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Email Drip Campaign Software

The latest technology in email marketing is Email Drip Campaign software. This software sends emails at timed intervals, or time increments to land on your customer’s computer desktop. It uses advanced technology’s SMTP services and high-performing autoresponders to ensure that the emails you send are timely and professional. With this email drip technology, your customer can increase their sales because each email builds off of the one before it.

Email Drip is a simple and easy to setup email drip campaign creator for startups, affiliates and e-commerce companies. Manage subscribers, send broadcast emails to groups of subscribers in one click and track email campaign performance with detailed stats. Easily build lists and segment audiences based on users actions on your website.


A screenshot of Mailchimp, our pick for the best free drip email campaign software

Many email marketing apps offer a free option for small lists, to give you the opportunity to onboard and start building your lists before having to pay. But these free tiers are typically very limited in the number of subscribers you’re allowed to have or the number of emails you’re allowed to send, as well as the features that you have access to without paying. 

This is where Mailchimp stands out, with a free plan that allows up to 2,000 subscribers, with up to 10,000 monthly emails. The number of monthly emails is especially important when you’re sending out welcome emails to new subscribers along with frequent newsletters. 

Mailchimp has been a big name in the email marketing industry for a while, and it continues to deliver well on its features. You’ll find everything from the basic email sending and automations to more unique options like sending out postcards, and the Creative Assistant, which auto-creates branded marketing graphics based on your website’s imagery. All these features are starting to cramp Mailchimp’s “for beginners” style, but the navigation is still pretty straightforward, so you can quickly jump from reviewing your audience to creating new opt-in forms or landing pages and setting up your drip campaigns. 

Keep in mind that the free version of Mailchimp limits you to a one-step automation. That’s great for automating your welcome email and other similar drips, but you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to take advantage of their full automation builder with multi-step drip campaigns that include time delays, conditionals, and more. When you do decide to upgrade, the cost increases based on the number of subscribers you have. But the other apps on this list that offer a free plan only allow 500 emails/month (Omnisend and Klaviyo) or don’t offer drip at all on the free plan (ConvertKit). So while the limitation of one-step automations isn’t ideal, it’s still much more generous than any other free plan for drip functionality.


With HubSpot, you can put all of your efforts together in one place with its professional sales tools. They will allow you to capture leads and turn them into paying clients, manage your customer base and content, and build beautiful email sequences without the help of designers or coders.



 Wide choice of free and paid email templates.

 Email personalization to improve open rate and CTR.

 Unlimited email tracking that lets you know when a recipient opens an email or clicks a link in it.

 Scheduled email sending based on the user behavior.

 Zapier and other integrations to set up additional automation.

 HubSpot mobile app.

 Smart send feature that suggests the best send time for each prospect.


A screenshot of ConvertKit, our pick for the best drip email software for solopreneurs

Once you dip your feet into the waters of drip campaigns, you may decide that you’d like to have a little more control over what emails are sent (and when). And while “user-friendly” often translates to “not many features,” ConvertKit has taken the opposite stance: it’s both feature-rich and easy to use.

In their free tier, you can send one-off emails, create landing pages and opt-in forms, and even sell digital products from inside ConvertKit. A paid account unlocks the drip campaign functionality, which ConvertKit calls “sequences.” Sequences are simple email campaigns that are released on a schedule. If you want to create more advanced actions (like segmenting subscribers who take action on your email, or removing them from a sales campaign when they purchase), you’ll need to build an automation on top of your sequence. 

This is where you can really let ConvertKit do the heavy lifting for you, since it allows you to customize your automations with delays based on the date (so emails are never sent on the weekends) or deliver different emails based on the subscriber’s location.

When paired with the ability to integrate with Stripe and collect payments, ConvertKit stands out as a great option for solopreneurs who want to deliver exceptional drip campaign experiences without having to patch together a bunch of different tools to run their online business. 


This email automation platform positions itself as a personal AI assistant that helps lead gen, sales, and recruitment professionals get the most out of their cold email campaigns. Woodpecker saves time spent on outreach and turning cold leads into loyal clients.



Follow-up Automation that allows you to use email templates, schedule follow-ups, set triggers, detect replies, set auto-replies, etc.

 Email Personalization. Send emails one by one with the desired frequency, use custom fields and snippets, and send emails from MS Exchange, Gmail, or Office 365 to give them a human look.

 Email Analytics and Reports: open, bounce, click-through, and reply rates.

 Email Integrations: Pipedrive, Zapier, and more.


A screenshot of ActiveCampaign, our pick for the best drip email software for live chat and advanced drip automations

Drip email tools empower you to target relevant emails to specific groups of people. ActiveCampaign stands out as a feature-rich option that gives you a lot of flexibility in your drip campaigns. The sheer number of options available in the sidebar navigation and campaign builder can be overwhelming at first, but this overwhelm fades quickly with repetition and use. As you become familiar with this tool, it starts feeling more like a treasure trove: with every click revealing something even more helpful for building the drip campaign of your dreams. 

To create drip emails, head to the automations builder, where you can automate A/B testing in your emails, sync contact data with other apps via webhook, and even include SMS messages that match your drip emails.

While many options on this list either integrate with a chat app or include their own, ActiveCampaign really stood out with its native live chat feature that plugs into your website or Facebook Messenger, and even allows you to send emails to a subscriber from inside the chat app. It’s a great way to encourage your visitors to connect, build trust, and build your email list, since you can automate email opt-ins through the chat app. 


A screenshot of Omnisend, our pick for the best drip email software for eCommerce stores

With so much noise, distraction, and competition online, it’s far too easy for a consumer to close out of a website before they bother completing an order. Recouping even a small portion of those abandoned carts on your own site can make an enormous difference in your overall revenue. Although many drip email tools do allow you to create basic abandoned cart follow-up campaigns, Omnisend really stands out in its innovative, streamlined approach.

Every part of Omnisend is structured around the overall revenue generated through your email marketing efforts. A prominent sales dashboard is front and center inside your Omnisend account, with tabs that break down the information into Live View (who’s currently visiting your website), and Advanced Reporting for Campaigns and Workflows. From there, the tools to help your eCommerce business only get cooler.

Every online user is inundated with opt-in forms, which can make it difficult for an eCommerce store to stand out and earn new subscribers. Omnisend not only includes the basic static signup boxes but also dynamic “wheel of fortune” pop-ups that deliver unique coupon codes and discounts to your website visitors. 

As you’re building out your email content within the easy-to-use automation builder, you can insert dynamic product content directly from your eCommerce store. So instead of having to upload product images, copy/paste the description, and manually link the images and buttons to lead back to your products, you can simply browse your own site and tell Omnisend which products you’d like to have added to your email content. All you need to do is add a simple line of pre-written code to your website for this feature to work.

With Omnisend’s Zapier integrations, you can further improve your sales process by setting up automations that do things like automatically adding new leads to an email list, or creating Omnisend subscribers from new form submissions.


Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps teams create an automated sales outreach process, accelerate it, and reach sales goals. With it, you can send personalized sales emails, automate your follow-ups, and fill your CRM with warm deals.



 Liquid Templates to dynamically personalize text for every recipient and adjust your message based on day, time, and other lead data.

 Custom Placeholders (employee name, industry, gender, etc.) that help users personalize emails and make them more engaging.

 Automatic reaction-based follow-ups targeted at boosting reply rates. They allow sending different email copies to recipients based on how they reacted to your previous message.

 Integrations and analytics.


Don’t miss getting the most out of your list this holiday season. Sign up for your free 14-day trial to explore the features and benefits of email drip campaign software today.

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