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Design Tools for Social Media

If you want social media to be the best commercial ever for your business, you need tools that make it happen. From designing the most beautiful images for Instagram, positing them on Twitter and Facebook, and creating enticing Pinterest pins. With over 80 templates and a library of over 1000 images, Design Tools for Social Media makes designing beautiful social media easy.

Want to apply your design skills to social media? Design Tools for Social Media teaches digital marketing principles and design best practices, so you can plan effective campaigns, create shareable content, and leverage analytics.

What Are Social Media Graphics?

Social media graphics differ slightly from typical website graphics. They can’t simply be illustrative, they have to quickly tell a story or get your message across.

They should also be tailored for each social media platform. You’ll need multiple versions of your social media images in different dimensions to best fit the different platforms.

A strong message displayed correctly will increase clicks and shares.

Social Media Graphics Tools We Can All Use

Unlike desktop graphic editing programs, these online tools can be mastered relatively quickly. With most of them, you’ll be creating images in minutes. They have the potential to become an integral marketing tool in your arsenal, driving traffic to your website.


Consumers are spending up to 3 hours on social media platforms per day, and even longer looking at their mobile screens. This trend is an opportunity for your small business to get in front of a larger audience. 

The key is to stand out from the crowd with appealing social media graphics. You want followers to instantly relate to your content without any hesitation. 

Canva can help you create visual content to establish your online presence. You get access to a premium library of more than one million stock images, graphics, and illustrations to produce high-quality designs. Keep your Facebook page looking fresh with over 100 popular layouts and 130 unique fonts.

With this graphic design tool, you also can edit and save your social media design as often as necessary. There’s even a collaboration feature to invite team members to edit and comment on your current designs. When you’re ready to post on social media, just export your design as a JPG or PNG.

 Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create is the tool you need when you’re short on time… and design skills!

If you’ve ever stared at your screen for hours trying to think of new post ideas, or been stressed out by starting all your social media designs from scratch – let alone scheduling all of them to your platforms – Tailwind Create is here to help you breathe easy.

You can start from almost done with breath-taking designs created for you by our smart designer. All you need are your photos! Tailwind Create instantly transforms your photos into hundreds of optimized designs for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with one click. Just choose from any of the “almost done” designs tailored specifically to your niche or industry!

The best part is, your brand styles (think: color palettes and fonts) are automatically applied to every post to keep your content seamlessly on-brand and matching the look and feel of your brand or business.


Pricing: Free Plan available | Student $2/month | Individual $4/month | Enterprise $5/month |

Platforms: Web

If your target is to create high-quality infographics for your social media audience, easelly should be your go-to design tool. The best part about this tool is that it’s completely free to use to start with  — you don’t even need to create an account to start using it. However, you do have the option to go for its paid plans if you want more features.

All you’ve got to do is choose from one of the numerous infographic templates on its website and start customizing it to suit your requirements. And the best part is that easelly has a huge library of icons, illustrations, and charts that you can drag and drop onto the infographic design to further customize it.


Developed by the social sharing app Buffer, Pablo gives marketers the tools necessary to engage an audience. Create images to share immediately, or schedule them to post any time.

The tool boasts a wide selection of royalty-free images, and you can also upload your own. A text editor lets you overlay your messages or company logo.

With layouts optimized for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pablo can start working for you right now.


Piktochart makes the laborious process of creating infographics much smoother and simpler

If you pitch them right, and they have enough substance to them, infographics are some of the most shareable media around – particularly on platforms such as Pinterest. But they can be notoriously expensive to commission from scratch, especially if you’re producing them regularly.

While a bespoke approach can be beautiful if you have the time and budget, an infographic creation tool such as Piktochart can take the hassle and cost out of the process. Starting with a basic template, you can input your own data and images to totally customise the outcome.

Like Canva, there’s a free entry-level version to get you started. The range of templates is extended in the Lite version ($15 per month), but if you’re using the tool very regularly then the Pro version could be worth exploring, at $29 per month. 

 iStock Editor

With iStock Editor, you can crop and add text and effects to quality stock images straight from the library

Finding the best images for social campaigns is half the battle, and free templates can only get you so far on that front. There are plenty of premium assets to choose from on iStock by Getty Images, and with the iStock Editor, you can turn them into compelling social graphics in a flash.

The tool includes pre-set crop dimensions for different social platforms, so you can test your image of choice in situ before making a decision. You can even add filters and text right from iStock Editor, without ever starting Photoshop.

 Projector — Collaborative all-in-one design tool

Projector lets you create not just images for social media but also presentations, GIFs, videos, and email banners. To get started, choose the type of social media graphic you want to create, choose a template, or build your design from scratch. Apart from text, images, and icons, add professional effects to images like animations, text, transitions, gradients, and shadows. You also have access to a library of stock photos, icons, and GIFs from tools like Noun Project, Unsplash, and Giphy, right in Projector.

The cool part is you can collaborate on designs with your team simply by sharing a link to edit.  

 Snagit —Screen capture software for Windows

Snagit by TechSmith is a screen capture and recording tool for Windows users (it also works with Mac, by the way). The Snagit desktop app lets you capture and edit images in different ways. You can capture part of your screen, the full screen, or scroll and capture a long webpage or chat history.

Add shapes like arrows, lines, and callouts to your screenshot, as well as text to annotate screenshots. What’s more, you can also replace words or change the font, size, and colors of the text in a screenshot without redoing the entire image.

 Snappa — Remove image backgrounds with a click

Whether you want to spruce up selfies with custom backgrounds, remove backgrounds from product images, or use a custom background for images from the web, Snappa lets you do it all with one click. Simply choose an image from your gallery, from Snappa’s online gallery of pictures, or any picture from the picture and swap the background with stock photos, custom backgrounds, and more.

Snappa isn’t only an only background remover, though. It also lets you design high-quality graphics for social media from scratch using templates, text, graphics, royalty-free stock photos, and shapes.

 Giphy – GIF maker

Whether it’s congratulating a coworker on a job well done or seconding a tweet that resonates with you, you’ve likely used a GIF or two on social media. Giphy lets you create funny, inspirational GIFs from images and video clips.

Upload an image or video into Giphy and add animations, text, and stickers to create a GIF. You can also add effects like spooky, dreamy, or black-and-white to stylize your GIF.

 Word Swag

Word Swag makes it easy to create stylish social media graphics from the comfort of your smartphone

If you prefer to edit and post your social media graphics on the move, Word Swag is a great option. Using this simple but effective app, you can add stylish text to your images direct from your phone, ready to post to your channel of choice. 

Choose from hundreds of thousands of free stock images from within the app, or upload your own if you prefer. Then either add your text, or choose a preset style from the Word Swag library. It costs $4.99 for iOS, and $3.99 for Android.


If you run a business on Instagram, posts that are beautiful and stand out from the crowd are a must. But unless you’re a professional designer, it can be hard to know where to start. If you use Photoshop or Illustrator, the Design Tools for Social Media has you covered with 30 templates and graphics that will help you create professional-looking posts fast. These tools will take your Instagram game up a notch.

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