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Facebook Analytics Tools Name

Facebook Analytics helps you reach the right people and understand where they come from. Tools Name is an analytics tool that allows you to measure, manage, and optimize your app. To get started, visit our Getting Started guide for more information.

Facebook Analytics helps you understand people’s behavior throughout their journey so you can better reach and understand your target audience. It empowers marketers with the right tools to measure the impact of their efforts: track metrics in real-time so you can optimize along the way, create audiences and measure the entire funnel, manage ad campaigns more effectively, and manage your team.

What is Facebook analytics?

You could post random stuff on your brand’s Facebook page. Eventually you’ll hit on something that’ll resonate with your target audience. Could take you some time, but hey, no worries. It’s just your business, your livelihood.

Alternatively, you could use Facebook analytics tools and learn about your followers. Measure your performance, track likes, page views, reach. If you’re going to do social media marketing, build brand awareness, increase your follower numbers, get those followers to perform an action – Facebook analytics will help you understand who’s following you and what works for them.

Why use Facebook analytics?

There are over 1.6 billion daily active users. 2.4 billion monthly active users. How do you think you’re going to be able to analyze that amount of data?

Understanding your Facebook data will furnish you with the information you need to realize what kind of content is going to work with your audience. You can’t simply cross your fingers and wish on a star.

Facebook analytics tools

I’ve put together a list of Facebook analytics tools that’ll help. Use them all. Choose your favorite. Whatever. Just don’t leave without taking a test drive.

Facebook Insights

Of course, the first place to start is Facebook itself, which provides analytics through the Insights platform.

The tool is available to any admin of your company page once you have over 30 fans.

It provides detailed metrics about your posts and the engagement they earn. Audience analysis, including demographic and location breakdown, can help you better understand your fans.

Engagement metrics can be seen in an overview or for each specific post, helping you to understand what type of content works best.

The Likes page breaks this down into paid and organic, so you can analyze the value of your promoted posts. There are further metrics on video views, actions taken on your page and the reach of your posts.

The level of detail is impressive. Even if you choose to employ another Facebook analysis tool you will probably use that in conjunction with Insights.


A simple, free-to-use tool that allows you enter any Facebook page without authorization to measure and analyse its performance.

It gives the page a grade out of 100, and compares this with other pages in the industry. This means you can have a sneaky peek at your competitors’ pages too.

The report includes various sections which each come with a metric and suggestions for improvement.

Metrics like engagement rate, timing, and length of post all have recommendations to improve your output and help you drive more engagement.

Cost: LikeAlyzer is a free tool provided by Meltwater, who also offer more detailed analytics.


Agorapulse offers two free Facebook tools. One allows you to benchmark your page, telling you if your content is performing above average and which metrics require attention. The second allows you to run competitions, quizzes and sweepstakes on your timeline.

The main suite is a management and engagement tool for several social media accounts, including Facebook.

As you engage through Agorapulse it tracks your response rate and time to reply. The tool includes the most influential users and user who talks about you the most.

Detailed reports including page level and timeline level analytics.

You can see a breakdown of paid, organic and viral reach. You can understand which type of content works best, and it has a calculator to work out the ROI of your Facebook marketing. Reports are customizable and can be downloaded as a 20 slide powerpoint presentation.

Cost: Two free Facebook tools available. Main suite $39/month with a no-questions-asked refund policy.


Cyfe isn’t strictly speaking a Facebook Analytics tool.

It’s an online business dashboard that integrates a wide range of widgets to cover a different aspects of your business. The right choice of widgets can cover marketing, client data, finance, web analytics, sales, and of course, social media.

In fact, there isn’t just one Facebook widget, but over 50. You can customize your dashboard to display only the data that matters to you, with an impressive degree of segmentation.

You can start with an overview of your page metrics, then dive in deeper with widgets that display stories, posts, views, likes, impressions, check-ins, users by country, adverts and more. You can download reports of your data in various formats.

Cost: Cyfe is free with limited dashboards, a premium account is $29/month.


Quintly covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, but it has a free tool for Facebook analytics. The main suite is another dashboard tool, coming with a standard dashboard that can be customized to suit your needs.

You can have multiple dashboards to track different clients or customers.

It covers your social profiles and that of your competitors, visualizing data to help you understand the best content and comparative metrics. There is data covering influencers, customer care, sponsored post detection, content, and more. In fact, the analytics cover over 250 metrics, and reports can be easily generated and customized.

Cost: Facebook analytics tool is free. Full suite prices start at $100/month, with a 14-day free trial.

Social Status

Social Status is a social media analytics suite for all of the main social channels. It consists  of 4 core products: Profile Analytics, Ads Analytics, Competitor Analytics and Influencer Analytics.  In a nutshell, here’s what can you do with Social Status:

  • Track your engagement, growth and clicks against competitors and industry averages on Facebook and other social channels
  • Track the performance of your posts, campaigns and your content pillars
  • Find the optimal days, times, frequencies and media types to post on Facebook
  • Quantify the business impact of your social media marketing.
  • Track the ROI from your Facebook activity
  • Benchmark performance against industry averages
  • Track and benchmark your video content across all key social platforms including Facebook

Social Status tags your content and competitors so you can analyze the performance of different content pillars and campaigns. You can also create keyword rules and tag multiple posts at a time.

The Dashboard offers you access to live social data 24/7 as well as data downloads CSV, PDF or PowerPoint PPTX format. You can also add your colleagues or clients to the account so they can share post tags, receive email reports and see insights.

Pricing: from $49 p/m for a ‘Social Manager’ Plan, to $199 p/m for a ‘Marketing Team’ Plan

Union Metrics

Union Metrics provides marketing analytics for building an effective social strategy across multiple platforms.

You can utilize their social media reporting to adjust your campaigns as they’re happening with real-time insights, discover trends to capitalize on new conversations as they emerge, and prepare campaign reports for your boss or for your clients. As a Facebook analytics tool, they allow you to:

  • Compare the performance of your paid and organic content
  • Measure engagement across all of your pages
  • Learn what posts your audience engages with most (and which they engage with least)
  • Track your Facebook fan growth and page reach over time, and get detailed demographic reporting.
Facebook analytics tools Union Metrics

Pricing: from $49 p/m for a ‘Social Manager’ Plan, to $199 p/m for a ‘Marketing Team’ Plan


While things may be a little topsy-turvy at Facebook right now as it reshuffles its analytic tools, at Hootsuite, analytic tracking will stay the same.

Users will continue to be able to track their Facebook performance alongside all their other social networks from the Hootsuite dashboard.

Hootsuite Analytics offers a complete picture of all your social media efforts in one place. This simplifies your social media analytics work. It saves time and makes it easy to compare aggregate results across networks.

You’ll see key metrics for each of your social posts, including:

  • Clicks
  • Comments
  • Reach
  • Shares
  • Video views
  • Video reach

You’ll also see metrics for each of your profiles, including follower growth over time. You can select the metrics that matter most to you so you can see all the relevant results at a glance.


Iconosquare is one of the leading social media analytics tools for Instagram and Facebook on the market, and is an official Facebook marketing partner. It provides best in class analytics, along with content management and scheduling tools, that allow you to evaluate and improve your social media performance and boost your ROI. Ideal for brands, business and agencies, Iconosquare’s Facebook analytics platform allows you to:

  • Measure your community growth
  • Discover followers’ and fans’ languages, locations and demographics
  • Measure impressions and reach on your profile and posts
  • Discover your best time to post and optimize your strategy accordingly
  • Measure different types of engagement on your Facebook posts – likes, comments, views, reactions and more
  • View and sort your best-performing posts by likes, comments, engagement rate, reach, views and more
  • Track your business competitors and compare your performance with theirs. You can access deep insights for each of them – follower growth, posting habits, most used hashtags, top performing media, etc.
  • Export your data in PNG, PDF, SVG, CSV, XLS formats and have them automatically sent to your inbox
Facebook analytics from Iconosquare

Pricing: A “Pro Plan” costs 29€ p/m (billed annually), “Advanced is priced at 59€” p/m and if you’re an agency, you can contact Sales for tailored pricing to suit your needs. Sign up for 14 day free trial here first, to test it out!


Facebook Analytics Tools is a feature that enables you to create funnels and cohort reports based on data from Facebook Ads and organic acquisition.

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