Course Content Creation Template

Course Content Creation Template is a Microsoft Word template that will enable the faculty or staff of academic institutions to create course-specific content for students on their tablets, phones, or other smart devices. The template contains instructional videos and step-by course-step directions for using the tool. This can be very useful for students who must often do course work outside of the classroom.

Course Content Creation Template is an article spinner and creator combined into a single powerful software. Use it to quickly create new article content from scratch..

What is a video template?

Video templates are pre-built video projects that allow you to quickly edit individual pieces rather than start from scratch. You can pre-make them for later dates when you need to quickly and easily pop in your information with a consistent look and feel. 

What is a Course Outline?

You have decided upon your course topic and course curriculum. It’s time to start putting that wisdom onto the online course platform.

While that information may be very neat in your brain, unpacking it for the people who don’t have the expertise you do, is a different story.

If you want to help your students achieve those lofty promises you set out in your sales pitch, you need to provide it in a crystal clear manner along the journey.

That roadmap is a course outline will help you:

Knowing your course outline allows you to:

  • Reach desired instructional goals successfully
  • Organize student activities and assessments easily
  • Create quality teaching and learning in minutes
  • Layer skill upon skill until students finish your course

Course outlines, and lesson plans in general, are an integral part of the so-called “instructional design”. Instructional design is a thoroughly researched subject I suggest you study to get lots of insights into your course design.

What does a course template look like?

Here are the 18 ready-made templates chosen by the instructional experts in LearnWorlds as the most common forms of online courses in the market.

Assessment Courses

These courses intend to help both you and your potential students assess (test) their skills. This course type can also be used as a powerful Lead Magnet to gather students’ emails early on the process.

Course Outline for Assessment Courses

Presell Courses

Presell courses serve as a storefront of an upcoming course. They can rapidly validate a course idea and start building an email list of your potential students before officially releasing a course.

Course Outline for Presell courses


Using an intro/outro template is especially helpful if you juggle multiple courses at once. That way, you can easily edit your intro/outro slides to fit the course you’re creating content for. Simply pop in the course title and any additional information you’d like to include.

You can also include some information about yourself, such as professional background or hobbies, and a photo of yourself. 

This will help students see you as more personable and will humanize their online learning experience.

See this template in action

Download the template (free)

Note: Templates require Camtasia 2020 or later

New topic/unit slide

This type of video is a perfect way to signal to your students that it’s time to switch gears and begin a new topic or unit. By using a template for these videos, your students will associate this content with a shift towards new material and prepare themselves for the next step in your course structure.

This is also a great placeholder for a quick webcam video. 

A new topic/unit video is a great time for instructors to share enthusiasm about the upcoming section of the course. It’s also an opportunity for you to go over what’s going to be expected or learned in the new unit.

Regardless of the specific structure you use, it’s important to remember that this is a great time to connect with students, which is incredibly important when teaching a remote course.

See this template in action

Download the template (free)

Note: Templates require Camtasia 2020 or later

 Core video lessons

Use this template as a go-to for any video lesson slide. 

Here, you can easily pop in any text, images, or links of your choice and not waste time creating new structure and backgrounds for each individual slide. Plus, you can add fun transitions or elements to keep your students engaged.

Remember to avoid hour-long lectures. 

Try to shorten your videos and make them interactive.  It can be hard to keep students engaged, and shorter clips are easier to focus on (and faster for you to produce and caption).

Make sure you also include a placeholder for your webcam. This will help students see your facial expressions while you talk through the material, which can help improve their understanding.

See this template in action

Download the template (free)

Note: Templates require Camtasia 2020 or later

How-to/demonstration slide

This template is great for when you need to demonstrate to students how to use a tool or piece of software. Ideally, your how-to template will have smooth transitions that make it easy for students to follow the directions that you’re giving.

This template can also be used for course navigation videos, where you show students where to locate important information on your course page, such as the syllabus, assignments, etc. Again, make sure your webcam is visible so students can understand you more easily.

See this template in action

Download the template (free)

Note: Templates require Camtasia 2020 or later

 Educational Quiz

One of the best ways to engage students during your online lectures is by inserting quizzes. Having a quiz template ready to go makes it much easier for you to frequently use this method as a way of engaging students and keeping their attention during presentations.

Make sure that your template includes an intro slide to let students know that it’s time for an assessment, slides for the quiz questions, and places to fill in the answer options.

Looking to quiz students directly within a video without creating a new template? TechSmith Knowmia and Camtasia feature the ability to create quizzes as pop-ups within videos for fast and easy quiz creation.

See this template in action

Download the template (paid subscription required)

Note: Templates require Camtasia 2020 or later

Orientation Courses

An orientation course provides an overview of all the courses you offer. If you are offering many courses in your Academy, create an orientation course to build student engagement and interest with the course contents and let them get acquainted with the goals of your Academy. It’s a good idea to add a walkthrough of your academy, how to engage in the community or contact the instructor(s).

Course Outline for orientation courses

Live courses

This course type includes mostly scheduled live sessions. You can frame your live meetings with many different types of material, also: Quizzes, gamification, discussions in the discussion forum, transcripts of the live sessions, downloadable files (PDF) of your presentations.

Live courses could also have office hours, where the instructor can be reached for questions, feedback or support.

Course Outline for live courses

Professional training courses

Professional training courses serve in building knowledge, skills, and competence in a group of individuals or a team. Companies are used to promote job quality, efficiency, and effectiveness while also motivating employees to make a formal commitment to growing with the institution and being more productive. Corporate training is a main use case of professional training courses and this course outline template.

Course Outline for professional training courses

The X days challenge courses

Through an X Days Challenge course, an instructor attempts to guide the student through daily or weekly small achievements to higher achievements at the end of the course. Therefore, X Days challenge courses challenge users to focus on small steps and quick and fast wins in specific skills/achievements.
You can see a live example of a challenge course in LearnWorlds’ Just Launch It! Challenge.

Course Outline challenge courses

Selling digital goods or extra services

Online courses are not strictly used for teaching. An online course can be a suitable wrapper for a digital good you are offering. In other words, an online course can be used as a portal to give access to users to certain digital products or extra services.

Course Outline for digital good courses

Bonus Courses

Bonus courses are usually short and offer some extra resources to students. They typically contain scarce resources, like a pdf, an exclusive interview, an exciting webinar, etc. What makes bonus courses so valuable is that they add much more value to your first bundle.

Course Outline for bonus courses

Complimentary to Physical Products Courses

A complimentary to physical course offers additional material to a product you are selling through your website. Such complementary content can be information about that specific product, guidelines about how to use the product.

Course Outline for complimentary courses


Use this Course Content Creation Template to make your content creation process easier, allowing you to focus your time, energy, and resources on growing your business.

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