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Email Marketing Tips For Holidays

When writing your holiday email marketing messages, keep in mind the tone and content you’ve used in previous messages to already existing subscribers. This is especially important if there have been changes to your business recently (i.e. a new product line). It’s important to let your subscribers know what you’re offering during this time of year; they are probably inundated with emails from other companies, so make sure yours stands out in a good way. If you need holiday email examples to inspire your own designs, look no further. There is an example for every occasion—Gift giving, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These emails are put together beautifully making it clear that the content creator spent time in the layout process of each email. Aside from copy content we see that there is relevance to the message of gift giving with the help of photographs and illustrations. Little touches like this can go a long way in making your customers feel personally connected to you and your service. It is important to stay consistent with these touches so people will come learn to expect them from you. If you want to get really fancy, include the first names of your customers in the subject line, or create a unique coupon (with a small amount of money off) for each individual customer.

It’s crucial to approach holiday email campaigns from a customer engagement perspective. Customers don’t pay attention to your holiday specials and offers because they want to buy stuff. Your loyal customers would have bought something from you if they wanted to. They read your emails because they enjoy interacting with you and want to see what’s new. They’re paying attention because they crave your product or service, and what makes you special as a brand. That’s why creating personal connections with your messages can be so critical and drive sales during the holidays. One thing is for certain, email marketing is one of the most affordable forms of marketing today. When built correctly with a solid list, marketing via email can be the foundation of your business. So when the holidays come around again, or any occasion for that matter, embrace email marketing and add it to your strategy.

To many business owners, email marketing doesn’t seem like the most exciting marketing tool. After all, it’s just an email that gets sent out into the world—but it’s actually a powerful way to reach customers and generate sales during the holidays. Here are some tips for using email marketing to increase profits this holiday season:

Focus on the right email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a great way to reach customers and build loyalty. It can also help increase sales, promote your brand and even encourage customer referrals. If you’re looking for ways to use email marketing during the holidays, here are a few suggestions that will make it easier for you:

  • Send Holiday-Themed Emails – Email marketing is a great way to get people excited about the holiday season! Send out emails that let customers know what kind of deals they can expect this year (i.e., “Shop our Black Friday Sale Now!”) and offer them something special if they subscribe so that they don’t miss out on any announcements in the future.* Personalize Your Emails – Customers appreciate personalized messages because it makes them feel like their business matters more than anyone else’s.* Make Sure Your Email Looks Good On Mobile Devices – Customers want instant access wherever they are so make sure all of your emails look great across different devices such as smartphones or tablets.”

Build a holiday-friendly website

A holiday-friendly website is a must. The more effort you’re willing to put into making your site festive, the better it will be for your business. And if you don’t have time or money to make any changes this year, at least consider making sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Mobile visitors are highly sought after during the holidays because they tend to buy more than their desktop counterparts. Mobile users also tend to convert at higher rates than other devices, so if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website already, now is the time to implement one (or hire someone who can).

Your website should also be easy for customers to navigate. If they can find what they need quickly and easily on your site while browsing from their phone in line at Best Buy or sitting on Santa’s lap at Macy’s—well then we guess those Black Friday lines won’t seem so bad after all!

Create a holiday email marketing strategy with the right template

Email marketing is the most efficient way to reach your customers and prospects. Even if you’re not ready to add email marketing as a regular part of your strategy, you can benefit from sending out holiday-specific messages this season.

Here are some tips for creating an effective holiday email marketing strategy:

  • Use templates that are easy to use and customize. Templates should be mobile-friendly, so they look great regardless of whether they’re being viewed on a desktop computer or mobile device. If you choose one that’s too complicated or difficult to customize, it’ll just be another headache for your team throughout the year; remember, it’s supposed to be fun!
  • Make sure the template is easy for customers and prospects alike—especially those who may not have used much technology before now.”

Make sure your emails are mobile friendly

It’s important to make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly, because the majority of email is opened on smartphones.

In order to do this, you need to use responsive design. Responsive design means that your emails will look good on any device and in any browser – whether it’s a desktop computer or a smartphone or tablet.

To achieve this effect, use large buttons and images in your emails so they’re easy to click on with one hand while holding a cup of coffee in the other hand!

You can also use a mobile-friendly template (like the one we’ve got here!) or even create one yourself using an email service like Campaign Monitor which has templates specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

Finally, if you don’t have time for all of this technical mumbo-jumbo then just pick up our handy guidebook “How To Build An Email Template” by clicking here.*

Ensure your holiday emails are easy to read

When you’re writing an email, keep your audience in mind. You want to make sure that the font size is easy to read and that the color contrasts with the background so your message stands out. The same goes for photos and other images: if they’re too small, they won’t be able to be appreciated by readers.

This means you should use an email marketing service with a web-based editor that allows you to upload images of any size without having to worry about resizing them yourself—otherwise, go with a larger image size than usual (at least 120 dpi).

Use seasonal colors in your emails

Use seasonal colors in your emails.

Many people associate a particular color with each holiday, and you can use those colors in your email marketing to make the messages resonate even more with your audience. For example, green is associated with St Patrick’s Day, so if one of your products or services is relevant to this holiday (e.g., you sell Irish-themed t-shirts), it would be smart to incorporate some green into the design of your emails for this time of year.

If there are any established brand colors that already exist within your company (e.g., blue for Walmart), don’t feel limited by them either; just make sure that any seasonal color choices complement—rather than clash—with these established brands.

Avoid using colors associated with other companies, holidays or seasons in order not only avoid confusion among recipients but also avoid alienating them altogether!

Offer discounts to entice customers

One of the best ways to entice customers to buy your products is by offering discounts. However, there are several factors that come into play when setting up a discount and making it effective. First, you should offer a discount for all customers or only those who meet certain conditions (e.g., spend above $100). This provides an incentive for customers who would otherwise not shop with you if it wasn’t for the deal. Second, make sure that the deal is time-sensitive so that it encourages people who might be tempted to wait until later to purchase something from you instead of someone else.

Finally, make sure that this incentive has value—for example, if they receive $20 off their next purchase but spend over $50 on this one item alone then they’re still spending more than what they saved! The best way around this situation would be either having multiple offers available at once or extending the offer across multiple days/weeks rather than just one day per week.”

Email marketing is an important tool for reaching customers during the holidays.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers and build relationships with them. It can also help you increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and build trust in your business.


Email marketing is a great tool for holiday businesses. It’s easy to set up and maintain, and it can be used to send out targeted messages to your audience. With our tips, you’ll be ready to start sending emails that are relevant, mobile-friendly, and designed with seasonal colors in mind!

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