Content Marketing Tips: How to Make your Content Stand Out

Its a noisy world out there and the online world is no different, there is a massive competition for attention like never before. With more and more businesses going online, huge amount of money is constantly thrown into advertising and this why various content marketing and social media engagement tools has seen a huge boost.

People are being flung with content here and there, from display ads to social media feeds down to push notifications and desktop notifications.

With all this noise, it is so easy for your content to get lost and not get any engagement, or the result you wanted it to achieve. When you create content, you definitely want people to see it because you have invested a lot of time and money into creating your articles, videos and more.

The last thing you want is for it to get ignored.

Well in this guide, I will share with you Five content marketing tips that you can implement today to help your content stand out and get the attention it deserves.

Before we proceed with the content marketing tips, there is one thing you must bear in mind when creating content.

What is it?

Your content must have a mission!

By this I mean that your content must achieve a purpose. So ask yourself the following question:

  • Who are your target audience
  • What Problem are you solving for them
  • How can you communicate your point to them?
  • How will you effectively grab their attention
  • What must they do after digesting your content?
  • What difference will your content make?

With this said… here are the Five content marketing tips and tactics to make your content stand out and get the attention it deserves:

1. Build a Solid Perspective

Content marketing tips #1

Your content is your story.

 When you are creating your content, whether it is an article, video, audio etc. you are telling a story with it.

And this story must be a story that your target audience can relate to.

It must have a solid perspective and this perspective should be clear to your reader.

Having a solid perspective is important and will go a long way as to how your content is being related to. Your Perspective will determine if the content will last long in the mind of your audience or if they will easily forget about it as soon as they close the page.

So strive to always craft content that resonates with your brand, message and voice. Your Perspective should connect you to your readers.

Here is what I mean…

If you are an online marketing agency, helping SMEs leverage the internet, a checklist or guide on how to Boost sales using online channels like social media blogs etc. will be a strong perspective because they can easily relate to your company.

You can also consider going extra miles to explain some core concepts in your industry or answer a bugging question in your own style. You can even make a research to prove that a common belief or system or method of doing things is not what they seem to be.

A few other ideas include:

  • Explain some important research your company has discovered,
  • Answer a question on a topic your company is an expert in
  • Tell people why they should care about something.
  • Predict a future trend or happening that can turn the market around


2. Make Photos and Videos your Best Friends

Content Marketing Tips #2: Use photos and videos

The old good quote “A picture is worth a thousand words!” is very true.  Action Speak louder than words and Images speak louder than copy.

Using images and  video is a surefire way to immediately grab your prospects attention and pull them into your content. In fact statistics shows that 85% of people who watch videos are more likely to buy. And a Video sales page convert 2o0% compared to text or traditional sales page.

So make sure you use images (especially info-graphics) to  tell stories. Using visually appealing content helps to spread the message better especially when they don’t translate well into copy.

So use that to your advantage.

Every single photo or video you choose to upload in your content has to be stunning. You want to elicit an immediate and powerful reaction from the audience. This helps them remember you and engage with your content.

When you are creating videos and photos, consider everything. Look at the lighting, angles, colors, perspectives, shadows, focus, sets, and setting. Each aspect of a photo or video is important, so don’t forget the tiny details.

3. Be Yourself and Use your Network 

Content Marketing Tips #3: Use your voice

It is important that you add a touch of personality to all your content. You are an expert in your field and you know other people in your network who have done very impressive things in your field. Use that to create great content.

When you pool the collective expertise of both you and your network to create content, you are delivering value to the people who see it. When you share your expert knowledge and lean on the expert knowledge of others, your content gets better and better.

The people who see your content notice its value. When you show that you are using the added expertise of other people, your customers and new customers notice and your content stands out.

4. Don’t Be Out dated!


Have you ever landed on some old page on a website which is outdated? Or found some content with tips that are only applicable two years ago?

It is frustrating and you will not give a second thought before you close the site and run off to some other search results. This is why you must stay up to date.

Update your old content and ensure that you provide relevant information the user can make use of.

While it can be very challenging to stay up to date with the trends and latest updates in your industry, it is absolutely necessary.

And this is why your content must be up to date.

5. Follow the Trends

It is important for Online marketers to keep their content trendy. Staying up to date on the latest news, viral topics, video, and buzzwords makes your content stand out more and help your audience to easily relate to it.

While staying on trend is cool, sometimes it can be a hard to stay on trend especially in the Online marketing niche.

So the best way to avoid getting lost is to focus on trends that specifically deals with your area of expertise. Take for example, If you are a copywriter you surely won’t border yourself on the latest SEO algorithm or Google Penguin update.

It is also good to note that sometimes people notice it when you ignore some key trends in your industry. If you ignore it for a good reason you can write a post on why that trend is not advisable or even why you ignored it.

To be on top of the trends, it is necessary to also follow top companies. experts, key influencers and leaders in your industry. Follow top blogs and magazines and always stay updated on Twitter.

With these content marketing tips, you will be able to create content that stands out. It is important to know that

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