat messages while performing. Answer follower questions, talk to your audience and let them know how much you appreciate them being there.

Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

Creating music is a little more complicated than “feeling the notes” and creating a perfect song or piece. So, taking your audience behind the scenes and showing them your setup, home studio, or co-workers is a neat idea. This can humanize you in your followers’ eyes and demystify music in their eyes.

It might also inspire some to pick up a musical instrument themselves once they see how music is produced.

Finished work.

This is the typical post. A work of art that is finished and ready.

Caption idea:Talk about what makes this work unique, inspiring, challenging, etc. Talk about what it was like working on it. Never tell people what to see or what to think. Let them discover the meaning. Just give a little context they can grab into to open a door to the other side of the imagination.

Work in progress.

Make it a habit to take photos of your process. Not only they are interesting for non-art people but also helpful to tell your story.

Cation idea:Talk about your medium, style, tools or ways of working. Remember, not everyone took an art class. This may be a teachable moment for your audience.

Detail shot

If you have work with heavy texture, show its details. Often I take a big painting and grab small sections that I think are interesting.

Caption idea:Suggest what may be behind this detail shot. Perhaps ask people to look at your previous post or scroll to see full image. Details are fun to play with.

Themed posts

It’s easier for your content to get discovered by potential new fans when you take advantage of themes that already have popular hashtags associated with them. Start populating your band’s social media channels with relevant posts for commonly searched hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #MusicMonday, #ThrowbackThursday, and #SundayFunday.

Experiment with a bunch of different themes, and pay attention to the ones that do the best job of attracting new followers and resonating with your existing fans.

Educational and thought-provoking posts

There are many ways you could approach this, but the key is that you’re sharing high-quality posts that are some combination of interesting, helpful, educational, valuable, useful, relevant, and thought-provoking for the audience you want to attract.

For instance, if a big aspect of your branding involves representing yourself as an LGBTQ ally, you may want to share an insightful article on recent progress the movement has made.

 Throwback posts

Share content that gives insight into who you are and where you’re coming from. You could make fans laugh with a funny baby picture that shows your personality from a young age, or you could post a #TBT photo of you in Rome and bond with fans over your passion for travel.

Whatever it is, give people a way to connect with you on a personal level, which is just as important as your music when it comes to gaining true fans.

Short Facebook videos

Did you know that people watch a whopping 100 million hours of video on Facebook every single day? If you’re not already regularly uploading videos to your band’s Facebook page, you’re missing out on a really effective way to get more fans for your music.

The key is to keep it short, yet interesting. The next time you want to announce a new single, album, tour, live-stream event, or big performance, whip up a simple one- or two-minute video and post it directly on Facebook.

TikTok videos

So far, we’ve been talking about how to get fans for your music using the platforms that most bands are already on every day, like Instagram and Facebook. But with over 800 million monthly active users and music fueling the vast majority of the content, TikTok could play a key role in your social media marketing strategy.

The app is known for being wildly popular among Gen Z-ers, but we’re already seeing older demographics start to embrace it as well. It’s a great place to share quick videos that are funny, authentic, or vulnerable in some way.

Thanks to its algorithm, format, and relative novelty on the social media scene, you’ll have a better chance of organically reaching a new audience here than on many other platforms. Check out these great tips on TikTok promotion for musicians from our friends at CD Baby.

On This Day

People love to consume facts and stats, and people love history and nostalgia is the in thing right now. You can find great historical facts related to music right here This Day in and you can post them on your Facebook page with a great relevant picture, tweet on Twitter, or you can even use that great picture you found and share it on Instagram along with the fact.


Everyone loves a good quote. People find inspiration in the words of others and it is great content that gets retweeted on Twitter, shared on Facebook, and their is an abundance of quotes that are music related, or inspirational.

Music Facts

As we mentioned in point 1 people love a good fact. Well why not share a really good music fact with them. The content is easy to get your hands on, and you will find that it will easily get retweeted and shared. It might not be your content, it might not be your t-shirt, but what retweeting and sharing does is increases the chances of people seeing your name, your brand as one would say in the business world.


Have you just been signed for a new tour. Have you chosen where you are going to record your next album. Your fans want this information. They are following your every move. Make sure you keep them in the loop of your musical journey. Social media allows the ability for artists like yourselves to take the fans along for the ride, so utilise it.


Have you recently done a radio interview, or had an interview appear in a magazine online or off? Then share it with your fans. If you’re in the magazine snap a picture. If you were on the radio share the link with your fans.

Fill In The Blanks

You can play a game with your fans and get them to engage with you on Facebook and Twitter by posts we like to call fill the blanks. For example – The best show you have seen of ours is ________ or the best band on the planet right now is _________

People love to participate and the more they participate with you on Facebook and Twitter the more chance you have of being seen and other people participating.


Ask your fans questions, get to know your fans, let them get to know you. Questions like, what was the last gig you went to, mine was Glastonbury. As you know from reading this blog the aim is to make fans feel special, and taking the time to ask them questions means a lot to them. Social media is not a one way street.


You are an artist. You need to make art, write music, paint, sculpt, or whatever you do. I am an artist and I have had some time to look at this problem from several perspectives. I have included here a list of content ideas that might help.

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