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Free Apps That Limit Social Media Time iPhone

As a supportive and informative friend, this book will help you in your quest to limit the time spent on social media on your iPhone. This app has more than 50 pages and over 300 tips and tricks on how you can limit time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

Social media is an enormous part of our lives, for better or for worse. For some it becomes a fun and creative way to connect with friends and family, but others find themselves spending far too much time on their phone scrolling through social feeds without even noticing. iOS users can now download our free app that limits your phone’s access while we keep you updated on what really matters.


Offtime App
Credit: Offtime

This app hones in on mindfulness by allowing you to block what distracts you most: social media, games, and even text messages. You can also break down what you can and can’t access for specific times like Work, Family, or Me Time, making it even easier to separate work and play. The app even shows you how much you use your phone and specific apps, which might be a huge, much-needed wake-up call.


Moment App
Credit: Fat Camera / Getty Images / Moment

Moment tracks how much you use your phone or tablet each day, and the results can be alarming. Once you know how much you’re using certain apps, you can set daily limits and get a notification or force yourself to stop procrastinating with a flood of notifications. It’s annoying but it does work. There’s even a “Moment Family” option, which allows you to track your family’s usage—and even set limits during dinner or homework time.

Get moment for iOS (Free)


Flipd App
Credit: Flipd

For those of us who need a huge push when it comes to cutting back on screen time, Flipd may be the right app for the job. Once you lock certain apps on your phone for a set period of time, there’s no going back. You might be able to disable other apps by restarting your phone, but not Flipd, making it the ultimate distraction stopper. It might sound intense, but once you get your work done, you’ll definitely be more appreciative of the time you spent distraction-free.

Get Flipd for iOS and Android (Free)

Social Fever

Most Used Apps

It is a marvelous Android app that helps users to track and limit their Social media & smartphone usage in a few taps. The application is designed with advanced algorithms to help you manage your time wisely and connect with real life in the best way possible. It’s a fantastic phone tracker, packed with actionable features to combat digital addiction. Get a detailed summary of the phone and application usage.

Features: Social Fever

  • Brilliant smartphone tracker with intuitive UI.
  • Works with the latest Android OS.
  • Can inform you about the phone lock and unlock numbers.
  • You can set interest to balance your digital & real-life.
  • Set goals to track app usage & become a Smartphone user.
  • Get detailed info about your app usage.
  • Keep a check on your Ear & Eye health by receiving frequent reminders to have a break while listening to music & watching the screen.
  • Well-designed screen tracker that ensures you use your phone for a limited duration & instead spend your valuable time embracing hobbies.
  • Water reminders to stay hydrated.


  • Doesn’t occupy many phone resources.
  • Works in the background.
  • Doesn’t let you miss out on your real-life goals.
  • Get accurate info on the number of unlocking times.
  • Alerts every time your set app usage duration exceeds.


  • None as such for a free Social media & app usage tracker.



A perfect blend of screen time & app usage tracker, StayFree is an excellent utility for self-control and enhancing productivity. Social media blocker works best to help you focus on important things by restricting the usage of your favorite apps. It gives time reports & statistics on your usage history so that you can improve your performance from day to day.

Features: StayFree

  • View charts & stats of your app usage history.
  • Sends quick notifications for overuse.
  • Customize the app usage tracker with five beautiful themes.
  • Widget for tracking Social media time is available.
  • Temporarily blocks Social media & your other favorite Android applications.
  • Displays inspiring & motivational quotes to enhance productivity and live to the fullest in real life.


  • One of the highest-rated apps to beat smartphone addiction.
  • Extremely fast & modern UI.
  • Well-known for its accurate usage stats.


  • Have to grant a lot of permissions to work properly.

 Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Stay Focused is an excellent blend of features, including app/website blocker, app usage tracker, self-control booster, keywords blocker, screen time,smart productivity booster & much more. It’s an all-round package to beat smartphone addiction without putting much effort. Let’s see what makes it the best app to limit and track Social media time.”

Features: Stay Focused

  • Tracks daily time spent while using your favorite apps.
  • Block apps & websites at particular time intervals.
  • Offers multiple modes for weak self-control.
  • Keeps track of time spent on websites as well.
  • Set limits on your overall phone usage & screen time.
  • Allows you to block certain keywords as well to make your device kid-proof.
  • The app usage tracker even features a dedicated locker to block apps temporarily.


  • Best app & website blocker.
  • Blocks email notifications temporarily.
  • A useful app to beat phone addiction.


  • Most of the features are available with a premium version.
  • Annoying ad popups.

Designed by Mobifolio, BreakFree is a unique app that comes with a newly incorporated feature to help you analyze your kid’s phone usage. This is achieved by running the app’s intuitive analyzer engine to predict the phone usage patterns and whether one is addicted to the phone or not.

apps to limit screen time android - BreakFree

Key Features:

  • Parental Control Function
  • Monitor Phone Usage
  • Provide Statistics on Phone Usage
  • Management and Scheduling Tools
  • Non-Intrusive Phone Usage Notifications


  • It is free
  • It has many useful features, such as the usage Statistics adults can also use
  • Other than Android, it can also be used on iOS
  • Smart interface making the app easy to use
  • Comes with useful tips to break away from phone addiction


  • Some more advancements and improvements can be done to make the app look better
  • The app has a limitation to some features unless you are a Pro User like:



Freedom, as the name entails, helps you fight against Social Media & Smartphone addiction. Used by Millions of people from all around the world, Freedom is one of the best apps to track and limit Social media usage on iPhone & Android. It has a fantastic set of features to combat Nomophobia. Let’s take a look at what all the app usage tracker has to offer:

Features: Freedom

  • It helps you focus & improve productivity by blocking an unlimited number of distracting apps & websites such as YouTube, ESPN and Facebook.
  • The Social media blocker app allows you to block the internet in a single tap.
  • Allows you to create an exclusion list to keep certain websites from the blocked list.
  • This Social Media Time Tracker app creates a vast number of modified blocklists for all your requirements.
  • Schedule Freedom to run at specific days & times.
  • Convenient social media blocker app for novice & pro users.


  • Excellent app to limit Social media usage while working from home.
  • Actionable features to control phone addiction.
  • Custom blocklists.
  • Syncing across all your devices.


  • Has certain issues with low-end devices.


AppBlock App
Credit: AppBlock

AppBlock allows Android users to temporarily block distracting applications on their phone, giving them more time to focus on things that actually need their attention. It’s one of the simpler apps we found and won’t track your usage. But you can still schedule specific times to lock yourself out of certain apps to prevent distractions before they happen.

Get AppBlock for Android (Free)



Formerly known as BreakFree, SPACE is an outstanding app to track and limit social media usage for iPhone and Android. This social media blocker app is quite popular & has been downloaded by over Millions of users from all around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Space:

Features: SPACE

  • You can customize the app usage tracker according to your phone usage habits & preferences.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to set & define your goals regarding your phone.
  • It tracks your phone usage behaviour and shows you the progress that you have made within 2 months.
  • It also sends non-intrusive notifications to intrude when your screen time bypasses the limit & alerts you to stay focused.


  • Beautiful UI.
  • Helps you understand your current hobbies.
  • Lets you know what ‘type’ of phone user you are.
  • Unlock top tips to achieve digital balance.


  • Uses a significant amount of RAM.
  • Sometimes crashes abruptly.


SelfControl App
Credit: SelfControl / Peter Chernaev / Getty Images

Your computer is the greatest machine to get work done, but it’s also the biggest source of distraction. SelfControl is an app for MacOS that allows you to block access to websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the internet. By creating a blacklist of sites and choosing a set amount of time to block, you’ll improve productivity until the time is up. Warning: During this time you will be unable to access what you blocked—even if you restart your computer or delete the application.

Get SelfControl for MacOS (Free)


Meet your new best friend and limit your social media time. Each application has its own unique features to help you balance your virtual life with your actual one.

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