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Essential Tools for Youtubers

Hey YouTubers! You know, I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to call this the “Essential Tools for Youtubers” because it just didn’t have the ring to it that “Channel Audience Growth Bundle” had, but once you actually dive into all of these tools, you’ll see that they are indeed essential. By that, what I mean is that if you are indeed a YouTuber and you’re not using these tools in your channel, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to boost your channel’s growth.

Are you one of the many who enjoy the Youtube platform to express themselves, entertain others, and share knowledge? Then you might just need our Essential Tools for Youtubers. This pack includes exclusive videos that walk you through some of the most important things YouTubers use on a daily basis. These tools include:


If the channel’s main theme is shooting real videos, then you must need to have this equipment called a Camera. To be honest, nowadays, peoples love to watch high-quality videos rather than low-quality.

Based on the type of content you’re making, choose the camera accordingly. For example, if you’re a travel Vlogger, then an action camera is the best choice over a DSLR. Start with an easy-to-handle and portable camera. At present, the mobile camera has good quality compared to basic cameras. (Let’s discuss this topic further below).

Basically, there are different types are camera equipment available in this weirdo world. But for the purpose of YouTube-ing, you can pick anyone from the below list or affordable.

  • Action Camera – It roughly costs $40 – $90. For travel vloggers, this camera is the best option to choose.
  • DSLR Canon – Will produce high-quality videos. However, it’s expensive, it’s famous among photographers and Pro-level YouTuber’s. (Range: $450 – $2000).
  • Camcorder – If you want to shoot the videos in different places/situations, then this handy cam will save you time. It will cost around $60 – $200.
  • Webcam HD – Are you a Gaming YouTuber? or making tutorial videos sitting in front of the computer? Then, the webcam is the portable option ($25 – $85).

Gaming Camera

Logitech C922x is a low-cost and best-selling camera for gaming YouTuber’s. It records high-quality video with autofocus. For detailed information, kindly watch out the below video.

Let’s see some of the specifications, pro’s and con’s here:


  • Recording: 1080p Full HD.
  • Lens: Full HD glass Lens.
  • Light: Auto light correction (up to 5 feet).
  • USB connectivity


  • Compatibility for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS, Xbox One, Chrome OS, and Android v0.5 or above.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Record HD quality.
  • Above all, it can change the background without a green screen.


  • It won’t support 4K.
  • No night visions.
  • No onboard storage.

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Camera for Travel Vloggers

Sony RX100 – for traveling content creators with regular handling, try out this camera. Compared to other digital cameras with quality, this SONY RX100 comes at an affordable price. Check out the below complete review.


  • Battery Life – 320 shots.
  • Screen Size: 3 inches.
  • Capture Resolution: 1080p.
  • Dimensions: 4.00 X 1.41 X 2.29 inches.


  • Smoothly to handle.
  • Rapid response.


  • For beginners, it looks expensive.
  • No external input for the microphone.

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Sony FDRAX33 – another sony product comes into the list. Less weight and easy to handle in a single hand. Beyond everything, it comes with a 4K resolution. Let’s see deeply the review of this camcorder.


  • 5.1Ch surround mic.
  • Captures 4K video with HD resolution.
  • LCD Touch screen.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Record 4K resolution videos.


  • Expensive.
  • No slow-motion video recording.
  • Pen and paper

You might not be tech-savvy. And that’s completely fine. After all, posting YouTube videos doesn’t automatically turn you into a techie.

So, if you find out that productivity and note-taking apps don’t work for you, you can simply go with a notebook and a pen.

Write down your ideas, but never throw them away. Even after you’ve achieved a fanbase of 1,000 subscribers, there might be something in there that you can build on by using the experience you’ll have gotten.


We had to toot our horn! So, we recently launched Mauvio, the only mobile app you need to make your mobile videos sound professional.

With tools that will automatically take your audio quality to the next level, Mauvio works as your personal sound engineer. De-noise your audio if you’re filming in a place with a lot of background noise, fix audio level inconsistencies, adjust loudness, and achieve broadcast-quality speech results. All in just a few minutes.


Audiences are impatient. If the video has distortion or any other uncomfortable situation, then the viewer will get off immediately without any second thought. To avoid this situation and bring up the standard video, use a tripod.

Tripods are useful to produce shake-less videos. Moreover, shakable and dizzy videos drop off the audiences and YouTube watch time. Audience retention is the secret of YouTube’s success.

A list of best tripods from amazon to choose from,

  • Lightweight Amazon’s choice – At an affordable price, you can get this tripod for under $20.
  • Tripod Stand With Ring Light – Expecting to make the video a little brighter, then get this tripod with Ring Light mounted on it. If you’re looking for some extra lighting effects then it costs $35 only
  • Aluminum Alloy Tripod – An expensive 2-in-1 Neewer Aluminum alloy tripod, which is especially compatible with DSLR camera devices. It cost’s around $90.

Ring Light

When I discussed with my photographer friend, he told, “In most of the cases, lighting decides the photo or video is attractive”. Yes, he’s right.

Though, everyone tried to take selfies where the sunlight hit directly on the face because this way we look brighter and better. For YouTuber’s, Ring Light replaces Sun.

  • Neewer Ring Light Kit – 18” inch, LED bulb with lightweight ring. The brand is famous among buyers and also it’s expensive in this list.
  • UBeesize 12” Ring Light – This one is more comfortable with phones, webcams, and cameras. (Range: $30 – 60)
  • Cyezcor Video Conference Ring Light – This ring light is designed to mount on the laptop. Useful for tutorial video creators, making a conference video, attending meetings, and so on. Moreover, it’s affordable to buy. (Range: $10 – $50)


Well, this is not mandatory YouTube equipment for making videos. However, in some places its plays a role. If you’re a pro-YouTuber, then you should try this at least once.

Here, ThinkMedia mentions the 3 cheap and best lenses to buy. Watch out for the below video.


This is a great set for anyone who wants to start or expand their Youtube channel. This set comes with everything you need to turn your computer into a video editing station

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