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Free Content Creation Tools

Having an online presence is extremely important for businesses, however the cost of hiring a full-time content writer to create your website content can be expensive. From simple blogs to more complex e-books, there are numerous ways businesses can use free web content creation tools to save costs and build an online presence.

IF you want to create and publish content on a regular basis, then you need tools that can make your life simple and for that you need the all-in-one solution – Content Creation Tools. I hope these tools will help you to produce relevant Content for your clients more easily and with less stress.

SEMrush Topic Research Tool

Content ideas example

Topic research is one of the most effective ways to quickly come up with ideas to explore further and to inspire your content plan. The SEMrush topic research tool makes it a quick and easy process to come up with a whole host of potential ideas around your core topic in just minutes.

Just enter a subtopic and see related articles and questions being asked in real-time. 

Cost: From $99.95 per month (but this includes an entire sweet of content, SEO, PPC, and social media tools)

SEMrush Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar screenshot

Once you have identified the content that you want to create, you need to map out a solid editorial calendar and stick to it.

Planning a content strategy around a calendar will help you be accountable and take the steps needed to regularly drive growth. It is a great way to motivate you to keep on top of a regular publishing schedule, and the SEMrush Marketing Calendar is the perfect tool to help you to do this.

Cost: From $99.95 per month 



SparkToro positions itself as a way to “Instantly discover what your audience reads, watches, listens to, and follows.” When it comes to planning your content strategy, it is absolutely imperative that you know who you are targeting and what their interests are.

The more you can create your content around your target market’s needs and wants, the better success you will enjoy, and this tool crawls tens of millions of social and web profiles to share the insights you need on your audience.

Cost: From FREE for 10 searches per month to $225 per month for 500 searches

Google Trends

Google Trends example

Google Trends can help you to understand the popularity of a search term or topic amongst Google searchers (which, let’s face it, is the majority of web users).

Enter a query and see how interest has trended over time and use this insight to create content around topics that are quickly gaining traction (gaining a competitive advantage by being the first to jump on a trend) or, similarly, identify those that are likely losing interest. 

Cost: FREE

Also Asked example

Google is regularly referred to as an answer engine, and this means that we need to be considering the questions that are being asked by searchers.

And one of the most effective tools that you can use to help you to find the questions that you need to be optimizing your website for is, a free tool that returns the “People Also Asked” data, giving you an insight into longtail searches and, importantly, defines the relationship between topics and questions.

Cost: FREE

Answer the Public

Answer The Public

As we have already discussed, you should be optimizing for questions as part of your SEO strategy, and the more insight you have access to, the better responses you can give to the different questions that are being asked.

While shows results from PAA, Answer the Public returns results from Suggest data, showing combinations of auto-complete searches. 

Use the two tools together to supercharge your insights and research.

Cost: FREE


Used by award-winning writers like Deepak Chopra to industry giants like Apple, Unsplash has come a long way in three short years.

Imagery is vital to your content marketing efforts.

As we’ve established, imagery is vital to your content marketing efforts, and if you’re looking to source the best high-resolution stock photos for your social media accounts, blog posts, or promotional campaigns, this resource is gold dust.

Not only is the imagery available eclectic and top quality, but Unsplash’s easy to navigate interface is a joy to use, and it’s blog is packed full of exciting news and valuable insights.

Google Drive Research Tool

Thorough research is essential for producing marketing campaigns that offer value, niche information, and inspiration.

Google Content Research Tool.

Not only will a poorly researched blog post result in a weak piece of content that will increase your bounce rate; it will also seriously harm your credibility.

According to research, for millennials, brand authenticity is second only to loyalty discounts in importance when choosing businesses to support.

Google Drive’s Research Tool is a brilliant resource to help you create killer content that provides value; is backed by credible sources and boosts your brand authenticity,

If you’re using Google Docs in your Drive, you can conduct searches without having to navigate away from your window, saving time and making it easier to cite your sources as you work.

By clicking ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and choosing ‘Research’ from the drop down menu, you’ll be able to take advantage of this slick functionality and create award-winning blog content quicker than ever before.

As a side note, another great free way to streamline your content research is by using Google’s site:search function. Site:search allows you to search for information from a particular website rather than sources from the entire web. This will provide you with a template from which to work ( search query).


Studies suggest that 80% of people never read past the headline of an article or email subject line.By writing a strong headline that grabs attention and promises value, you stand a greater chance of consumers sticking around to see what you have to say.

At the heart of a dazzling headline lies a strong idea or concept. But, sometimes finding inspiration for fresh ideas can prove tricky.

A free and incredibly powerful alternative to BuzzSumo, EpicBeat is a content marketing tool that finds you great content to study based on a particular search term. By displaying top performing content based on a certain subject, you’ll be able to see what works best with consumers in your niche and be inspired to produce great content.

EpicBeat is packed full of useful features and boasts excellent tutorials to help its users get to grips with its interface with ease; it’s also great for content curation purposes. And as 80% of marketers share third-party content to improve company visibility and buzz, this tool is an essential part of any content marketer’s toolkit.

Also, if you need a quick and straightforward way to generate exciting blog titles based on simple keywords, Portent’s content generator combines beautiful design with an easy to use interface. Just punch in your topic and take your pick. The platform even gives you quick tips and resources to help you write your article.

Portent’s content generator is easy on the eye and as simple as it gets.


Whether you are a small business owner who is juggling with your day to day tasks or an entrepreneur who wants to earn more in online business, here are the best tools that will help you create blogs or articles within minutes.

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